DDT Dramatic Mount Tenpo! 2015
a casual review by Kevin Wilson

Date: January 11th, 2015
Location: Osaka Minato World Citizen Center in Osaka, Japan
Announced Attendance: 418

This review will be really only half of a review, since only half of the show aired. DDT sometimes does combined TV shows, with two different events on the same telecast. In theory they show the best matches of each card although sometimes it is matches to continue a storyline as much as anything else. The matches from this event that will be reviewed are:

- Shunma Katsumata and Ryota Nakatsu vs. Tetsuya Endo and Konosuke Takeshita
- Keisuke Ishii vs. MIKAMI
- A. YAZAWA vs. DJ Nira vs. Kazuki Hirata vs. Shoichi Uchida
- HARASHIMA, Yasu Urano, and Akito vs. KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi, and Masa Takanashi

Oddly they skipped the match with Ibushi in it, which seems strange since he is their most recognizable wrestler. Ah well.

Shunma Katsumata and Ryota Nakatsu vs. Tetsuya Endo and Konosuke Takeshita
We joined this one in progress, as Nakatsu makes the hot tag to Katsumata. Missile dropkick by Katsumata and he hits a rebound crossbody. Katsumata stomps on Endo and covers him for two. Quick fireman's carry slam by Katsumata and he goes for a swandive move, but Endo kicks him and tags in Takeshita. DDT by Katsumata and he tags in Nakatsu. Kick combination to Takeshita and he trades elbows with Takeshita. Kicks by Nakatsu but Takeshita hits a headbutt. Nakatsu goes for a cross armbreaker but Endo breaks it up. Katsumata goes to the ropes and goes for a pescado on Endo, but Endo rams him into the ring post. Endo dives in the ring onto Nakatsu, DDT by Takeshita and Endo hits a standing shooting star press. Cutter/superkick combination to Nakatsu, cover, but Katsumata breaks it up. Katsumata pays for this as Endo unceremoniously dumps Katsumata over the top rope to the floor. Big boot by Endo to Nakatsu and he hits a sitout slam for two. German suplex hold by Takeshita and he gets three. This was clipped in half but I actually really enjoyed what I saw. They all looked really crisp and had some fun spots. A good way to start things off.

Keisuke Ishii vs. MIKAMI
Jumping lariat by MIKAMI as Ishii falls out of the ring, baseball slide by MIKAMI and he rams him into the ring post. Ishii returns the favor and returns to the ring, with MIKAMI slowly following. DDT by Ishii and he hits a running knee. Side slam onto his knee by Ishii followed by a German suplex hold. MIKAMI gets out of the double underhook and hits a jawbreaker. MIKAMI and Ishii trade kicks and elbows, fisherman suplex hold by MIKAMI but it gets a two count. MIKAMI goes up top but Ishii avoids the Swanton Bomb. Enzigieri by Ishii but MIKAMI hits a Sliding Schoolboy. I'd rather have seen Ishii pick up the win here since MIKAMI is pretty established at this point, but it was a good fast paced match that won't offend anyone. Score: 6.0

A. YAZAWA vs. DJ Nira vs. Kazuki Hirata vs. Shoichi Uchida
This is basically a comedy four way match, just as a little spoiler. Course this they showed in full. They all goof around to start, Hirata and Uchida start trading wristlocks and headlocks and Hirata hits a shoulderblock. Dropkick by Uchida, YAZAWA comes in and he throws Uchida out of the ring. They battle up onto the stage and they all dance/play fake instruments. Uchida and Nira return to the ring and Uchida hits a back elbow for a two count. Scoop slam by Uchida and why is this match 14 minutes? Wristlock by Hirata to Nira and everyone applies a wristlock to everyone before dancing around the ring. Hirata and YAZAWA trade elbows, Irish whip by Hirata but YAZAWA hits a jumping double chop. YAZAWA gets Hirata into his singlet strap and chokes him. Hirata elbows everyone but YAZAWA punches him while Nira and Uchida dance in the corners. Superkick by YAZAWA to Hirata, cover, but it gets a two count. Uchida elbows people but YAZAWA kicks Nira. Everyone flaps their arms like birds but YAZAWA sneaks behind them and rolls up all three for the triple school boy pinfall victory. If comedy matches aren't funny and last five times longer than they should, then they are not good matches. I dunno who this match appeals to but it sure as hell ain't me. Score: 1.5

HARASHIMA, Yasu Urano, and Akito vs. KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi, and Masa Takanashi
Takanashi and Urano start things off and Urano tags in HARASHIMA. HARASHIMA applies a surfboard but KUDO walks in and breaks it up. The action spills outside the ring, with Akito eventually returning with Takanashi. Scoop slam by Akito and he tags in HARASHIMA. Doublestomps by HARASHIMA and he tags in Urano. Urano stomps Takanashi and hits an atomic drop while I sit here starting to get bored. Dropkick by Urano and this event is raping my soul. Vertical suplex by Takanashi and he finally tags in Sakaguchi. Kicks by Sakaguchi to Urano but Urano rakes his eyes. Urano tags in HARASHIMA and HARASHIMA hits a missile dropkick. Snapmare by Sakaguchi to HARASHIMA but HARASHIMA kicks him back. Sleeper by Sakaguchi but HARASHIMA gets out of it. Kicks to the chest by Sakaguchi but HARASHIMA knocks Sakaguchi back and tags in Akito. KUDO is tagged in too, and they trade elbows. Knee by Akito and he hits a butterfly suplex for two. Knee by KUDO and he hits a slingshot double kneedrop. KUDO hits Akito in the corner and delivers a diving double knee, but Akito catches his leg and applies an ankle hold. Backdrop suplex by Akito and he tags in Urano. KUDO is thrown into the corner and Urano hits a hurricanrana. Swandive body press by HARASHIMA, cover by Urano but it gets a two. Akito picks up KUDO but KUDO elbows him off and throws Akito out of the ring. Sakaguchi comes in the ring and knees Urano in the corner. KUDO kicks Urano in the head, cover, but it gets a two. HARASHIMA knees Takanashi, then trades kicks with KUDO. KUDO and Sakaguchi kick HARASHIMA, but Urano dropkicks KUDO in the knee. Backslide by Urano to KUDO, but KUDO hits a spinning kick to Urano for a two count. KUDO goes up top and he delivers a diving double kneedrop onto Urano for the oddly sudden three count. KUDO and friends win the match. A good bit of this was clipped which is probably a good thing. The beatdown segment on Takanashi was dull but it didn't last too long, and the last half of the match was chaotic/random but not bad. Overall it was an above average match but just barely, there was at least some redeemable traits here. Score: 5.5

Final Thoughts:

No one should watch this. That's my event recap. It is only half a show, and nothing is worth watching. I watched this so you wouldn't have to. You are welcome.

Grade: F

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review completed on 2/3/15