FMW King of the Deathmatch
review by Suicidal Youth

Nanjyo vs. Jason the Terrible
Clipped to next to nothing, and things weren't very good anyway. Jason pulverizes the kid, and destroys him with a Northern Lights Bomb. No rating.

Mad Dog Nagayo vs. Shark Tsuchiya
Meh, I completely hated this one. Not as clipped as before, but this really sucked. DUD

Lethal Weapon vs. The Headhunters and Super Leather
Less clipping, and some better action than the previous two matches. One of the Headhunters overshoots a Moonsault on the table, so Leather Splashes CPA through the table. He later gets the pin with the Brainbuster. **1/4

WING Kanemura vs. Cactus Jack - Caribbean Spidernet, Panes of Glass, Barbed Wire Boards Deathmatch
A good deathmatch between these two. Kanemura strikes first with a Splash off the top through a table. However, he goes for one of the 'Nets, and gets thrown through it, only to get tossed in there time and time again!
Eventually, Cactus slips up, and Kanemura sends him into the other 'Net. Things get back into the ring, and Kanemura takes a nasty fall into one of the barbed wire boards(which also have glass on them), as does Jack. In the
end, Cactus wins it with a Double Arm DDT into the barbed wire board and broken glass shards. ***1/2

Megumi Kudo vs. Combat Toyota - Electrified Barbed Wire Deathmatch
In-fuckin'-credible. This is easily the best deathmatch I've ever seen. Both ladies tease taking the barbed wire, until Kudo gets fancy, and is treated to a fall into the wire!! Toyota goes to work, even nailing the Combat Driver, but it won't get the job done. She charges at Kudo, but Kudo dodges, and Toyota tastes the wire!! It's then Kudo who goes on a tear, nailing alot of moves, but Toyota refuses to quit, and she sends Kudo into the wire again!! Kudo recovers, but struggles to mount any offense. Eventually, both ladies end up going into the barbed wire!!!! By this point, the drama is off the fuckin' charts, with even Onita himself getting emotional watching this match. Kudo hits a SICK Thunder Fire Bomb! In the end, Kudo manages to take the win with the Spinning Reverse Kudo Driver. ****1/2

Hayabusa and Masato Tanaka vs. Mr. Pogo and Terry Funk-No Rope, Electrified Barbed Wire, Time Bomb, Double Hell Deathmatch
There was no way this was going to stand up to the previous match. This started out well enough, until Pogo took out the sickle, and went on what seemed to be an eternal carving fest. Eventually, all four men take bumps into the wire. Funk and Pogo try to light Tanaka on fire, but Hayabusa jumps Pogo, and they both roll into the Explosion Board on the outside!! Funk then gets cooked when he's dropped stomach first onto the wire!! The clock ticks down, and Tanaka takes a Nodowa Otoshi into another Explosion Board, and the whole place goes up in explosions!!!!! Back in, both Funk and Pogo spit fire at 'Busa!!! In the end, Funk and Pogo get the win with an Assisted Powerbomb. **3/4

Overall: Even though the first three matches weren't that great, Cactus/WING and Kudo/Toyota make this a worthy buy, and the final match is pretty good.

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