Ice Ribbon #657 “9th Anniversary in Nagoya”
A Review by Kevin Wilson

Date: June 21st, 2015
Location:  Nagoya Sports Center in Aichi, Japan
Announced Attendance:  263

We are back with Ice Ribbon!  On the downside, this is a short show until the long main event. On the upside we get two Risa Sera matches (I like her), plus Mio Shirai and Tsukushi teaming together.  I am not really sure what to expect here but we will find out.  Here is the card:

- Kyuri vs. Risa Sera
- Akane Fujita vs. Risa Sera
- Mari Anne vs. Yuuka
- Triangle Ribbon Championship: Neko Nitta vs. Miyako Matsumoto vs. Nori da Funky Shibiresasu
- 235 vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto
- Aoi Kizuki, Mio Shirai, and Tsukushi vs. Kurumi, Hamuko Hoshi, and Mochi Miyagi

Onto the fun.

Kyuri vs. Risa Sera
They tie-up to start and they trade wristlocks, Irish whip by Sera and he hits a running elbow.  Double knee drops by Sera but Kyuri elbows her back and they trade shots.  Kyuri pulls down Sera by her neck repeatedly, she picks up Sera and trips her before applying a submission hold.  Sera gets to the ropes, Kyuri goes off the ropes but Sera catches her  with a Schwein.  She goes for another one but Kyuri sneaks in a schoolboy for two.  Kyuri catches Sera with a short armbar but Sera gets out of it by slamming Kyuri into the corner.  Running double knee in the corner by Sera, but the covers gets two.  Sera goes up top but Kyuri avoids the reverse double knee drop, dropkick by Kyuri and she hits a fisherman suplex hold for a two count.  Kyuri goes off the ropes but Sera catches her with a dropkick, Sera picks up Kyuri but Kyuri sneaks in a schoolboy for two.  Kyuri goes off the ropes but Sera catches her and drops Kyuri in front of the corner.  Reverse double knee drop out of the corner by Sera, she picks up Kyuri and delivers the Ayers Rock for a three count! I think that Kyuri has a lot of potential; I like her quite a bit.  This match was constant action which is what you want from a shorter opener, and overall I enjoyed it.  Too short to be recommendable but a solid start to the show.

Akane Fujita vs. Risa Sera
Sera doing double duty for reasons unknown.  Fujita charges Sera to start and hits elbows, lariat by Fujita and she ties up Sera in a knot before posing.  Dropkick by Fujita but Sera clubs her back and throws down Fujita by her hair.  Sera does it again and she chokes Fujita in the corner.  Scoop slam by Sera and she applies a crab hold, but Fujita makes it to the ropes.  Double knee by Sera, she picks up Fujita but Fujita hits a hard shoulderblock.  Scoop slam by Fujita, cover, but it gets two.  Fujita elbows Sera and they go back and forth, Sera goes off the ropes but Fujita avoids the dropkick and hits a seated senton. Fujita picks up Sera but Sera slides away and hits a drop toehold.  Double knee drop by Sera and she hits a Schwein, cover by Sera but it gets two.  Sera throws Fujita into the corner and she hits a running elbow followed by a running double knee strike.  Cover, but it gets two.  Sera elbows Fujita, Irish whip by Sera but Fujita hits a double chop.  Scoop slam by Fujita, she picks up Sera but Sera sneaks in a small package for two.  Dropkick by Sera and she applies a crab hold, but Fujita wiggles to the ropes.  Sera picks up Fujita and hits a Samoan Driver, she goes up top and nails the diving double knee drop for the three count cover!  Another fun match by Sera.  I don’t think that Fujita is a great wrestler but she is easy on the eyes anyway, so at least she brings something to the table.  Overall the match was a bit above average, nothing offensive.

Mari Anne vs. Yuuka
They tie-up to start, elbows by Yuuka against the ropes but Anne returns the favor.  Wristlock by Anne but Yuuka reverses it.  Dropkick by Yuuka and she slams Anne into the corner.  Elbows by Yuuka and she stomps down Anne into the corner before mushing her with her boot.  Scoop slam by Yuuka and she hits a few elbow drops for a two count.  Crab hold by Yuuka but Anne makes it to the ropes, Yuuka stomps on Anne but Anne sneaks in a small package for two.  Dropkicks by Anne, cover, but Yuuka kicks out.  Missile dropkick by Anne and she covers Yuuka for another two.  DDT by Yuuka and she dropkicks Anne, Yuuka goes up top and she delivers the missile dropkick for a two count.  Yuuka goes up top again but Anne elbows her and tosses her off.  Northern Lights Suplex hold by Anne, but it gets a two.  Anne goes up top and hits another missile dropkick, but Yuuka kicks out.  Back up they trade elbows, backslide by Anne but it gets a two.  Anne tries a few more quick pins with no luck, hard elbow by Anne and she hits a jumping Angel Thunder for a two count.  Scoop slam by Yuuka, she nails the avalanche Angel Thunder and she picks up the three count!  I love the finishing move, it is original and fun to watch but otherwise this is the worst match on the card so far.  That isn’t to say it was awful but Anne is still learning so it was basic.  Lots of dropkicks and dropkick variations, some iffy transitions, the normal things that you see in matches with rookies.  A good match for Anne’s development but skippable for general watching, even though Yuuka is a treat.

(c) Neko Nitta vs. Miyako Matsumoto vs. Nori da Funky Shibiresasu
This match is for the Triangle Ribbon Championship.  They take turns posing to begin until Shibiresasu throws Matsumoto out of the ring.  Scoop slam by Shibiresasu to Nitta but Nitta hits him with her tail.  Nitta rolls up Shibiresasu for two but Shibiresasu clubs her in the back and hits a scoop slam.  Matsumoto finally returns and kicks Shibiresasu, Matsumoto gets Nitta by the tail and swings her around the ring by it.  Matsumoto hits a crossbody on both of them for a two count, but poses for too long and Nitta hits her with a Backstabber.  They do some wonky pins with no luck until Shibiresasu boots Matsumoto and chops Nitta to the mat.  Shibiresasu grabs both and hits a double vertical suplex, but both roll out of the way of the leg drop.  Double Shining Wizard to Shibiresasu and Matsumoto rolls up Nitta for a two count.  They trade pins back and forth with no luck, Shibiresasu hits Nitta from the apron but Nitta snaps his neck on the top rope and Matsumoto dropkicks him back to the floor.  Ne Kohistra by Nitta to Matsumoto and she gets the three count!  This was silly and short, as all of Nitta’s matches are.  I don’t personally understand the appeal, it is not for me.  Just a meaningless midcard match.

235 vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto
Fujimoto controls the early portion of the match and hits a few scoop slams, but 235 fights back with elbows and they trade blows.  Fujimoto chops 235 in the corner and she kicks 235 in the back before applying a chinlock.  Fujimoto pulls on 235’s nose while having her in the hold before letting go, elbows by Fujimoto and she kicks 235 in the back again.  Fujimoto bites on 235’s arm and knocks her into the corner, Fujimoto drives her knee into 235 while posing a bit, but 235 gets away and returns the favor.  Cutter by 235, cover, but Fujimoto kicks out.  Crab hold by Fujimoto but 235 gets to the bottom rope.  Fujimoto puts 235 in the ropes and rakes her face, but 235 avoids the dropkick and hits one of her own.  235 dropkicks Fujimoto in the corner, she goes off the ropes and hits a crossbody.  Another crossbody by 235 and she hits a third, but it only gets two.  235 goes up top but Fujimoto hits her, 235 jumps on Fujimoto’s back with a sleeper but Fujimoto slams her into the corner until 235 lets go.  Fujimoto kicks 235 in the back, Irish whip by Fujimoto and she dropkicks 235 in the corner.  Another dropkick by Fujimoto and she hits a scoop slam for a two count.  Fujimoto applies a crossface but 235 gets a foot on the ropes, Fujimoto picks up 235 and goes for a kick but 235 ducks it and applies a schoolboy.  Another roll-up by 235 follows with no luck, elbows by 235, she goes up to the top turnbuckle  and hits the diving crossbody for a two count.  235 goes off the ropes but Fujimoto kicks her back and rolls her up for two.  Fujimoto picks up 235 but 235 hits a bridging vertical suplex for another two count.  Head kick by Fujimoto and she applies the cross arm submission, but 235 doesn’t give up so Fujimoto releases the hold.  Fujimoto picks up 235, snapmare, and she hits the PK for a two count cover.  Fujimoto goes up top and she nails the diving rolling neckbreaker, picking up the three count pinfall.  As apparently is the theme of this show, this was another match that was above average and not bad to watch, but wasn’t anything special either.  It went a big longer so they had time, but it wasn't necessarily always used well as there were still shady transitions and lack of pop. Not bad but nothing that needs to be sought out specifically.

Aoi Kizuki, Mio Shirai, and Tsukushi vs. Kurumi, Hamuko Hoshi, and Mochi Miyagi
Tsukushi and Hoshi start off but Kizuki and Shirai quickly come into help and they both run on Hoshi's back. Kurumi and Miyagi try to help unsuccessfully, and Shirai stays in with Hoshi as order is restored. Hoshi regains the advantage before tagging in Miyagi, and they both squish Shirai in the corner. Shirai is worked over in the corner but Shirai slaps Miyagi a few times and tags in Kizuki. Mongolian Chops by Kizuki to Miyagi and she hits a trio of running sentons for a two point cover. Miyagi scoop slams Kizuki and tags in Kurumi, and Kurumi scoop slams Kizuki as well. Kurumi puts Shirai on her back, everyone tries to get on Kurumi's back to squish Kizuki but it was a poorly thought out idea as Kurumi collapses to the mat before she gets to Kizuki. Kizuki picks up Kurumi and hits a jumping elbow in the corner, cover, but it gets two. Kizuki tags in Tsukushi and Tsukushi dropkicks Kurumi in the corner. Kurumi catches Tsukushi with a scoop slam and she tags in Miyagi. Miyagi throws down Tsukushi by her hair but Tsukushi returns the favor. Shirai and Kizuki come in but Miyagi and Hoshi do as well and Team Kurumi take over, hitting their opponents in the corner and then all applying crab holds. They release the holds and Miyagi hits a body block on Tsukushi. Tsukushi dropkicks Miyagi back, she puts Miyagi in the ropes and she hits a dropkick while Shirai kicks Miyagi from the apron for a two count. Tsukushi charges Miyagi but Miyagi catches her with a swinging side slam for a two count. Kurumi is tagged in and she hits a hard shoulderblock on Tsukushi followed by a body press. Kurumi applies the Cattle Mutilation but Tsukushi gets a foot on the ropes to break it up.

Kurumi grabs Tsukushi but Tsukushi rolls her up and hits a footstomp. Dropkick by Tsukushi while Kurumi is against the ropes and she hits a tilt-a-whirl press for a two count. Tsukushi chokes Kurumi with her boots but it is broken up. Somersault senton by Kurumi to Tsukushi, but she kicks out at two. Irish whip by Kurumi but Tsukushi hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Tilt-a-whirl sunset flip by Tsukushi and she tags in Kizuki, but Kurumi hits a footstomp to Kizuki's back. Kizuki avoids the dropkick and hits a senton on Kurumi, Kizuki drop toeholds Kurumi into the corner and she hits a running crossbody. Diving senton by Kizuki off the second turnbuckle but it gets a two count. STF by Kizuki but Kurumi gets to the ropes, knees by Kizuki but Kurumi hits a swinging slam for a two count. Kurumi goes for a cross armbreaker and eventually gets it locked in, but Kizuki gets to the ropes. Kurumi picks up Kizuki and elbows her, but Shirai kicks Kurumi from the apron and Tsukushi dropkicks her. Double Wrist Armsault by Kizuki, she goes up to the top turnbuckle but Kurumi avoids the swivel body press. Hoshi runs in and hits a shoulderblock, Kurumi picks up Kizuki and slams her to the mat, she goes for a German suplex but Kizuki blocks it. Kizuki and Kurumi trade elbows until Kizuki hits a jumping lariat, but Kurumi comes back with a shoulderblock. Shirai and Hoshi are tagged in and they trade elbows, knee by Shirai and they trade strikes until Shirai hits a lariat. Shirai applies a Jorōgumo and rolls up Hoshi, but it gets a two count. Tiger Feint Kick by Shirai and she kicks Shirai in the chest before covering her for another two. Tsukushi stands on Shirai's shoulders and hits a footstomp, running boot by Shirai but it gets a two count. Shirai applies a sleeper and she applies the figure four necklock but Miyagi breaks it up with a body press. Shirai and Miyagi hit a double backdrop suplex on Shirai, cover by Hoshi but it gets two.

Kurumi comes in, scoop slam by Kurumi, this time she gets all her opponents and friends on her back and she hits a body press onto Shirai. Cover by Hoshi, but it gets two. Hoshi goes off the ropes and hits a lariat, and Hoshi tags in Miyagi. Running belly bump by Miyagi and she delivers the reverse splash for two. Miyagi goes up top but Shirai joins her and hits a superplex. Shirai picks up Miyagi but Miyagi blocks the head kick, roll-up by Shirai but it gets two. Lou Thesz Press by Miyagi, Hoshi comes in but Kizuki and Tsukushi pull them out of the ring. Shirai gets on the apron and hits a diving crossbody on both, Tsukushi goes up to the top turnbuckle and hits a plancha down onto all of them. Shirai and Miyagi return to the ring, high kick by Shirai and she hits a vertical suplex for two. Buzzsaw Kick by Shirai, but Kurumi breaks up the pinfall. The ring clears for Shirai and Miyagi, enzuigiri by Shirai and she goes for the Tsuchigumo but Hoshi runs in and hits a lariat. Kurumi goes up top and hits a diving body press onto Shirai, Hoshi feeds Shirai to Miyagi on the top turnbuckle and Miyagi nails the Avalanche Metabolic Sand. Cover, and she gets the three count! This one had more good than bad, I really like the majority of these wrestlers and Hoshi was kept on the apron most of the match. Not everything worked perfectly and there was a lot of back-and-forth to start off, but once it got more focused I thought it was fun. Not a bad main event for a smaller show. Mildly Recommended

Final Thoughts:

This was an interesting show. It had really nothing I can say "go out and watch right now," although the main event was certainly fun and had a few memorable spots. But it generally stayed above the 'average' line as five of the matches I thought were pretty good with only one stinker. It is not a bad way to spend an afternoon but it isn't the type of event one would need to seek out. Just an all around average event but with a few bright points, some of the Ice Ribbon young wrestlers look really good and hopefully will continue to grow as they get more experience.

Grade: C 

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event reviewed on 6/30/15