Birthdate: December 3rd, 1981
Debut: November 19th, 2000
Formally: Hi69
Alliances: None
Ring Attire: Black trunks

Signature Moves:
- Avalanche DDT
- Back Bodydrop into a Michinoku Driver
- Phoenix Senton
- Marajah
- Moonsault
- Trance Rave

A Kaientai Dojo trainee, Hi69 debuted in Puerto Rico in 2000. Hi69 became the first Strongest-K champion in 2004 and 2 years later he left K-Dojo for Apache Army. Right at the apex of his career, Hi69 suffered a serious injury while wrestling on a Lockup show. Hi69 botched an apron hurricanrana, suffering a vertebral injury requiring complicated surgery. In 2010, Hi69 returned, wrestling as HIROKI.

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