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Today's Update:

Review for Stardom "Year End Climax" on 12/23/15!

I am also now having contests strictly on the @PuroCentral Twitter account that will not be posted on the site. I am also uploading select matches that are not already available to dailymotion. You can view and subscribe to my dailymotion account here.

Other Recent Updates:
Reviews: Profiles Recently Added or Updated:
Stardom "Goddesses of Stardom 2015" on 11/15/15
Stardom "Appeal The Heart #2" on 10/25/15

All Japan "Giant Series 2015" on 10/12/15
NOAH "Global League 2015" on 10/17/15
WRESTLE-1 "2nd Anniversary" on 9/21/15
Kana Produce "Desire" on 5/27/15
Stardom "FIVE STAR GP Finale" on 9/23/15
All Japan "Royal Road Tournament Final" on 9/26/15
New Japan "G1 Climax 25" Day 15 on 8/11/15

Amazing Kong
Ayako Hamada
Emi Sakura
Fukin Kitazawa
Haruka Kato
Hiroe Nagahama
La Rosa Negra
Sayaka Obihiro