A Review by Kevin Wilson

Date:  April 5th, 2015
Location:  Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance:  1,085

It is time… for JWP MANIA-X!  This is one of JWP’s big events of the year as it takes place in Korakuen Hall and has three title matches.  Plus Kana is here, and as you *may* know about me, I thoroughly enjoy everything about Kana.  Here is the full card:

- KAZUKI and Yako Fujigasaki vs. Kotori and Sayako Obihiro
- Eri vs. Kyoko Kimura
- JWP Jr. Heavyweight and Princess of Pop Wrestling Championship:  Rabbit Miu vs. Rydeen Hagane
- Command Bolshoi and Meiko Satomura vs. Kana and Konami
- JWP Tag Team and Daily Spots Tag Team Championship: Leon and Ray vs. DASH Chisako and Sendai Sachiko
- JWP Openweight Championship: Arisa Nakajima vs. Kayoko Haruyama

Onto the matches!

KAZUKI and Yako Fujigasaki vs. Kotori and Sayako Obihiro
Kotori and Fujigasaki start off, Kotori flips out to the apron but she slides back in and hits a springboard armdrag out of the corner.  Kotori tags in Obihiro, scoop slam by Fujigasaki but Obihiro gets away and hits her own scoop slam.  Obihiro tags in Kotori and Kotori hits a pair of monkey flips.  Kotori puts on a stretch hold, Obihiro comes in the ring to intercept KAZUKI but KAZUKI puts her in a stretch hold of her own.  KAZUKI eventually breaks up Kotori’s hold and Fujigasaki dropkicks Kotori.  Fujigasaki tags in KAZUKI, knee by KAZUKI and she picks up Kotori, but Kotori gets away and tags in Obihiro.  KAZUKI knees Obihiro a few times but Obihiro gets away and she dropkicks KAZUKI.  Scoop slam by KAZUKI and she hits a double kneedrop for a two count.  KAZUKI tags in Fujigasaki, dropkicks by Fujigasaki to Obihiro and she covers her for two.  Obihiro dropkicks Fujigasaki and she covers her for two.  Obihiro goes up top and she hits a missile dropkick for a two count.  Fujigasaki grabs Obihiro and hits a Northern Lights Suplex, getting a two count.  Fujigasaki tags in KAZUKI while Kotori is also tagged in, and KAZUKI knees Kotori against the ropes.  KAZUKI knees Kotori in the corner, she goes up top and hits a reverse double knee for a two count.  Kotori armdrags KAZUKI, she goes up top and hits a diving crossbody for two.  Kotori rolls up KAZUKI but Fujigasaki breaks it up, Kotori picks up KAZUKI and with Obihiro they go for a suplex, but KAZUKI blocks it.  KAZUKI hits a double knee on both of them, Fujigasaki comes in and she hits a diving body press.  KAZUKI hits a diving knee drop to Kotori, cover, but it gets a two.  KAZUKI airplane spins Kotori but Kotori hits a crucifix pin for two.   KAZUKI nails the Death by Roderick on Kotori, and she picks up the three count!  This was simple but enjoyable.  KAZUKI always stands out in her matches, she was really the only one that was really memorable.  Good way to kick things off, a non-offensive opener.  Score:  5.5

Eri vs. Kyoko Kimura
I don’t see this going well for little Eri.  They trade holds to start but Kimura avoids Eri’s dropkick.  Eri hits the next one but Kimura blocks the hair toss.  Kimura puts Eri in the ropes and rakes her face before stomping her in the chest.  Eri elbows her back but Kimura catches her crossbody attempt and hits a backbreaker.  Crab hold by Kimura but Eri gets to the ropes.  Kimura stomps on Eri but Eri rolls out of the ring to re-group.  Kimura goes out after her, Eri slides back in and she dropkicks Kimura off the apron to the floor.  Eri goes up top and dives off, but Kimura catches her and hits a side slam.  Tornado DDT by Eri but the cover gets two.  Eri goes off the ropes and she hits another DDT.  Kimura slaps on a crab hold, she releases it after a moment and slams Eri to the mat.  Eri spins out and slaps Kimura before applying an inside cradle for two.  More pin attempts by Eri with no luck, DDT by Eri, she picks up Kimura but Kimura blocks the DDT and hits a shoulder backbreaker for two.  Vertical suplex by Kimura and she applies the Kimura Lock, picking up the three count!  Eri had no chance here but she tried anyway.  A bit too one dimensional as Eri seemed to only have DDTs to try to compete with Kimura, and Kimura didn’t destroy her like I was hoping.  Not bad but nothing exciting.  Score:  5.0

(c) Rabbit Miu vs. Rydeen Hagane
This match is for the JWP Jr. Heavyweight and Princess of Pop Wrestling Championship. Hagane immediately suplexes Miu as soon as the match starts but Miu rolls up Hagane for a two count.  Armdrag by Miu as Hagane falls out of the ring, Miu goes up top and hits a plancha suicida.  Back in the ring Miu hits a missile dropkick before applying a stretch hold.  Miu picks up Hagane and they trade elbows, which Hagane gets the better of.  Hagane kicks Miu and she goes for a military press, but Miu reverses it with a DDT.  Footstomp by Miu, she kicks Hagane but Hagane blocks the tornado DDT.  Vertical suplex by Hagane and she slams Miu into the corner.  Body avalanche by Hagane and she hits a lariat.  Crab hold by Hagane, she hits a scoop slam but Miu avoids the reverse splash.  Lariats by Hagane in the corner and she delivers a heel kick for two.  Hagane goes up top and hits the reverse splash, she goes up and hits a second one for a two count.  Hagane goes up top but Miu joins her.  Elbows by Miu and she hits a superplex.  Miu goes up top and she delivers a diving footstomp and then a second one.  A third diving footstomp by Miu and she applies a crossface.  Hagane makes it to the ropes, Miu picks her up and Miu rolls up Hagane for a two count.  German suplex hold by Miu but that gets two as well.  Elbows by Miu but Hagane hits a release German suplex.  Running elbow by Miu, she picks up Hagane but Hagane hits a lariat.  Powerslam by Hagane and she hits a side slam. Hagane goes up top and she delivers a diving body press for two.  Hagane picks up Miu but Miu rolls her up for two.  Miu goes for a seated senton but Hagane reverses it, German suplex hold by Miu but it gets a two count.  They trade elbows but Hagane hits a lariat for two.  Another lariat, she picks up Miu and puts her on the top turnbuckle.  Avalanche backdrop suplex by Hagane but Miu kicks out of the pin.  Hagane goes up top, she nails the moonsault and she gets the three count!  Hagane is your new champion!  They get an A for effort if nothing else.  It was a bit too back and forth but the general theme of the little Miu trying sneaky stuff and pin moves to pick up the win while Hagane used power moves made sense.  I enjoyed it, they aren’t at a high level but a very solid match.  Score:  6.5

Command Bolshoi and Meiko Satomura vs. Kana and Konami
Satomura and Konami start off, necklock by Satomura but Konami gets out of it.  Satomura kicks Konami in the corner and tags in Bolshoi.  Bolshoi and Konami go to the mat but Bolshoi slams Konami back, allowing her to tag in Kana.  Kana and Bolshoi roll around and Kana goes for a cross armbreaker.  Bolshoi blocks it as they return to their feet, Bolshoi rolls Kana to the mat and goes for the knee but Kana reverses it.  Back up they trade elbows and Kana tags in Konami.  Bolshoi eats a double dropkick, kicks by Konami and she covers Bolshoi for two.  Cross armbreaker by Konami but Bolshoi gets out of it and applies a single leg crab hold.  Bolshoi tags in Satomura, kicks by Satomura and he trips Konami.  Kneedrop by Satomura and she elbows Konami in the corner.  Jumping elbow by Satomura and they trade elbows, schoolboy by Konami but Satomura gets out of it.  Konami applies a short armbar but Satomura gets a foot on the ropes.  Konami tags in Kana, Kana goes up top and she hits a missile dropkick.  Kicks by Kana to the chest of Satomura and she applies a crossface chickenwing, but Bolshoi breaks it up.  Sliding kick by Kana to Satomura but Satomura uppercuts her. 

DDT by Satomura and she goes off the ropes but Konami hits her from the apron.  Strike combination by Kana but Bolshoi kicks her when she goes off the ropes.  Cartwheel kneedrop by Satomura and she tags in Bolshoi.  Bolshoi picks up Kana and hits a release German suplex.  Tiger Feint Kick by Bolshoi, she charges Kana but Kana slaps on a cross armbreaker.  Kana picks up Bolshoi but Bolshoi applies a triangle choke.  Ankle hold by Bolshoi but Kana gets out of it with a German suplex.  Kick to the head by Kana and she tags in Konami.  Konami kicks Bolshoi and she rolls up Bolshoi while applying an ankle hold but Bolshoi gets to the ropes.  Bolshoi slaps Konami to the mat and covers her, but the pin is broken up.  Bolshoi holds Konami but Kana gets in the ring and kicks Bolshoi in the head.  Satomura takes care of Kana and then hits a backdrop suplex on Konami.  Bolshoi grabs Konami by the leg and rolls her around the ring before locking in the hold.  Kana runs in to break it up, Bolshoi picks up Konami and she applies the Dojime Sleeper.  Konami struggles for a moment but has to tap out!  This was a slower paced mat-based match, which was the right move with the match being surrounded by title matches.  They still kept the match moving so it was never boring, it just lacked some oomph.  But it had Kana, so there is that, and both teams showed great teamwork.  Score:  6.0

(c) Leon and Ray vs. DASH Chisako and Sendai Sachiko
This match is for the JWP Tag Team and Daily Spots Tag Team Championship.  Leon and Chisako start off and they immediately start trading elbows.  They trade dropkick attempts, Leon jumps up top but Chisako pushes her off, making her fall down to the floor.  Chisako then goes up top and she dives out onto Leon with a seated senton.  Chisako slides Leon back in, double Irish whip and Leon is double teamed back and forth.  Chisako tags in Sachiko and Sachiko applies a sleeper.  Cross armbreaker by Sachiko and she yanks on Leon’s arm.  Leon catches Sachiko with a backbreaker and she tags in Ray.  Sachiko is hit with a double chop but Sachiko fights back and trades blows with Ray.  DDT by Sachiko, Chisako comes in and Sachiko suplexes her onto Ray.  Rolling senton by Sachiko but it gets a two count.  Leon springboards in with a swandive dropkick on both and both Chisako and Sachiko are attacked in the corner.  Ray kicks Sachiko but Sachiko hits a headscissors.  Sachiko tags in Chisako, and Chisako hits a missile dropkick.  Chisako dropkicks Ray in the corner, she goes up top but Ray avoids the double stomp.  Kicks by Ray and she hits a Sling Blade for a two count.  Hurricanrana by Chisako to Ray, but she also gets two.  Elbows by Chisako but Ray hits a Tiger Feint Kick.  Roll-up by Ray but it gets two.  Ray tags in Leon and Leon drives her into the corner.  This match is just non-stop, in case you couldn’t tell.  Spear by Leon to Chisako but the cover gets two.  Chisako finally gets the better of things, she goes up top and hits a diving footstomp for a two count.  Chisako tags in Sachiko, Sachiko goes up top and hits a missile dropkick on Leon. 

The action spills outside the ring and Ray hits an Asai Moonsault.  Leon then gets in the ring and he hits a springboard plancha down onto her opponents.  Ray and Sachiko get back in and Ray uses the ropes to dropkick Sachiko.  Leon dropkicks her as well and covers Sachiko for a two count.  Double Irish whip to Sachiko but Chisako comes in and dropkicks both of them.  Sachiko drops Leon with a tornado DDT and Chisako hits a missile dropkick.  German suplex hold by Sachiko to Leon, but it gets two.  Ray kicks Sachiko as she climbs up and they hit a powerbomb/diving lariat combination for a near fall.  Leon goes up and hits a frog splash on Sachiko, but Sachiko barely gets a shoulder up.  Both Ray and Leon go up time but Sachiko and Chisako roll out of the way of their dives.  Senton by Sachiko on Leon, then Chisako hits the Hormone Splash.  Sachiko follows suit with a diving body press, but Ray breaks up the cover.  Sachiko and Leon trade elbows, superkick by Sachiko and they both fall to the mat.  Heel kick by Leon, she goes for the Capture Buster but Chisako kicks her from behind to prevent the move.  Leon goes for it again but Sachiko reverses it with a DDT.  Chisako comes in but Sachiko kicks her by mistake, Leon picks up Sachiko and she nails the Capture Buster but the pin is broken up.  Leon goes for another one but she has issues getting Sachiko up, so she doesn’t hit it clean.  Kick by Leon, she tries again and this time she nails the Capture Buster for the three count!  One downside of high speed matches is it increases the chances for mistakes but this one was mostly fine (although the botched ending did hurt a bit).  A very busy match, for better or worse, but generally I enjoyed it.  It was a nice change of pace, the dives were good, and all four looked solid.  Not perfect but a solid title match.  Score:  6.5

(c) Arisa Nakajima vs. Kayoko Haruyama
This match is for the JWP Openweight Championship.  Haruyama lariats Nakajima from behind to start but Nakajima hits a DDT followed by a dropkick.  Short armbar by Nakajima, they get back up and Nakajima goes for a cross armbreaker but Haruyama gets out of it.  Slaps by Haruyama but Nakajima hits a missile dropkick.  They trade elbows, lariats by Haruyama in the corner and she puts Nakajima on top the ropes before kicking her in the back of the head.  Nakajima falls out of the ring and Haruyama goes out after her, throwing her around the ring.  Nakajima gets the better of things and starts chucking chairs at Haruyama but Haruyama throws Nakajima to the floor.  Back in the ring Haruyama hits a missile dropkick followed by a double underhook facebuster.  She hits a second one but Nakajima blocks the third.  Lariat to the back by Haruyama and she kicks Nakajima before hitting a lariat.  Another lariat to the back by Haruyama and she kicks Nakajima in the head.  Sliding lariat by Haruyama and the cover gets two.  Nakajima slips away and elbows Haruyama but Haruyama hits a lariat.  Kicks to the head by Haruyama and Haruyama hits a dragon screw neck whip.  Haruyama goes up top and delivers a guillotine leg drop, but Nakajima kicks out of the cover.  Haruyama picks up Nakajima but Nakajima hits  DDT followed by a kick.  Nakajima and Haruyama trade slaps and Nakajima hits a trio of German suplexes.  Nakajima goes up top and she hits a missile dropkick.  She goes up again and hits a second missile dropkick followed by a third.  Nakajima hits another one as Haruyama is still getting up and she covers her for two.  Hard elbow by Nakajima but Haruyama returns fire and they trade shots.  Quick roll-up by Nakajima but Haruyama kicks out.  Knees by Nakajima and she boots Haruyama in the face.  On their feet they trade boots and short arm lariats until Nakajima hits a German suplex hold for a two count.  Nakajima picks up Haruyama, Nakajima goes for a roll-up but Haruyama catches her and drops Nakajima on her head. 

Haruyama goes up top but Nakajima slaps her and joins her.  Haruyama snaps Nakajima’s neck over the top rope, he goes back up and something happened where both crash to the mat.  I guess Nakajima got the better of it as she recovers first, she goes up top but Haruyama joins her, slamming Nakajima down to the mat.  Kick by Haruyama and she slams Nakajima for a two count.  Lariat by Haruyama and she hits more lariats as she keeps pulling Nakajima off the mat.  Nakajima snaps off a German suplex and she knees Haruyama in the head.  Nakajima picks up Haruyama and hits elbows but Haruyama fires back with a lariat.  Another lariat by Haruyama, cover, but Nakajima gets a shoulder up.  Haruyama goes up top and she hits a diving leg drop as Nakajima gets up, but it gets two.  Knees by Haruyama but Nakajima hits a knee of her own.  Dragon suplex hold by Nakajima, but she gets a two count.  Nakajima goes off the ropes but Haruyama catches her with an Emerald Frosion.  Knee by Haruyama but Nakajima hits a bridging suplex for two.  Elbows by Nakajima, she goes for a suplex but Haruyama picks her up and slams Nakajima for two.  Another Emerald Frosion by Haruyama and she delivers the Fire Thunder Driver.  Haruyama goes up top and she hits the guillotine leg drop, she goes up again and nails a final diving guillotine drop for the three count!  Haruyama is your new champion!   They lost me a bit towards the end, this match definitely went about five minutes too long.  It built up to this climax but the climax lasted too long and it slipped back down the slope for several minutes, as they got a bit sloppier and less on point towards the end.  It was going well, and the bulk of the match was really good but what everyone remembers is how a match ended which wasn’t good here.  They were trying to do an epic match but it just dragged, a bit disappointing.  Score:  5.5

Final Thoughts:

I would say the best word for this event is “average.”  Nothing was great, nothing was terrible, it was just around that “acceptable” line.   Every match hovered around the same area although oddly we did get variety of match types – a mat based match, fast paced match, an attempted epic…. but in the end it all just blended together as nothing really felt memorable.   I’d have to say it was disappointing overall since the main event did not deliver as I hoped, there was no lack of effort here, just execution.

Grade:  C+

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