NOAH Tokyo Dome Show 2004
review by Suicidal Youth

The Date:  July 10th, 2004
Location:  Tokyo, Japan
Attendance:  58,000

Haruka Eigen vs. Mitsuo Momota
Not a good opener at all. I didn't enjoy it much at all. Momota wins with a rollup. *1/4

Tamon Honda, Jun Izumida, and Kikuchi vs. Masao Inoue, Kishin Kawabata, and Masashi Aoyagi
Better than the last match, but not by much. This started out fast, but soon got slow and a bit sloppy. Izumida gets the win with the Mukao Domu. *1/2

Michael Modest and Donovan Morgan vs. Ricky Marvin and Kotaro Suzuki
A vast improvement over the last two matches. A lot of impressive moves, such as an apron assisted Spike DDT on the floor, an assisted Last Rites, and a 3D from Modest and Morgan. Kotaro hits an impressive version of the Spinal Shock that he calls Blue Destiny. In the end, however, Modest and Morgan hit their respective finishers, the Reality Check and the Sayonara, allowing them to drill Marvin with the Day After Tomorrow. ***

Scorpio and Richard Slinger vs. Akitoshi Saito and Makoto Hashi
An ok tag team match. I haven't seen Scorpio in awhile, and he looked pretty good. In the end, Slinger gets the win with a DVD turned into a Powerslam. *3/4

Akira Taue and Takuma Sano vs. Daisuke Ikeda and Mohammed Yone
A good tag team match. This starts out right away with Sano trying to kill Yone with a Backdrop Driver, and Ikeda hitting Sano with an assisted Ganmengiri. Taue brings Yone down from the second rope with a Nowoda Otoshi, and he and Sano take the advantage for most of the match. Things break down in the end, and Yone almost pins Sano with a Muscle Buster. Sano hits the Northern Lights Bomb on Yone, but doesn't get the pin, so he hits an Avalanche Northern Lights Bomb to win it. ***1/2

Takashi Sugiura and Kendo Kashin vs. Naomichi Marufuji and KENTA
A great tag team match for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Title Match. This was just an incredible tag match with a lot of fast paced action. Marufuji gets splattered with a Gutwrench Suplex off the apron to the floor!!! However, he gets payback with a Sunset Flip Bomb off the apron. Things get pretty crazy at the end. Marufuji goes for the Shiranui, but it gets countered with a Tombstone. KENTA and Marufuji hit a HUGE Powerbomb/Shiranui
double team, but don't get the win. Marufuji gets the win with an Avalanche Shiranui. ****1/4

Jushin "Thunder" Lyger vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru
Another great match, this one for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Title, to follow up the great junior tag action. Lyger hits the Lygerbomb right away, but it's too early for the pin, so Lyger follows Kanemaru to the outside, and gives him a HUGE Powerbomb on the floor!!!! This match really never slows down, as both men pull out everything to win the match. Lyger hits a Brainbuster and a Super Fisherman Buster, but still doesn't get the win. Kanemaru keeps Lyger on his toes with a second rope DDT, and the Deep Impact, but he can't get the win either. Kanemaru finally gets the win, and the title, with a Brainbuster, followed by a Revolution-Style Brainbuster. ****1/2

Yoshihiro Takayama and Minoru Suzuki vs. Takeshi Morishima and Takeshi Rikio
Another good tag match. Morishima and Rikio hit a Nowoda Otoshi and Backdrop double team on the floor early on!! From there, they try to isolate Takayama, but it fails, and the big guy is able to aid his partner. In the end, Takayama wins with the Everest German Suplex. ***1/4

Keiji Mutoh and Taiyo Kea vs. Mitsuharu Misawa and Yoshinari Ogawa
Another good tag match. Misawa lands the Tiger Driver right away on Mutoh, but Mutoh drills him with the Shining Wizard right afterwards. Midway through the match, Mutoh hits Ogawa with the Emerald Flowsion, and Misawa drills Mutoh with his own Shining Wizard. Kea hits Misawa with the Surfing Suplex, and the Hawaiian Smasher, but still doesn't get the pin. Misawa hits an ugly looking Emerald Flowsion, so he picks Kea back up, and nails the Screwdriver Emerald Flowsion, which destroyed Kea, and Misawa got the pin. ***1/4

Jun Akiyama vs. Kenta Kobashi
This is an incredible match. They start out with stiff exchanges of chops and elbow strikes, but soon, Kobashi hits the Sleeper Suplex, and they bring on some of the big moves in their vast arsenals. Kobashi hits an insane Vertical Suplex off the apron to the floor, which saw Akiyama bounce a legit eight inches off the floor!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! They drag themselves back in the ring, where Kobashi breaks out the Orange Crush, but it doesn't get the
victory. They head back outside, where Kobashi ends up taking an Exploder off the second rope to the floor!! Again, HOLY SHIT!!!!!! Back inside, Akiyama breaks out an Avalanche Exploder, and the Wrist Clutch Exploder, but to no avail. He goes for the one move that might be able to get him the victory here, the Sternness Dust, but Kobashi escapes, and spikes Jun with the Real Brainbuster. They get into an exchange of Half Nelson Suplexes and
Exploders, which ends with Kobashi hitting the Burning Lariat, which doesn't get the pin. In the end, Kobashi gets the win, and retains the title with the Burning Hammer. *****

Overall: This show is fucking great. Several three star plus matches, two four star plus matches, and a five star match to end the show. Simply incredible, and highly recommended.

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