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review by Suicidal Youth

SUWA, Abismo Negro, and El Oriental vs. Mitsuo Momota, Kotaro Suzuki, and Makoto Hashi
Some decent six man action to get the night started. SUWA is in a fantastic mood already, as he stands on a ring crew member as he tries to clear the streamers from the ring. Momota is the odd man of the match, as he's been wrestling before anyone else in the bout was born. Abismo and Kotaro started off the match, bringing some fast paced action to the match. SUWA comes in, and allows the rudos to take over. SUWA is just an ass throughout this match, which brought it up a notch. He and Momota slugged it out, ending with SUWA going to Momota's eyes. Kotaro and El Oriental come in, and that sees Oriental spike Suzuki with a DDT. SUWA and Kotaro once again, where SUWA lands an Punch, Eye rake, and a blatant kick to the nuts in quick succession. Things break down in the end, and El Oriental rolls up Momota with La Majistral for the win. **1/4

Low Ki and Masashi Aoyagi vs. Team Kaos
Ugh. Team Kaos had fallen off big time at this point. Making it worse, they dominated the entire match. Squashville Central right here. 3D gets a nearfall for Team Kaos early on in the match. Ki lands the Tidal Wave, allowing him to make the tag to Aoyagi. Morgan nails the Golden Gate Swing for a nearfall as Modest works over Ki on the floor. Modest back in, and he nails the Reality Check on Aoyagi, and Morgan pins him with a double team Senton Splash. *1/2

Jun Akiyama and Takeshi Morishima vs. Tamon Honda and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi
This was considerably better than the last match, although that wouldn't take a whole lot of effort. Akiyama and Kikuchi start us off, and Kikuchi takes several Big Boots as he continuously runs the ropes. Kikuchi also catches my ire by landing headbutt after headbutt repeatedly for a good minute and a half. Honda has never really impressed me that much, although I do dig his Dead End finisher. Kikuchi makes the tag to Honda, and all hell breaks loose. Both Akiyama and Morishima are on the receiving end of a Uranage at the same time. Rolling Olympic Hell is locked in on Akiyama, but Morishima breaks it up. Akiyama takes a vicious bump off of the Dead End. However, Morishima manages to single out Kikuchi, nailing the Lariat for a nearfall, and finally ending the match with a Backdrop Suplex. **1/4

Akitoshi Saito, Masao Inoue, and Bison Smith vs. Mitsuharu Misawa, Akira Taue, and Jun Izumida
This was hellaciously long and plodding. Bison lands the Iron Claw Slam late in the match, and the pin is broken up. Jun with it with the Mukado Domu on Inoue. *1/4

Kenta Kobashi and Go Shiozaki vs. Takeshi Rikio and Mohammed Yone
A good tag team match. Rikio and Kobashi start off the match, and chops and slaps and elbows are tossed out by both men. Of course, Kobashi will win the chopping match against pretty much everyone on this planet, so the outcome isn't hard to predict. Yone comes in, but doesn't have much more luck, and he takes the Burning Sword, and a chop to the chest as he sits up. Shiozaki comes in, but he's overwhelmed, and worked over by both men. Rikio lays into the smaller Go, but he eventually escapes, and manages to tag Kobashi, and all hell breaks loose. Chops for both Yone and Rikio. Kobashi is double teamed, but manages to take out Yone, and unload with the Machine Gun Chops (41 to be exact), but RIkio seems unphased, and nails the Sumo Lariat, which floors Kobashi. Rikio follows up with a massive Powerbomb, but a Muso attempt fails. Yone and Go do battle once again, with Go holding his own for a while. Yone battles back, and almost nails the Muscle Buster, but Kobashi takes him out with the Half Nelson Suplex. Go misses a Moonsault. Rikio holds Kobashi back, and Yone wins it with the Muscle Buster. ***

Minoru Suzuki vs. Takuma Sano
It's time once again for the baddest mother fucker on the planet to make someone tap like a bitch. The two face off, and exchanged some quick strikes before Sano starts working on the arm with some Armbars. It's worth noting that Suzuki sells like a fuckin' king. Every strike, every Armbar, everything is sold to perfection, with the ref even briefly stopping the match to check on Suzuki's arm. Suzuki has his moments, but Sano goes right to the arm each time with some stiff kicks to the bicep. Stiff slaps are exchanged, and once again, a kick to the bicep floors Suzuki. He goes for the Sleeper, but Sano twists his arm, which breaks the hold. Suzuki is undeterred, and goes for the Drill a Hole Piledriver, and his arm gives out. Suzuki catches a kick, and rolls it into a Leglock, which he transitions into an STF-style Sleeper, and Sano taps out. **3/4

Genichiro Tenryu and Kishin Kawabata vs. Richard Slinger and Yoshinari Ogawa
We go from the baddest mother fucker on the planet to the grumpiest mother fucker on the planet. It's obvious from the get go that Ogawa and Tenryu have no respect for each other, which makes for a stiff match. Tenryu and Ogawa start off, and Tenryu makes it his business to chop a hole through Ogawa's chest. Ratboy strikes back, but it's obvious that he's not winning. Slinger isn't exempt from the chopping either, and gets chopped up rather nicely. Kawabata makes his presence known, dropping a Senton onto the chest of Slinger. The hatred between Ogawa and Tenryu explodes during the course of the match, with Tenryu unleashing some Guh Punches, and Ogawa rakes the eyes. Funny how he's a face, yet he wrestles like a cheap heel. He and Tenryu head to the floor, where Tenryu chucks a damn table at Ratboy!! A chair goes flying next, and things have exploded big time. Back in the ring, Slinger lands the Chattanooga Choo Choo on Kawabata for the win. **1/2

Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Takeshi Sugiura vs. KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji
WOW!! This one was smartly worked. Ironically enough, this match came two years almost to the day when these two teams met prior to the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Title Tournament. This one started out on the mat, although that doesn't mean they stayed there the whole match. Early on, Sugiura went for the Gutwrench Suplex off the apron, but KENTA escaped, and Marufuji landed the Sunset Bomb to the floor!!! Sugiura was then worked on extensively by the champs, with the champs actually acting more heelish than the challengers. Sugiura found an opening with a vicious Powerbomb, and made the tag to Kanemaru, who leveled KENTA with the Deep Impact. Hate to say it, but Kanemaru sometimes isn't very good about protecting his finishers and signature moves. Whether it's bringing them out early, or using them too much. Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. KENTA lands a Powerslam, and quickly tags to Marufuji. He sends Kanemaru to the floor, and lands the Asai Moonsault, wiping out Kanemaru and a few fans. Don't worry, he didn't greet the guardrail on the way down. Back inside, Marufuji hooks on an Armbar. A Shiranui attempt is blocked, and Kanemaru lands a Satellite DDT, spiking Marufuji. KENTA and Sugiura have a quick exchange, mainly with KENTA landing a nice Springboard Dropkick. Marufuji returns, and nails the Corner 2 Corner on Kanemaru, and he and KENTA land a Falcon Arrow/Powerbomb double team. However, Marufuji goes to the top once too often, and takes a Deep Impact for his troubles. Sugiura comes in, and they nail a double team version of Deep Impact. It looks pretty bleak for Marufuji, until he manages to land an Avalanche Shiranui, and he tags to KENTA, who goes nuts on both of his opponents. Stiff strikes for the whole family. Things break down with Marufuji taking a Brainbuster, but escaping a Revolution-style Brainbuster. KENTA goes for the Busaiku Knee Kick on Sugiura, but Kanemaru blocks, and takes a Busaiku Knee Kick himself. Powerbomb/Avalanche Shiranui levels Sugiura, but Kanemaru saves. They go for the same move on Kanemaru, but Kanemaru nails an Avalanche Backdrop on Marufuji!!! Busaiku Knee Kick on Sugi.....NO!!!! SUGIURA CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR AND NAILS THE SUGIURA SLAM!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!! He goes for another, but KENTA escapes, and finally lands the Busaiku Knee Kick!! Marufuji back in, Flash Kicks for Sugiura and Kanemaru, until he eats another Brainbuster. Kanemaru goes for a second, but takes a Shiranui!!! KENTA takes a German Suplex, rolled into a Dragon Suplex for a nearfall. KENTA and Sugiura go strike for strike, but KENTA's final kick gets caught, and Sugiura rolls it into an Ankle Lock!!! He releases, and nails a spine compressing Sugiura Slam for a nearfall. He puts KENTA on the top, and lands an Avalanche Sugiura Slam from the top rope to win the match and the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Titles. ****

Overall: Tough call. The main event is great, but other than that, there isn't much to speak of, really. Everything here ranges from crappy to great. Mild recommendation, thanks to the second half of the show, really.

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