The Champion Carnival, first held in 1973, is one of the most prestigious and oldest annual wrestling tournaments in the world. In the early days, All Japan's success was strongly tied to the strength of the gaijin wrestlers used, which is evident as wrestling legends such as The Destroyer, Mark Lewin, Kill Kowalski, Mr. Wrestling, Abdullah the Butcher, Bruiser Brody, and others participated in the Champion Carnival which was then usually won by a Japanese wrestler. After a period of inactivity, the Champion Carnival returned in 1991 and has run every year since then. The tournament has been single elimination, round robin, and block-based round robin throughout its history, which will be noted. For single elimination, the columns demonstrate the wrestlers that met in the first round with the winner on top. For round robin tournaments, the wrestlers are placed in the order in which they came in both block and non-block style tournaments. Click on the links below to see the results for every All Japan Champion Carnival, split by era.

Original Series (1973 to 1982)
Current Series (1991 to present)