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I have added a review for All Japan "Excite Series" on February 7th, 2015!

I have added a review for All Japan "Excite Series" on 2/7/15. This show has Shiozaki vs. Zeus for the All Japan Triple Crown and the start of the Jr. Battle of Glory Tournament! For current wrestling event reviews, remember to check out all of my 2015 Puroresu Reviews! To know instantly whenever I do an update on the website, follow me on Twitter @PuroCentral!

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Kenta Kobashi (updated)
Hideyoshi Kamitani (new)
Isamu Oshita (new)
Kota Sekifuda (new)
Takayuki Ueki (new)
Toshiyuki Sakuda (new)
Dragonita (new)
Heidi Lovelace (new)
Hudson Envy (new)