Best of Ryuji Ito Volume One
review by Suicidal Youth

Ryuji Ito vs. Kintaro Kanemura-Cage Match
A good cage match. The action starts out fast and furious, with Kanemura taking a Back Body Drop into the cage!! Kanemura is bleeding soon, and the tide turns in Kanemura's favors. He beats on Ito, and then gives him a Bodyslam onto an upside down table!!! Kanemura climbs the cage, and Ito follows him up, and nails some stiff kicks. He goes for a Rana, but he dodges Ito, and brings him off the top with a Powerbomb onto the table!!!! Another table comes into play, and Ito gets battered with it, even having his ballsack rearranged. Samoan Driver gets a nearfall for Kanemura. Eventually Kanemura misses a Senton, and Ito goes to work, nailing a Crossbody off the cage!!!! Holy crap!!!!! Ito nails a stiff kick to Kanemura's face, and the ref is taken down, just as Ito nails the 450 Splash. A table bridge is constructed near the corner, and Ito ends up being Powerbombed onto it, although they don't break, and he ends up landing on his neck!!!!! ****!!!!!!!! Kanemura goes to the top again, but Ito cuts him off, and SUPERPLEXES HIM ONTO THE APRON!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! Another table, and this time, it's Ito nailing the Dragon Splash off the cage through the table!!!!!!! HOLY ****!!!!!!!!!!!! Somehow, Kanemura kicks out, and Ito wins it with a Shining Apprentice. ***1/4

Ryuji Ito vs. Abdullah Kobayashi-100 Lightubes, Barbed Wire Board, Barbed Wire Ropes, Cactus, Plate Glass Deathmatch
Holy ****ed up shit. This is arguably the best deathmatch I've seen since the turn of the century. The two duel with lightubes before Abdullah is sent to the outside, falling through the lightubes hanging on the ropes. Ito follows him with a Springboard Plancha, and a lightube shot to get the blood flowing. Ito gets things back in the ring, and nails Kobayashi with some lightubes, but Ito himself ends up tasting the barbed wire board!! Abby then headbutts a lightube in between his own and Ito's skulls!!!! The barbed wire ropes come into play, as Ito is tossed into them several times. In what may be one of the most insane things I've seen in my life, Kobayashi bites a lightube in half!!!! WHAT THE ****!?!?!?!?!?!? He takes one of the halves, and grinds it into Ito's forehead(watch closely as some powder flows into Ito's mouth!! Time for some more tubes, and Abby kicks them into Ito's groin(this guy isn't having kids, is he?). The cactus is then tossed into Ito's nether regions!!! Samoan Drop on some tubes gets a two count. Ito has some fire left in him, and locks on a Tarantula in the barbed wire ropes, and then in the lightube ropes!!! INNOVATIVE!!! Northern Lights Suplex onto some tubes gets two, and it's time for a plate of glass. Ito tries to Suplex Abby through it, but it's reversed, and it's Ito going through it!!!! In another innovative spot, Kobayashi gives Ito the Beach Break through some tubes laid out across some chairs!!!! Abby drops an Elbow from the top with some tubes, and the ring is absolutely littered with glass. Abby charges Ito in the corner with Ito's own Lightube Vest, but Ito kicks the vest into Abby's chest!!! Dragon Splash with Abby under some tubes connects, but Ito is rolled up and almost covered. Ito heads outside, and grabs a ****in' Lightsaber of lightubes!!!! He smashes the thing on Abby's head!!! HOLY ****!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ito slams him onto the barbed wire board, lays the cactus and some lightubes on top of him, and sets the second plate of glass over two chairs. He climbs to the top, and nails the Dragon Splash onto Abby for the win!!!!!!!!!! HOLY MOTHER ****ING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ****

Ryuji Ito vs. Badboy Hido - Barbed Wire Bat, Plate Glass, Lightubes, Thumbtacks, Lightube Carpet Deathmatch
This is simply amazing. Not quite as awesome as the previous match, but still a great deathmatch. Hido is almost put through the plate of glass, but he stops himself. Ito sends him to the floor, and nails an astounding Plancha. Back in the ring, Hido grabs the barbed wire bat, and goes to work on Ito, nailing him on the back and the chest. Ito is punished with a DDT onto the bat, as well as having the bat driven into his groin. Hido gets a close nearfall with a Piledriver onto the barbed wire bat. They head to a portion of the crowd, and Hido Piledrives Ito through a table!!!! Back in the ring, the first plate of glass comes into play as Ito is Superplexed off the top through the glass!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! Ito's back is simply covered in glass!!! Ryuji manages to battle back, landing the Kneelift and the Shining Apprentice before laying the second plate of glass between two chairs over Hido. To the top he goes, and he nails the Dragon Splash through the glass onto Hido!!!! HOLY ****!!!!!! Glass explodes everywhere. Somehow, Hido kicks out. Hido Clotheslines Ito into the now endless pit of glass, and pours thumbtacks over him before nailing a Somersault Senton onto Ito!!!!! If that wasn't enough, Hido then nails the Facebuster into the tacks!!!!! THAT'S ****ING SICK!!!!!!!! Ito grabs the barbed wire bat, and kicks it into Hido's chest for a two. The lightube carpet is brought in, and Ito rolls Hido up in it, and lands another Dragon Splash!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!! Again, Hido somehow kicks out. Finally, Ito puts it away with the 450 Splash. ***1/2

Ryuji Ito vs. Mad Man Pondo-Fans Bring the Weapons Lightube Deathmatch
This was much better than the previous match they had on New King of Hardcore, although I will say that they had more freedom in this match. Pondo and Ito brawl around ringside early on. Back in the ring, Ito locks on the Tarantula, and Pondo brings out a rather large knife. Ito feels the sting of the blade, and the blood is flowing early. He dodges the stop sign, and sends Pondo the outside, following with a Plancha. Pondo isn't deterred, though, and he Suplexes a table into Ito. Back in the ring, Pondo lays a Log Cabin of Lightubes over Ito, and does a Somersault Senton onto it!!! Ito the the outside once again, and this time, Pondo piles chairs onto the prone Ito before running the length of the entrance ramp, and again nailing the Somersault Senton. Pondo is opened up after meeting the ringpost face to face, and Ito sets Pondo up on a table, climbs a balcony(damn near fifteen feet high), and nails the Dragon Splash through Pondo and the table!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Back in the ring they go, and a Northern Lights Suplex onto some tubes gets a two count. Ito grabs about thirty tubes, lays them on Pondon, and then nails the Dragon Splash, and glass is everywhere!!!!! HOLY SHIT ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!! Ito grabs the Lightsaber of Lightubes, then places some other tubes down Pondo shirt, so they're next to his head. He kicks each stack of them into Pondo's head before Axe Kicking the Lightsaber down across Pondo's skull for the win!!!!! ****ING SICK!!!!!!!!!!! ***1/4

Ryuji Ito, Abdullah Kobayashi, Gosaku, and Naoki Numazawa vs. Badboy Hido, Ryuji Yamakawa, Shadow WX, and Kintaro Kanemura-Barbed Wire Board, Barbed Wire Bat, Spiderweb Deathmatch
This was nowhere near as good as the rest of the matches on the tape. Kobayashi destroys the barbed wire board early on when he's whipped through it. This was simply too hard to follow, with eight guys all over the arena. Hido and WX nail a Spike Piledriver for a close nearfall mid way through the match. Yamakawa nails the Reverse Tiger Driver onto a barbed wire bat for another near fall. It's Yamakawa who is wrapped up in the Spidernet, and Ito
Frogsplashes him!!!! Yamakawa is pinned for the win. **

Overall: Although this closely mirrors New King of Hardcore (another Ito comp), this is also worth a purchase, as the Ito/Hido match is well worth getting. The main event is really the only abysmal match on the DVD. Highly recommended for deathmatch fans.

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