The Real World Tag League is the longest running annual tournament in the world. First stayed in 1977, the tournament has taken place for over 30 consecutive years. The prestigious Real World Tag League has been fought over by many of the greatest wrestlers in the world, including Giant Baba, The Funk Brothers, Abdullah The Butcher, The Destroyer, Ricky Steamboat, Stan Hansen, Ted DiBiase, Mil Mascaras, Bruiser Brody, Jimmy Snuka, Harley Race, Nick Bockwinkle, and countless others. There are no restrictions on who can enter the Real World Tag League, with wrestlers with any level of experience or any size allowed to participate. Since its inception it has been a round robin tournament, with either one large block or two separate blocks with the winner of each block meeting in the finals. For rounds were their was no final, the winners of the Tag League are in italics.

Due to the number of tournaments that have taken place, I have split the Real World Tag League into three sections:

Real World Tag League: 1977 to 1986

Real World Tag League: 1987 to 1995

Real World Tag League: 1996 to present