I have added a review for Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling: Ouja no Kon! Commonly called King's Soul here in the United States, Ouja no Kon was the only All Japan Pro Wrestling game released for the Playstation. For current wrestling event reviews, check out all of my 2015 Puroresu Reviews! To know instantly whenever I do an update on the website, follow me on Twitter @PuroCentral!

I am changing the way that I review puroresu events, you can read about the change here.

I am also now having contests strictly on the @PuroCentral Twitter account that will not be posted on the site. Details can be found here, lots of great prizes are available. So be sure to follow @PuroCentral and join in the fun, I plan to have multiple giveaways every month. I am also uploading select matches that are not already available to dailymotion. You can view and subscribe to my dailymotion account here.

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