Birthdate: October 28th, 1974
Debut: May 8th, 1999
Also: BENTEN and Madness Tiger (in Yokohama Pro)
Formally: Masked Taro and Nasty Black Panther
Alliances: Apache Army
Ring Attire: Black shorts

- As Madness Tiger
As Nasty Black Panther
As Blue Onigumo

Signature Moves:
- Asai Moonsault
- Pedigree
- Phoenix Senton
- Shooting Star Press
- Superkick
- Yoshiwara Daien Mai

Now affiliated with Apache Pro, GENTARO debuted in Pro Wrestling KAGEKI as Nasty Black Panther, a gimmick he occasionally still uses. GENTARO has always been a freelancer, working mainly in indies such as DDT, BJW or K-Dojo, but often works for bigger promotions too such as ZERO-1. GENTARO also used the gimmick of BENTEN while working in WRESTLELAND. He has been holding several minor singles and tag team titles.

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