Marvelous on March 12th, 2015
A Review by Kevin Wilson

Date:  April 12th, 2015
Location: Prefectural Industrial Technology Center in Saitama, Japan
Announced Attendance: 200

There is so much Joshi available these days between Dailymotion and other sources, I don’t see how anyone can say they at least don’t have the opportunity to get into it.  There was a long stretch from 2011 to 2013 where events were hard to find, those days are long gone.  Here we visit Chigusa Nagayo’s promotion, Marvelous, which uses a lot of freelancers and wrestlers from other promotions.  Always random, sometimes good.  Here is the full card:

- Alex Lee vs. Mima Shimoda
- Eiger and Ray vs. SAKI and MIZUKI
- Dump Matsumoto vs. Megumi Yabushita
- KAORU vs. Tomoko Watanabe
- Hamuko Hoshi and Yumiko Hotta vs. Mochi Miyagi and KAORU

I dunno how this is going to be but let’s see how it goes.

Alex Lee vs. Mima Shimoda
Lee and Shimoda trade wristlocks, headlock by Shimoda but Lee armdrags out of it.  They lock knuckles and Lee dropkicks Shimoda out of the ring.  Shimoda returns and she bounces Lee off the ropes.  Shimoda applies a bodyscissors but Lee gets out of it, Shimoda applies a stretch hold, Lee gets out of it and kicks Shimoda in the leg repeatedly before kicking her in the back.  Snapmare by Lee but Shimoda kicks her into the corner.  Irish whip by Shimoda and she elbows Lee in the chest.  Knees by Shimoda, Irish whip, but Lee avoids the lariat in the corner.  Shimoda goes off the ropes but Lee delivers a dropkick.  Another dropkick by Lee and she hits a third.  Cover, but it gets two.  Shimoda pushes Lee into the corner, Irish whip, reversed, and Lee hits a jumping knee in the corner.  Missile dropkick by Lee, cover, but it gets a two.  Suplex by Lee and she applies a cross armbreaker, but Shimoda gets to the ropes.  Lee and Shimoda trade shots, Lee goes off the ropes but Shimoda elbows her.  Heel drop by Shimoda and she covers Lee for two.  Lee and Shimoda trade pin attempts, La Magistral by Shimoda and she picks up the three count!  It was just an opener but this wasn’t a good match.  They were in slow motion for the most part, there was no sense of urgency and neither showed much of a push to win the match.  Very skippable.

Eiger and Ray vs. SAKI and MIZUKI
Eiger and MIZUKI start off, but MIZUKI doesn’t want to fight Eiger so SAKI tags in.  Irish whip by SAKI but Eiger rolls away and goes to the mat.  They leave the ring so MIZUKI and Ray get into it, and Ray hits an armdrag.  MIZUKI throws Ray to the mat but Ray returns the favor.  SAKI comes in the ring and they hit a double face crusher on Ray before posing on her.  Eiger breaks it up and throws SAKI into the corner, MIZUKI is thrown in the same corner but they avoid Eiger’s charge.  Ray gets a double dropkick and both hit her with a handstand splash for two.  Eiger recovers and she hits an elbow on MIZUKI.  Multiple boots by Eiger and she tags in Ray.  Ray stomps down MIZUKI and applies a stretch hold before tagging Eiger back in.  Irish whip by Eiger but MIZUKI hits a dropkick.  Another dropkick by MIZUKI and she hit a third.  MIZUKI tags in SAKI and SAKI hits a scoop slam on Eiger for a two count.  SAKI picks up Eiger, Irish whip and SAKI hits a face crusher.  Elbow drop by SAKI and she covers Eiger for two.  Eiger acts creepy but SAKI hits a dropkick.  Eiger and SAKI roll out of the ring and out of view (there is no lightening in the crowd area), but finally Eiger returns to the ring and tags in Ray.  SAKI is in the ring too, chops by Ray but SAKI hits a shoulderblock.  Cartwheel elbow strike by SAKI in the corner but Ray punches her to the mat. 

Eiger grabs SAKI from the apron and Ray hits a Tiger Feint Kick.  Scoop slam by Ray, she goes up top but Eiger comes in and scoop slams SAKI too far away.  Ray goes up to the other corner, Eiger holds SAKI but Ray accidentally missile dropkicks her.  Ray is dropped on the second turnbuckle and SAKI applies a stretch hold to Ray.  Rocking Chair by SAKI but Eiger creeps out everyone again.  MIZUKI hits a footstomp on Eiger, giant swing by SAKI to Ray while Eiger hangs in the corner and SAKI covers Ray for two.  SAKI picks up Ray but Ray hits a jumping lariat for a two count.  Ray tags in Eiger, scoop slam by SAKI to Eiger and she stomps on her back.  Body press by SAKI, but it gets a two count.  SAKI picks up Eiger and she hits a vertical suplex.  SAKI tags in MIZUKI but Eiger throws white chalk at SAKI.  Schoolboy by MIZUKI to Eiger but the referee is blinded by the chalk. Crossbody by MIZUKI and she rolls up Eiger for two.  Eiger blocks it next time she tries that, lariat by Eiger and she gets the three count!  I like Eiger quite a bit but this was way too long.  No need for this to be a 18 minute match, if it was half that I would have probably recommended people give it a watch.  But the good stuff was just too scattered because it was simply too long and they didn’t have enough to properly fill that time.

Dump Matsumoto vs. Megumi Yabushita
I hope Matsumoto destroys her.  Waistlock by Yabushita but Matsumoto gets into the ropes.  Yabushita charges Matsumoto but Matsumoto pulls down the ropes, sending Yabushita crashing to the floor.  Matsumoto goes out after her and beats Yabushita around the ring.  Back in the ring Yabushita snaps Matsumoto’s arm over the top rope but Matsumoto trips her.  Matsumoto throws Yabushita down by the hair and does it again.  Yabushita schoolboys Matsumoto, but it gets a two count.  Kneelock by Yabushita but after interference Matsumoto chokes Yabushita on the mat.  Matsumoto sits on Yabushita’s back, she gets her kendo stick and hits Yabushita with it.  Irish whip by Matsumoto and she hits a body block.  Matsumoto gets her kendo stick but Yabushita avoids the blows.  Yabushita applies an armbar over the top rope, she goes up top but Matsumoto hits her with the kendo stick.  Body press by Matsumoto, but it gets a two count.  Matsumoto goes for a lariat but Yabushita catches her arm and hits a judo throw for two.  Yabushita goes off the ropes but Matsumoto levels her with a lariat.  Body press by Matsumoto, and she picks up the three count.  Matsumoto didn’t kill Yabushita as much as I hoped, which is really all I wanted since I knew it wasn’t going to be a workrate type of match.  Matsumoto still has her uses but this was just too much of a straight match for me, it lacked anything memorable.

KAORU vs. Tomoko Watanabe
Watanabe immediately suplexes KAORU to the mat but she backs off, Watanabe pushes KAORU in the ropes but she gives a clean break.  Vertical suplex by Watanabe but KAORU bridges up and kicks Watanabe in the head.  Irish whip by Watanabe but KAORU flips over her and rolls up Watanabe for two.  Camel clutch by KAORU and she hits a leg drop followed by an elbow drop.  Back up KAORU throws Watanabe down by her hair and she clubs Watanabe in the back. Crab hold by KAORU but Watanabe gets to the ropes and slides out of the ring.  Back in the ring, Lou Thesz Press by KAORU but Watanabe slides out of the ring again.  She returns but KAORU kicks Watanabe to the mat.  Lariat by Watanabe, she charges KAORU but KAORU back bodydrops her out of the ring.  KAORU goes out after her this time and hits her with a board.  Watanabe regains the advantage and she hits KAORU with her own board.  Watanabe drags KAORU up on the apron and goes for a lariat, but KAORU ducks and hits Watanabe with the board.  Back in the ring Irish whip by KAORU and she hits a release German suplex. 

KAORU goes up top but Watanabe grabs her from behind and hits her own German suplex.  Irish whip by KAORU but Watanabe hits a lariat.  Cover, but it gets two.  Watanabe picks up KAORU and goes for a backdrop suplex but KAORU lands on top  of her.  Lariat by Watanabe and she hits a Blue Thunder Driver for two.  KAORU gets her board and hits Watanabe with it, vertical suplex by KAORU but the referee won’t count it due to the board usage.  KAORU goes up top and she hits a big senton, but Watanabe reverses the pin into one of her own.  Hurricanrana by KAORU but again Watanabe rolls through it and this time she gets the three count!  This match was not good, although it did look like Watanabe was legitimately hurt early in the match which likely contributed to that.  There was really nothing entertaining about it, I am not sure what else to say.  It was slow, not much happened, and it was longer than I thought it was going to be so it just never ended. 

Hamuko Hoshi and Yumiko Hotta vs. Mochi Miyagi and KAORU
Hoshi and Miyagi begin the match and they take turns running into each other. Hoshi finally hits a shoulderblock. Miyagi returns the favor, they trade holds on the mat and then strike poses. KAORU and Hotta are tagged in and Hotta chops KAORU in the ropes. Wristlock by KAORU and she applies an armbar. Hotta kicks KAORU in the leg and she tags in Hoshi. Scoop slam by Hoshi and she hits a body press for two. Facebuster by KAORU and she applies a crab hold, but Hotta uses a chain to help Hoshi get to the ropes. KAORU tags in Miyagi and Miyagi tosses around Hoshi. Hoshi gets the advantage and hits a body avalanche in the corner before hitting a bulldog for a two count. Hotta helps Hoshi kick Miyagi and they hit a double elbow drop for two. Hotta applies a camel clutch to Miyagi while Hoshi poses but she gets out of it. Miyagi and Hoshi trade elbows, Miyagi drops Hoshi on the second rope and she hits a body avalanche for two. Hoshi and Miyagi run into each other and Miyagi hits a running belly bump for two. Miyagi tags in KAORU, KAORU kicks Hoshi and boots her in the head. Vertical suplex by KAORU, cover, but it gets two. KAORU picks up Hoshi but Hoshi hits a running belly bump for two.

Hoshi tags in Hotta and Hotta kicks at KAORU. KAORU dropkicks Hotta in the knee and she applies a kneelock. Vertical suplex by Hotta, but KAORU applies the kneelock again. Hotta is too close to the ropes, KAORU goes up top, Hotta grabs her but KAORU hits a hurricanrana. Hotta punches KAORU in the face, KAORU gets a piece of table and hits Hotta with it. She tries to hit Hoshi but misses, Hotta gets her chain but she misses too. Miyagi and Hoshi both hit body blocks as all four wrestlers stay in the ring, but Hotta hits a tiger bomb on KAORU for a two count. Hotta hits a face crusher on both Miyagi and Hoshi, but Hoshi helps Miyagi backslide Hotta for two. Hoshi hits a diving body press on Hotta (yes, her teammate) and Miyagi covers her for a two count. Miyagi holds Hotta for Hoshi but Hotta moves, so Hoshi accidentally dropkicks Miyagi. Hotta slaps Hoshi out of the ring, then KAORU hits Miyagi with a piece of board. Uraken by Hotta to Miyagi, and she picks up the three count. This was just weird and not fitting for a main event. The action was pedestrian at best, and then the wrestlers seemingly switched teammates as Hotta and Hoshi started fighting (Hoshi and Hotta never seemed to really be on the same page), leading to KAORU also attacking Miyagi just to play along. But it wasn't good up to that point anyway, and not worth watching.

Final Thoughts:

This has to be one of the worst full joshi events I have ever seen. I say that because there was nothing really redeemable on the show. Eiger was funny in her match but the match went way too long so the humor was too spread out. Besides that it was just a flat event, it was full of mediocre or worse wrestlers doing nothing overly interesting. This event is skippable all the way around.

Grade: F 

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event reviewed on 5/3/15