July 24th Update:

- Added a review for New Japan G1 Climax "Day 2" on 7/23/14. Remember you can check out the 2014 Puroresu Reviews page for all my reviews from 2014 in chronological order.

July 23rd Update:

- Still alive! Added a review for New Japan G1 Climax "Day 1" on 7/21/14. I plan on reviewing the G1 Climax this year as it happens, so I will be back tomorrow with a Day 2 review.

July 14th Update:

- Profiles for Joshi Wrestlers Tsubasa Kuragaki and Kaori Yoneyama have been added.

July 13th Update:

- Added a review for OZ Academy "Voyager" on 4/16/14.

July 5th Update:

- Added a review for WRESTLE-1 "Tour 2014 Cherry Blossom" on 4/17/14. This event saw Sanada defend his TNA X Division Championship against Christopher Daniels.

July 3rd Update:

- Added a review for Kenta Kobashi Produce "Fortune Dream 1" on 6/8/14. Don't sleep on this event, it was one of the better events I have seen this year.

July 2nd Update:

- Still alive! Just been on a short vacation. Added a review for WRESTLE-1 "After OUTBREAK" on 3/22/14.

June 24th Update:

- Added a review for DDT UP UP GIRLS vs. HOMOIRO CLOVER Z VOL.1 on 2/19/14. This event was a joint wrestling event/musical concert with the group Up Up Girls. They are pretty brutal.

June 23rd Update:

- Added a review for DDT "Dramatic Dream Toukasan" and DDT "Osaka Kita Story" on 3/1/14 and 3/2/14. Just two total matches were shown.

June 22nd 2nd Update:

- The following events were added to Puroresu Spot for download (all individual match links): All Japan on 2/8/14, All Japan on 2/16/14, Chigusa Produce "Marvelous Night VI" on 3/22/14, New Japan "Dominion" on 6/21/14, and NOAH "Misawa Memorial" on 6/13/14.

June 22nd Update:

- Added a review for Big Japan "BJW-ZET" on 2/26/14.

I am working on a big update to Puroresu Spot, I know I have been slower to add matches/events than I intended. Also I will be using adf.ly on the download links just to help me pay for the mediafire account, note that you don't have to click on the ad, just stare at it for five seconds and move on to the download link.

June 21st Update:

- With the male wrestlers from WNC jumping ship to WRESTLE-1, I have added TAJIRI, AKIRA, Yusuke Kodama, Lion Fujiwara, Koji Doi, and Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio. The latter three are completely new profiles.

June 20th Update:

- Added a review for ZERO1 "New Trial" on 2/11/14. The event features Takashi Sugiura in the main event and Daichi Hashimoto challenging Tama Williams for the NWA United National Heavyweight Championship.