Mr. Gannosuke Produce "KISHINDO RETURNS 18"
A Review by Kevin Wilson

Date: April 7th, 2015
Location:  Shin-Kiba 1st RING in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: 248 

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Mr. Gannosuke, so now that he is back wrestling again I feel compelled to review any show he is on. This event has a number of matches that I find a bit intriguing as there are a slew of singles matches, I generally prefer singles matches as it gives the wrestlers more of a chance to shine. Plus this show has Micro who is just adorable, she is so tiny. Here is the full card:

- GUTS Ishijima vs. Masaya Takahashi
- Shota and Micro vs. Taro Yamada and Makoto
- HAYATA vs. Mineo Fujita
- Atsushi Maruyama vs. Kenichiro Arai
- Isami Kodaka vs. Tatsuhiko Yoshino
- Buffalo vs. Magnitude Kishiwada
- Mr. Gannosuke vs. Yuko Miyamoto

Let's get to it!

GUTS Ishijima vs. Masaya Takahashi
They nicely shake hands before the match starts and they trade strikes, Irish whip by Takahashi but Ishijima hits a shoulderblock. Takahashi returns the favor and clubs Ishijima but Ishijima blocks the slam. Scoop slam by Ishijima and he hits an elbow drop. Ishijima applies a chinlock and punches Takahashi in the head. Takahashi fires back with a dropkick, Irish whip from the corner and he hits a jumping elbow. Vertical suplex by Takahashi and he applies a single leg crab hold. Ishijima gets to the ropes and he throws Takahashi into the corner before hitting a lariat. Cover, but it gets a two count. Back up Ishijima goes for a powerbomb but Takahashi reverses it with a back bodydrop. Elbows by Takahashi and he hits a backdrop suplex. Spear by Takahashi, cover, but it gets a two count. Elbows by Takahashi and he hits a heel kick. Irish whip by Takahashi but Ishijima takes his head off with a lariat, picking up the three count! There was nothing really wrong with it, just a short to-the-point opener to give Ishijima a win and Takahashi a little bit of experience. Score: 5.0

Shota and Micro vs. Taro Yamada and Makoto
Yamada and Shota start off and begin with trading arm work, with neither getting a clear advantage. Makoto and Micro are tagged in, roll-up by Micro but it gets a two count. Makoto shoulderblocks Micro but Micro hits an armdrag. Micro tags in Shota, headlock by Shota and he hits a shoulderblock. Kick by Shota but Makoto throws him down by his hair. Trip by Makoto but Shota bridges out of the pin, he goes it two more times but Makoto throws him to the mat by the hair. Boot to the head by Makoto and Shota rolls out of the ring. Makoto tags in Yamada and Shota tags in Micro, kick by Micro and she hits an armdrag. Micro knees Yamada low and tags in Shota. Armbar by Shota and he tags in Micro. Elbow drop by Micro and she tags Shota back in. Scoop slam by Shota, Micro comes in and Shota slams Micro onto Yamada. Shota grabs Micro and goes to suplex her onto Yamada, but Yamada moves out of the way in plenty of time. Yamada knocks down Shota and tags in Makoto. Boots by Makoto and she delivers a diving crossbody, but Shota rolls through it for a two count. Shota drop toeholds Makoto onto the second rope but Makoto moves when he charges in. Cartwheel double knee drop by Makoto and she tags in Yamada.

Makoto stays in the ring and Shota is double teamed in the corner. Yamada hits the curbstomp followed by a submission, but Micro breaks it up. Atomic drop by Shota and he hits a neckbreaker, giving him time to tag in Micro. Micro goes up top and hits a missile dropkick, she goes off the ropes and delivers a spinning headscissors followed by a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a two count. Micro goes up top again and she hits the diving footstomp, but Makoto breaks up the cover. Micro goes for a rana but Yamada pushes her off and hits a lariat. Sliding elbow by Yamada, cover, but it gets a two count. Yamada gets Micro on his shoulders but Micro spins around, delivering the Misteriorana for the three count! Little Micro should be an inspiration to itty bitty people everywhere that they can be wrestlers too. Since I like little wrestlers I was naturally included to like this match even though none of these four are much above 'average' in terms of skill. They got time to do what they wanted to do without it dragging and it was a perfectly watchable yet utterly unspectacular match. Score: 5.5

HAYATA vs. Mineo Fujita
I feel bad for HAYATA's groin. After trading armdrags and what not, Fujita tries to kick HAYATA low but HAYATA moves and delivers a dropkick. Fujita gets the advantage and applies the claw to HAYATA's groin, he knees HAYATA low and covers him for two. Back up they trade elbows until Fujita hits HAYATA in the groin again. Irish whip by Fujita but HAYATA hits an enzigieri. HAYATA flips Fujita out to the apron and he kicks Fujita down to the floor before hitting a tope con hilo. Back in the ring HAYATA hits a missile dropkick, he then grabs Fujita but Fujita blocks the tornado DDT with an atomic drop. Fujita sets up HAYATA in the corner but HAYATA gets away and accidentally kicks the referee. This gives Fujita a chance to hit a low blow, he sets up HAYATA in the corner again and scraps his groin with his boot. Dropkick to the groin by Fujita, but HAYATA returns the favor and both wrestlers are on the mat holding their groins. Back up they trade weak slaps, Irish whip by Fujita but HAYATA hits a handspring kick. Dropkick by HAYATA and he delivers the tornado DDT for a two count. Scoop slam by HAYATA and he goes up top, but Fujita avoids the moonsault. Knee to the back of the head by Fujita, he goes off the ropes but Fujita HAYATA hits a hurricanrana. They trade quick pins until Fujita hits an enzigieri followed by a belly to back piledriver for a two count. Scoop slam by Fujita and he nails the Swanton Bomb for the three count! This was a step down from the prior match, it is hard to have a good match that focuses on groin shots. It just limits what they can do during the match, they'd have a few minutes of solid action then they had to find a way to work it in. Both are competent wrestlers, no botches or anything, just had general flow issues. Score: 4.0

Atsushi Maruyama vs. Kenichiro Arai
Maruyama attacks Arai as the match starts, but Arai bails out of the ring to avoid future punishment. Back in, Maruyama elbows Arai and throws him out again but Arai rolls back in. Things finally return to normal as Maruyama kicks Arai in the corner, cover by Maruyama but it gets two. Arai rolls out of the ring and kills time before returning, stomps by Maruyama and he kicks Arai back to the mat. They botch a snapmare of all things as this match has reached its low point. They go outside the ring and Arai Irish whips Maruyama into the ring post. They battle up into the crowd until returning to the ring and Maruyama stomps Arai some more. Arai blocks the suplex attempt, Maruyama goes off the ropes and Arai hits a lariat. Arai chokes Maruyama with the top rope and drops a few knees before applying a sleeper hold. Arai applies a stretch hold but he uses the ropes for leverage, causing the referee to force a break. Maruyama blocks the DDT and kicks Arai in the head. Another kick by Maruyama and he hits a vertical suplex. They trade elbows and then lariat attempts, as they both knock each other down. Arai crotches Maruyama on the top rope and applies leverage to it, he brings him over to the top turnbuckle but Maruyama knocks him away. Arai goes back up but Maruyama knocks him down again. Arai pushes Maruyama so that he crotches the top turnbuckle and he finally hits a superplex into a small package for the three count! I don't think I am stretching the truth when I say this is one of the worst straight-up wrestling matches with two trained wrestlers I've ever seen. Just uneventful boring action, if there is a special hell for wrestling fans it will be sitting and watching matches like this on loop all day. I am going to have to take a break after watching this one before continuing with the show. Score: 1.5

Isami Kodaka vs. Tatsuhiko Yoshino
Ok I am back. Kodaka and Yoshino do some intro mat work and submission trading, which Yoshino gets the better of. Reverse chinlock by Yoshino and he hits a scoop slam. Yoshino twists on Kodaka's neck and they trade chops until Kodaka knocks Yoshino into the corner. Running forearm by Kodaka but Yoshino knocks him back. Dragon screw leg whip by Kodaka and he applies a STF, but Yoshino gets to the ropes. Kodaka knocks Yoshino in the corner but Yoshino hits a high kick. Yoshino picks up Kodaka and he hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Yoshino picks up Kodaka but Kodaka hits a dropkick. Big kick by Kodaka in the corner, he puts Yoshino on the top turnbuckle and he hits a Frankensteiner. Kick to the head by Kodaka and he covers Yoshino for a two count. Kodaka goes for a diving double knee but Yoshino moves out of the way and applies a crossface. Kodaka gets out of it with a roll-up but Yoshino hits a Blue Thunder Driver. Enzigieri by Yoshino but Kodaka lands on his feet on the suplex attempt. Both wrestlers superkick each other and end up on the mat. They trade elbows, jumping kick by Kodaka and he hits a German suplex hold for two. Dragon screw leg whip by Kodaka but Yoshino spikes him with a Michinoku Driver. Yoshino picks up Kodaka but Kodaka applies an ankle hold. Kodaka goes up top and he nails the diving double kneedrop. Cover, but Yoshino kicks out. Kick by Kodaka and he delivers the Isamiashi-zan for the three count! This was better than the last match. It started slow but it picked up about halfway through before getting to a solid stretch run. Good effort from both. Score: 5.5

Buffalo vs. Magnitude Kishiwada
Buffalo attacks before the match starts and he suplexes Kishiwada on the ramp. Buffalo tries to throw Kishiwada into a row of chairs but Kishiwada reverses it, sending Buffalo crashing into them. Kishiwada hits Buffalo with a chair before getting into the ring, Buffalo returns as well and Kishiwada sits down on a chair so Buffalo can hit him in the head with it. He does, but Kishiwada shrugs it off. Buffalo sits for Kishiwada to do the same which makes Buffalo groggy, then Kishiwada drops him with a brainbuster. Kishiwada takes off Buffalo's mask and then he hits him in the head again, busting Buffalo open. Buffalo falls out of the ring but Kishiwada goes out after him and beats him around the ring before rolling him back in, Buffalo hits a dropkick but Kishiwada shrugs it off. Kishiwada stomps on Buffalo and he hits him in the head again with the chair, as Buffalo is wearing the crimson mask at this point. Senton by Kishiwada and he applies a chinlock until Buffalo makes it to the ropes. Stomps by Kishiwada, Buffalo gets up and goes for a lariat but Kishiwada ducks it, hitting a big German suplex. Headbutts by Kishiwada, he goes off the ropes but Buffalo hits a lariat.

Another lariat by Buffalo, he puts Kishiwada's head over the bottom rope and hits a leg drop followed by a dropkick. Buffalo goes up top and he hits a missile dropkick for a two count cover. Buffalo picks up Kishiwada and he delivers a backdrop suplex for another two. Headbutt by Buffalo and he hits another backdrop suplex. Buffalo goes off the ropes but both wrestlers lariat each other. German suplex hold by Kishiwada but Buffalo kicks out. Scoop slam by Kishiwada, he goes up top but Buffalo gets up and joins him. Superplex by Buffalo and he hits a lariat for a two count. Buffalo slides a plastic bin in the ring and he breaks it over Kishiwada's head. Buffalo goes off the ropes but Kishiwada hits a lariat for a two count. Kishiwada slams Buffalo before going up top and hitting a diving body press for a two count. Kishiwada picks up Buffalo and he hits a Last Ride, cover, but Buffalo gets a shoulder up. Kishiwada picks up Buffalo but Buffalo hits a back bodydrop. Headbutt by Kishiwada, he picks up Buffalo and delivers a second Last Ride. A third Last Ride by Kishiwada and the referee finally calls the match, awarding Kishiwada the TKO victory. This event was all hugs and giggles, then these two came out and apparently they hate each other. Lots of hard hits and blood, it went a bit longer than a big moves bloody match should go but overall it was fun to watch. Loved the ending too. Score: 7.0

Mr. Gannosuke vs. Yuko Miyamoto
These guys are on much better terms than the two in the last match. They jockey for position to start things off, eventually going to the mat. After a few minutes of mat work that will ultimately not mean anything, Miyamoto starts focusing on Gannosuke's leg with a variety of submission holds. Miyamoto rams Gannosuke's leg into the ring post before stomping on his leg more in the ring. Chops by Miyamoto and he elbows Gannosuke in the leg, but Gannosuke kicks Miyamoto in the back of the head. Gannosuke picks up Miyamoto and he hits a scoop before applying an armbar. Kicks to the arm by Gannosuke and he applies another armbar but Miyamoto gets to the ropes. Elbows to the arm by Gannosuke and he slams Miyamoto's arm into the mat. Gannosuke does it a second time, but Miyamoto trips Gannosuke and applies a leglock. Gannosuke rolls into the ropes to force the break, Miyamoto grabs Gannosuke up and elbows Gannosuke in the leg. Gannosuke snaps off a quick backdrop suplex, Gannosuke goes off the ropes but Miyamoto hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Gannosuke rolls out of the ring and Miyamoto sails out onto him with a tope con hilo.

Back in the ring, Miyamoto goes for a handspring elbow but Gannosuke catches him with a suplex. Big lariat by Gannosuke and he nails a powerbomb, Gannosuke Clutch by Gannosuke but it gets two. Miyamoto returns the favor with a Gannosuke Clutch of his own but he also gets a two count. Big lariat by Miyamoto, he picks up Gannosuke and he hits a powerbomb. Cover, but it gets two. Miyamoto goes up top and he delivers the moonsault, but Gannosuke kicks out of the pin. Miyamoto picks up Gannosuke and he hits the Yankee Driver, but it also gets two as Miyamoto complains to the referee. Miyamoto applies the Manjigatame but Gannosuke gets to the ropes. Miyamoto applies it again, this time he rolls it to the ground and Gannosuke submits! Out of 21 minutes, five or so were fun and the rest was just ultimately meaningless. I don't mind limb work, I quite enjoy it actually, but only if it means something. They spent 15 minutes doing limb work but got no near submissions related to the limb work and then it was forgotten as they went to their normal match end moves. It is disappointing as I like both of these guys but long segments of meaningless limb work doesn't do it for me. There was a good middle segment and the end stretch was solid but there was just too much slow action around it. There were no botches or anything and on paper it was a good plan, but in execution it didn't really work. Score: 4.0

Final Thoughts:

As much as I like Mr. Gannosuke this was not a good event. For the first half of the event, either the wrestlers simply weren't that good in the first place or they were just coasting. Buffalo/Kishiwada was legitimately good, and probably seemed better than it may have been after the matches before it. The main event just went too long and had too much limb work that led to nothing at all, even though it had a few bright spots. There isn't any way that I can recommend this event for one fun bloody brawl, but at least that made the event not a complete waste of time.

Grade: D-

review completed 4/26/15