Daijo “Like Crazy” on 2/22/15
A Review by Kevin Wilson


Date:  February 22nd, 2015
Location:  West Kumin Center in Osaka, Japan
Announced Attendance:  Unknown

Time for an itty bitty show!  Sometimes when I have a few hours and want to get a review done with the quickness, I find an event that is short.  Daijo is a promotion I can generally count on for small events, and this one is no exception.  But it is shown in full though.  Plus, Kana is wrestling on it!  Here is the full card:

- Fairy Nipponbashi and Benten Musume vs. Nyamber and Police Wo~men
- Ayaka and Maylee vs. Kyusei Sakura Hirota and Mika Iida
- Shu Shibutani Retirement Road: Shu Shibutani vs. Tsubasa Kuragaki
- 2 out of 3 Falls Match: Kagetsu, Shimono, and Yuu Yamagata vs. Kana, Rina Yamashita, and Misaki Ohata

I am not promising that this event will be good, but I can promise that it will not be long.

Fairy Nipponbashi and Benten Musume vs. Nyamber and Police Wo~men
Nipponbashi and Police Wo~men start off, shoulderblocks by Police Wo~men but they bow to each other and tag out.  Musume and Nyamber circle each other, kicks by Musume and she sets her up in the ropes, but Nyamber moves out of the way.  Nyamber dropkicks Musume in the back but Musume hits a dropkick of her own.  Musume chokes Nyamber with some rope and then stomps on her tail.  Nyamber runs around the corners to avoid Musume and Nipponbashi, and Nyamber tags in Police Wo~men.  Double spear by Police Wo~men and she hits the Bronco Buster on Musume.  Scoop slam by Police Wo~men and she crotches Musume for a two count.  A suitcase is pushed into the ring and Police Wo~men DDTs Musume onto it.  Police Wo~men slams Nyamber onto Musume, then Police Wo~men hits a leg drop for two.  Police Wo~men puts Musume on her shoulders but Musume gets away and rolls up Police Wo~men for two.  Musume tags in Nipponbashi, but Nyamber rubs her face into Police Wo~men’s ass.  Nipponbashi spanks Police Wo~men with her wand but Police Wo~men hits a spear.  Police Wo~men tags in Nyamber, Nyamber kicks Nipponbashi in the chest and covers her for two.  Nyamber goes up top but Nipponbashi uses her wand to send her off.  Nyamber gets the wand but it won’t work for her.  Nipponbashi takes it back and she uses it on Nyamber’s knee.  Vertical suplex by Nipponbashi, Police Wo~men runs in and she elbows Nipponbashi.  Dropkick by Nyamber and she hits another one.  Scoop slam by Nyamber and she goes for the Rainmaker, but Nipponbashi ducks it and hits a lariat for two.  Nipponbashi goes off the ropes but Nyamber pushes her back and applies the Venus Clutch Type for the three count!  This was goofy as hell, to be honest I am most intrigued by Nyamber as she appears to be a pretty good wrestler.  I only like offense based on a woman’s ass in another woman’s face if the woman is hot, which Police Wo~men isn’t (as far as I know) so it didn’t do much for me.  Score:  3.0

Ayaka and Maylee vs. Kyusei Sakura Hirota and Mika Iida
Maylee and Hirota start off and have a contest on who has the best roll.  Dropkick by Maylee and both wrestlers tag out.  They trade arm drags, and Ayaka kicks Iida in the chest.  Maylee comes in and elbows Iida but Iida elbows her harder.  Maylee gets Iida to play with her until Iida knocks her to the mat.  Iida slaps Maylee and Maylee tags in Ayaka.  Cutter by Iida and she hits a sliding kick to Ayaka for two.  Kicks by Ayaka but Iida hits a side Russian leg sweep.  Ayaka returns the favor and she puts Iida in a submission hold until Hirota breaks it up.  Ayaka is double teamed, Hirota goes up top and she does a handstand.  Everyone starts dancing (I have no idea what is going on), and Hirota hits a headscissors on the referee.  Hirota picks up Ayaka and hits a delayed scoop slam.  Body press by Hirota but it gets two.  Double stomp by Hirota, she grabs Ayaka’s arm and goes up top before walking the ropes, but she falls off.  Elbow by Hirota in the corner and she hits a scoop slam.  This is absolutely brutal, for the record.  Ayaka finally gets the better of things with a tornado DT and she tags in Maylee.  Maylee goes for a double crossbody but she is caught until Ayaka comes in and dropkicks them all over.  Iida and Maylee trade elbows, Maylee hugs the referee and she rolls up Iida for a two count.  Ayaka comes in but so does Hirota and she puts her finger in their… let’s say ass.  I try to run a clean website.  Iida hits a missile dropkick on Maylee and she picks up the three count.  Clearly this was horrible.  Beyond horrible.  Nothing redeemable besides that I like Iida.  Just awful.  Score:  1.5

Shu Shibutani vs. Tsubasa Kuragaki
This match is part of the Shu Shibutani Retirement Road.  They lock knuckles and Kuragaki works the side headlock.  Shibutani reverses it but Kuragaki shoulderblocks her down.  Press slam by Kuragaki and she applies a stretch hold.  Camel clutch by Kuragaki, she twists up Shibutani in the ropes and chops her in the chest.  Scoop slam by Kuragaki and she hits another one.  Kuragaki applies a leg submission but Shibutani makes it to the ropes.  Shibutani hits a stunner followed by a cutter, but Kuragaki returns to his feet.  Mongolian Chops by Shibutani and she applies a sleeper.  Kuragaki slams Shibutani to the mat to get out of it and hits a lariat in the corner.  Kuragaki goes up top but Shibutani joins her.  Kuragaki applies a back breaker while standing on the top turnbuckle before dropping Shibutani, but Shibutani comes back up.  Shibutani tosses Kuragaki to the mat and hits a DDT for a two count.  Shibutani goes up and hits a missile dropkick.  She goes up top again and hits a second one, waistlock by Shibutani but Kuragaki elbows out of it.  Elbows by Shibutani but Kuragaki applies an Argentine Backbreaker.  Kuragaki picks up Shibutani but Shibutani rolls her up for two.  Lariat to the back by Kuragaki, she goes to the top turnbuckle but Shibutani avoids the moonsault.  Crucifix pin by Shibutani but it gets two.  Lariat by Kuragaki, she picks up Shibutani but Shibutani hits a hurricanrana.  Backdrop suplex by Kuragaki, cover, but it gets a two count.  Lariat by Kuragaki, she picks up Shibutani and hits the Metal Wing for the three count.  This was a little slower starting than I expected, but I enjoyed the power wrestler/fast wrestler dynamic.  Shibutani was only going to win by being slippery and quick, and she got a few near falls before Kuragaki squashed her.  Thinks picked up during the second half and overall it was entertaining.  Score:  6.0

Kagetsu, Shimono, and Yuu Yamagata vs. Kana, Rina Yamashita, and Misaki Ohata
This is a 2 out of 3 Falls Match.  They brawl to start off, with Yamashita trading elbows with Shimono.  Shoulderblock by Shimono and she applies a surfboard.  Kagetsu and Yamagata come in the ring and everyone hits strikes on Yamashita.  Samoan Drop by Shimono and she sits on Yamashita for a two count.  Shimono tags in Kagetsu while Kana also is tagged in, and Kana trades elbows with Kagetsu.  Kana avoids Kagetsu’s spear and goes for an armbar, grounded necklock by Kana but Kagetsu gets out of it with a vertical suplex.  Kagetsu puts Kana on his her shoulders as Ohata runs in to help, Kana goes off the ropes but Yamagata dropkicks her.  Lariat by Shimono, Kagetsu gets Kana on her shoulders and hits a fireman’s carry front slam for two.  Kagetsu elbows Kana but Kana applies a chickenwing Sleeper Hold, and Kagetsu taps out!  Kana, Yamashita, and Ohata win the first fall.

Kana immediately puts Kagetsu in a cross armbreaker but Yamagata breaks it up.  German suplex by Kana and she kicks Kagetsu in the side of the head for two.  Kana tags in Ohata, and Ohata hits Kagetsu with a whip.  Ohata sits on the top turnbuckle and chokes Kagetsu over the top rope.  Kagetsu gets Ohata on her shoulders and hits a Samoan Drop before tagging in Shimono.  Ohata whips Shimono and tags in Yamashita.  Yamashita elbows Shimono in the corner, and she hits a scoop slam.  Yamashita tags in Kana, and Kana applies an armbar.  Shimono quickly gets to the ropes, and Kana tags in Ohata.  Ohata applies a seated armbar and tags in Yamashita.  Yamashita goes up top and jumps down on Shimono’s arm.  Yamashita hits an elbow in the corner and then hits a running shoulderblock for two.  Yamashita tags in Kana and Kana delivers a dropkick.  Kana kicks Shimono in the chest, she goes off the ropes  but Shimono hits a shoulderblock.  Shimono tags in Yamagata but Kana kicks Yamagata as Yamashita comes in the ring.  Yamagata hits a double jawbreaker on them, she goes up top and hits a missile dropkick on Kana for a two count cover.  Kana and Yamagata trade elbows, but Yamagata dropkicks Kana.  Vertical suplex by Yamagata but Kana dropkicks Shimono before putting Yamagata in an Octopus Hold.  Yamashita and Ohata come in the ring too, Yamagata gets out of the hold and Kana tags in Ohata. 

Diving crossbody by Ohata but it gets two.  Kana kicks Yamagata, Ohata picks her up but Yamagata dropkicks her.  They trade reversals until Yamagata hits an enzigieri.  She tags in Kagetsu and Kagetsu hits jumping elbows in the corner.  Kagetsu applies a short armbar but Ohata gets away and hits a running crossbody for two.  German suplex hold by Ohata, but Kagetsu kicks out.  Dropkick by Kagetsu and Ohata tags in Yamashita.  Kagetsu tags in Shimono (well Shimono tags in Shimono), and Shimono trades elbows with Yamashita.  Lariat by Shimono, cover, but it gets a two count.  Shimono goes for a pump handle but Yamashita blocks it.  Kana kicks Shimono from the apron and chaos ensues, Yamashita picks up Shimono but Shimono applies a sleeper.  Yamashita gets out of it and hits a backdrop suplex, but Kagetsu breaks up the pin.  Yamagata comes in and kicks Yamashita, Shimono picks up Yamashita and she hits a TKO for a two count.  Shimono goes off the ropes but Yamashita catches her with a spear.  Yamashita applies a Dojime Sleeper Hold, Shimono struggles for a bit but eventually goes to sleep!  Kana and company win the match 2 Falls to 0 Falls.   This was ok, the best part was Kana winning a fall with a submission then immediately slapping another one on the same wrestler she just beat.  Beyond that the action was solid but it never went past that as some of these wrestlers are just average.  It had the “Kana Factor” but not much else.  Score:  6.5

Final Thoughts:

When an event only has four matches, it really has to deliver to be worthwhile.  This definitely did not deliver.  Two matches were barely above the solid line, but the other two were in the opposite direction.  Definitely a skippable show from Daijo, even though I do adore Kana.

Grade:  F+

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