Site Search

I am not overly thrilled about having a site search that has google ads, but at least it will only show ads if you use it and there isn't one just always actively sitting on the site. So if you are having trouble finding a certain profile, search away. Since I renamed all the pages, the first page in the search results should be that wrestler's profile, if I have a profile for the wrestler on the site. But you can also search for other gimmicks that aren't linked anywhere on the site to find more obscure wrestlers. For example, I don't have a profile titled "Biomonster DNA" since it is a secondary character, but you could search for it and go to the profile of the wrestler that plays that role on occasion. Good times.

One of the other benefits is I get to see what searches are the most popular, so that if there is something people are searching for that isn't on the site, then I know that I probably need to add it. Remember that the search does understand " " for an exact phrase, and * for a wildcard if you can only remember the first few letters of how something is spelled.