Kana Produce “Fukuyama Tournament” 2015
A Review by Kevin Wilson

Date: March 8th, 2015
Location: Fukuyama Big Rose in Hiroshima, Japan
Announced Attendance: 509

The World Premiere Review of Kana Produce “Fukuyama Tournament” 2015! I say that slightly tongue in cheek but this event hasn't been made available yet to the masses here in the United States so I am one of the first to watch it. This event has several matches I am looking forward to but none more than the main event, which I think has some serious Match of the Year potential. Here is the full card:

- Chikano Kenshin vs. HAYATA
- Kanjuro Matsuyama vs. Shu Shibutani
- Kaho Kobayashi and Kagetsu vs. Makoto and Rina Yamashita
- Magnitude Kishiwada and Daisuke Kanehira vs. Takaku Fuke and Yuko Miyamoto
- Hikaru Shida and Syuri vs. Kana and Konami Takemoto

All are shown in full of course since it was only released on DVD. So excited.

Chikano Kenshin vs. HAYATA
HAYATA and Kenshin tie-up to start and trade holds, HAYATA gets Kenshin to the mat but Kenshin gets free and they return to their feet. Side headlock by HAYATA and he hits a shoulderblock, armdrag by Kenshin and he kicks HAYATA in the head. Reverse chinlock by Kenshin and he elbows HAYATA in the back of the head. HAYATA avoids Kenshin's dropkick and he hits a back elbow. Snapmare by HAYATA and he applies a chinlock, Kenshin gets to the ropes and chops HAYATA but HAYATA chops him back. Snapmare by HAYATA and he hits a sliding kick for a two count. HAYATA goes off the ropes but so does Kenshin and he hits a face crusher. Northern Lights Suplex by Kenshin but HAYATA kicks out at two. Kenshin goes up top and he kicks HAYATA in the back, cover by Kenshin but it gets a two count. Kenshin goes for a high kick but HAYATA ducks it, Kenshin charges HAYATA but HAYATA drops him onto the apron before kicking him out of the ring. Pescado by HAYATA and he slides Kenshin back into the ring. HAYATA goes up top and he hits a missile dropkick for a two count cover. HAYATA goes to the second turnbuckle and goes for a moonsault, but Kenshin gets his knees up. Back up they trade elbows, kick to the face by Kenshin and he gets a two count. Kenshin picks up HAYATA but HAYATA blocks the fisherman buster. Step-up enzigieri by HAYATA and he hits a superkick for two. HAYATA grabs Kenshin in a headscissors and drives his face into the mat, picking up the three count! These two aren't awesome but this was a pretty good way to start the show. It started slow but picked up, and there weren't any miscommunications or anything like that. It won't set your world on fire but a perfectly watchable match.

Kanjuro Matsuyama vs. Shu Shibutani
Shibutani and Matsuyama trade elbows to start and they trade armdrags, chops by Shibutani but Matsuyama catches one and walks the ropes while holding Shibutani's arm. Armdrag by Matsuyama and he poses for the crowd before standing on Shibutani in the corner. Scoop slam by Matsuyama and he hits a footstomp. Cover by Matsuyama but it gets two. Face rake by Matsuyama, Irish whip by Matsuyama but Shibutani moves when he charges in. Missile dropkick by Shibutani, cover, but it gets a two count. Matsuyama goes out of the ring but Shibutani goes up top and dives out onto him with a plancha suicida. Shibutani tries to throw Matsuyama into the ring post but Matsuyama reverses it, sending Shibutani into the post. Matsuyama gets his fan and hits Shibutani with it around the ring before they return, kick by Shibutani and she hits Matsuyama with his own fan. Matsuyama slaps Shibutani back and Shibutani throws the fan down in anger, Matsuyama and Shibutani trade slaps which Shibutani gets the better of. Matsuyama hurts his leg when he kicks the ropes in disgust before he goes back to Shibutani, and he bops her in the head. Shibutani blocks Matsuyama's blows and she hits a Mongolian Chop, sending Matsuyama crashing to the mat. Cover by Shibutani but it gets two. Shibutani goes off the ropes but Matsuyama catches her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Creepy pin by Matsuyama, but it gets two. Matsuyama talks to the referee and throws him towards Shibutani, but the referee reverses it. Shibutani kicks Matsuyama back and she quickly applies Time Machine Ni Notte for the three count! This was one of those weird comedy matches but they kept it short enough and it got a few chuckles out of me. Most of Matsuyama's matches are the same so if you've seen one you've seen something similar to this. But it isn't bad, just different and probably not a lot of people's cup of tea.

Kaho Kobayashi and Kagetsu vs. Makoto and Rina Yamashita
Makoto is double teamed right off the bat as both Kobayashi and Kagetsu attack Makoto in the corner. Double dropkick by Makoto as Kagetsu stays in the ring, and Kagetsu slams Makoto in the corner. Jumping elbow by Kagetsu, she goes up top but Yamashita trips her. Kick by Makoto, cover, but Kagetsu kicks out. Makoto tags in Yamashita and Yamashita kicks Kagetsu in the chest. Elbow by Yamashita and she wraps up Kagetsu in the ropes so that she and Makoto can kick her. She does the same facing the other side but Kagetsu elbows her back and they trade blows. Elbows by Kagetsu, she goes off the ropes but Yamashita catches her with a hard elbow to the chest. Cross armbreaker by Kagetsu as Kobayashi cuts off Makoto, but Yamashita gets to the ropes. Irish whip by Yamashita to Kagetsu, reversed, and Yamashita applies a sleeper in the corner. Shoulderblock by Yamashita, cover, but it gets a two count. Yamashita picks up Kagetsu but Kagetsu fights off the vertical suplex and hits own of her own. Kagetsu kicks Yamashita in the side of the head and she makes the hot tag to Kobayashi. Kobayashi grabs Yamashita but Yamashita blocks the suplex, elbows by Kobayashi but Yamashita kicks her in the stomach. Makoto comes in but Kobayashi ducks under the lariat and Kagetsu hits a swandive double crossbody.

Yamashita and Makoto are thrown into different corners and dropkicked, double trip by Kagetsu and Kobayashi and they both cover their opponents for two counts. Kobayashi charges Yamashita but Yamashita plants her with a lariat. Yamashita trips Kobayashi and she hits a backdrop suplex. Yamashita tags in Makoto, crossbody by Makoto but it gets two. Makoto goes off the ropes and hits a doublestomp on Kobayashi followed by a handstand double kneedrop. Kagetsu runs in and dropkicks Makoto, Yamashita comes in the ring and they hit Kobayashi with a double shoulderblock. Double vertical suplex to Kobayashi, and Yamashita hits a footstomp. Cover by Makoto but it gets two. Makoto picks up Kobayashi and she hits a double arm suplex for a two count. High kick by Kagetsu to both Yamashita and Makoto, Kobayashi goes up top and hits a missile dropkick to Makoto. Samoan Drop by Kagetsu and Kobayashi hits a standing moonsault but Makoto gets a shoulder up. Fisherman suplex hold but Kobayashi but that gets two as well. Kobayashi picks up Makoto and they trade pin attempts, Makoto goes off the ropes and she hits Arabesque for the three count! This wasn't as good as I was hoping. I adore Kobayashi but the match started really slow and it wasn't a long enough match to recover. There was some solid tag team action for sure but it wasn't enough to make up for it taking a few minutes to even get cooking. Some solid parts but overall a disappointment.

Magnitude Kishiwada and Daisuke Kanehira vs. Takaku Fuke and Yuko Miyamoto
Kanehira and Fuke start things off and they trade wristlocks, Fuke gets Kanehira to the mat but Kanehira reverses positions with him. Fuke goes for Kanehira's arm but Kanehira gets out of it and tags in Kishiwada. Miyamoto tags in too, hammerlock by Kishiwada and he gets Miyamoto to the mat. Leglock by Kishiwada but Miyamoto gets out of it and gets Kishiwada's arm. Kishiwada knocks Miyamoto into the corner and tags in Kanehira, and Kanehira applies a reverse chinlock. Miyamoto gets out of the hold and he tags in Fuke. Fuke elbows Kanehira in the back of the head, kick to the back by Fuke and he covers Kanehira for two. Fuke tags in Miyamoto and Miyamoto hits a scoop slam for a two count. Fuke comes back in as they both work over Kanehira. Kanehira finally gets away from Miyamoto with a jumping elbow and he tags in Kishiwada. Kishiwada hits a lariat on Miyamoto, Fuke comes in but he eats a dropkick. Kishiwada lariats both Miyamoto and Fuke, he grabs Miyamoto and he hits a delayed vertical suplex. Irish whip by Kishiwada and he applies a stretch hold for a moment, he lets go and goes up to the second turnbuckle, hitting a moonsault for a two count. Kishiwada picks up Miyamoto but Miyamoto hits a back bodydrop. Kishiwada cuts him off from making the tag, but Miyamoto hits an overhead belly to belly suplex and tags in Fuke.

Fuke kicks Kishiwada in the chest and he applies an ankle hold, back up Fuke kicks Kishiwada in the chest but Kishiwada fires off a lariat. Kanehira is tagged in and he applies a sleeper to Fuke, he then applies the Cattle Mutilation but Miyamoto breaks it up. Running knee to the chest by Kanehira, cover, but it gets two. Kanehira picks up Fuke and he hits a Jackhammer, but that gets two as well. Kanehira goes off the ropes but Fuke kicks him in the chest and tags in Miyamoto. Miyamoto goes up top and he hits a diving chop to Kanehira's head, Irish whip by Miyamoto and he hits a jumping double knee in the corner. Dropkick by Miyamoto, Irish whip, and he hits a lariat. Kishiwada runs in and trades lariats with Miyamoto, with Kishiwada getting the better of it. Fuke runs in and he hits a backdrop suplex on Kishiwada. Kanehira goes off the ropes but Miyamoto catches him with a sleeper and then with the cobra twist, but Kishiwada breaks it up. Miyamoto throws Kishiwada out of the ring, Miyamoto picks up Kanehira but Kanehira sneaks in a schoolboy for two. Kishiwada comes in, double Irish whip to Miyamoto but Miyamoto hits a double handspring elbow. Scoop slam by Miyamoto to Kanehira, he goes up top and he nails the moonsault. Cover, and Miyamoto gets the three count. This was definitely good but not beyond that. When they really got into it it was entertaining but a chunk of the match was filler, particularly the beatdown segment on Kanehira. I still enjoyed it because they are good wrestlers but it wasn't the most exciting match. Mildly Recommended

Hikaru Shida and Syuri vs. Kana and Konami Takemoto
Konami and Syuri start things off. I'm giggling while I watch this since I love all four of these wrestlers, which I should probably keep to myself. Syuri quickly gets Konami to the mat and goes for the arm, but Konami gets a foot on the ropes. Back up Konami gets Syuri to the mat this time and she also goes for Syuri's arm but Syuri switches positions with her. Syuri lets Konami up, snapmare by Syuri and she kicks Konami hard in the back. Syuri tags in Shida, knees by Shida but Konami elbows her back. Shida goes for a suplex but Konami reverses it with a small package for two. Konami tags in Kana, Kana and Shida tie-up and they trade wristlocks. Side headlock by Kana and she hits a shoulderblock. Kip-up by Shida but Kana floors her with a hip attack. Irish whip by Kana but this time Shida hits the hip attack. They both go for hip attacks, but Kana knocks Shida off her feet with one and tags in Konami. Konami kicks Shida in the chest but Shida hits her in the head with a hip attack. Shida tags in Syuri, snapmare by Syuri and she applies a headlock to Konami. Sleeper by Syuri but Kana breaks it up. Syuri kicks Kana out of the ring, Konami recovers and elbows Syuri but Syuri gets her to the mat. Syuri tags in Shida and Shida hits a scoop slam. Shida drapes Konami's head over the apron and knees her hard in the head. Cover by Shida but Kana breaks it up. Kana elbows Shida, double Irish whip to Shida and Shida gets hit with a double dropkick. Shida throws Konami into the corner and tags in Syuri, and Syuri kicks Konami in the corner. Takedown by Syuri and she goes for the cross armbreaker, but Konami gets into the ropes. Konami fights back with elbows and knees but Syuri slaps her back against the ropes. Rolling ankle hold by Konami but Shida breaks it up. Shida and Syuri Irish whip Konami but Kana runs in and they dropkick their opponents. Syuri knees Konami and throws her into the corner, and she tags in Shida. Shida and Konami trade elbows, knees by Shida but Konami kicks her back. High kick by Konami and she makes the hot tag to Kana. Kana comes off the top with a missile dropkick but Syuri runs in and kicks her. Double Irish whip to Kana to the corner but Kana dropkicks Syuri and applies a cobra twist to Shida. Syuri quickly breaks it up but Kana elbows her before hitting a sliding kick on Shida. Kicks by Kana to Shida and she gets the Octopus Hold applied, but Shida gets out of it and hits a backbreaker.

Running knee by Shida, she goes off the ropes but Kana snaps up and hits a cross armbreaker takedown. Kana reverts it into a Kana Lock but Syuri breaks it up. Kana goes up top but Shida knocks her to the apron and then suplexes her back into the ring. Shida tags in Syuri and Syuri kicks Kana repeatedly in the chest. Kana slaps her back and hits kicks, and they trade hard slaps. Kana kicks Syuri in the back, Syuri tries to return the favor but Kana catches her leg and hits a German suplex. Syuri hits a German suplex of her own but Kana hits another one followed by the sliding kick. Kana goes off the ropes but Syuri delivers a jumping knee. Awesome sequence. Back up they trade elbows, and Kana hits a reverse DDT for two. Back fist by Kana but Syuri blocks the high kick, enzigieri by Syuri but Kana hits the buzzsaw kick. Kana tags in Konami and Konami kicks Syuri in the chest. Cover by Konami, Syuri kicks out but Konami applies the cross armbreaker. Konami goes off the ropes but Syuri knees her hard in the chest and goes for the cross armbreaker. Konami gets a toe on the ropes to break the hold, elbows by Konami but Syuri slaps her. Kana comes in with a dropkick but Shida hits a missile dropkick on her. High kick by Kana to Shida and she kicks Syuri as well, Kana and Konami both kick Syuri at the same time but the cover by Konami only gets two. Shida comes in to help and Konami is double teamed in the corner, Syuri grabs Konami and she hits a suplex for a two count. Konami sneaks in an inside cradle but it only gets two, as does the backslide. Konami gets the cross armbreaker applied, but Syuri rolls her over with it and gets a two count. Kick to the chest by Syuri, cover, but it gets a two count also. Shida comes back in the ring and they both kick Konami from the front and the back, cover by Syuri but Konami barely gets a shoulder up. Shida goes out of the ring with Kana while Syuri puts Konami in a seated armbar. They are in the middle of the ring and Konami has no choice but to submit! I don't think there is anything about this match I didn't love. You have to watch it to really appreciate it, the camera was at ringside so you could hear every kick and every slap, it was just brutal. All four looked good, forget that Konami is a rookie, she is already better than most at this striking/submission style. Kana has taught her well. No down time, lots of team work, no wasted moments, no wasted anything. Just awesomeness from start to finish, go watch this match. Highly Recommended

Final Thoughts:

Well that main event was everything I wanted and more. I wish that it had a better supporting cast, nothing was bad on the whole card but nothing else was really memorable either. I would consider this a one-match show but that one match certainly did deliver, and since everything was watchable for a casual viewing there is nothing wrong with sitting and watching the whole event. But do seek out the main event if nothing else, it is worth your time.

Grade: C+

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review completed on 5/26/15