Osaka Pro on Samurai TV, 1/10/05
review by Ryan Mancuso

Hello again, I have returned with another review of Osaka Pro Wrestling. This review will be the last review I do of Osaka Pro for some time. I want to change things up, and spreading my love around. With the reunion show booked in July, the next review I will be going to WAR. For my brief farewell to Osaka Pro, I will be reviewing the January 10, 2005 show held at Delfin Arena in Osaka. This is a different show for Osaka Pro because Ebessan got matchmaking rights for this show. The main event features Osaka Pro's comedy kings in Kushinobu Kamen and Ebessan teaming up to face Osaka Pro boss Super Delfin and New Japan Pro Wrestling's Jushin Thunder Liger. I feel a play-by-play with that match. Also, Apache Army's Kintaro Kanemura is in the semi-main event as he teams with Kabuto Daio Beetle to face Big Boss MA-G-MA and YUTAKA. There is also a special debate between Ebessan and All Japan Pro Wrestling's president Keiji Muto. Now, let's get this party started:

Ebestan Hansen vs. La Uchida

Ebessan impersonating Stan Hansen is awesome as things are going to get. As far as impersonating American wrestling stars is concerned, his Stan Hansen impersonation smokes the Mick Foley one. This was a little over 3 minutes, but entertaining. It was basically Ebessan using a low impact version of Hansen's moveset and Uchida making brief comebacks. Ebessan goes for a lariat, but Uchida ducks. He nails Ebessan with Mongolian chops while using a high-pitched scream. Uchida runs off the ropes, but Ebessan catches him with the Western Lariat. He covers and gets the pinfall victory.

Goa vs. Perro

This was joined-in-progress with the last 5 minutes shown. It was back-and-forth action with a sense of desperation from both men for victory. From what was shown, I thought the highlight was Goa using a very nice jumping DDT to counter Perro's running headbutt. Goa uses a Shining Wizard, and Perro kicks out. The bell rings because the match has gone to a 20 minute time limit draw. It is tough to really give my thoughts on a match where only 25% aired. All I saw was the fast paced closing stretch, and the crowd getting into it.

Billy Ken Kid & Azumi Hyuga vs. Tortuga & Policewoman

This was an intergender comedy match. Osaka Pro comedy matches without Ebessan or Kushinobu Kamen just is not as fun. There was joined-in-progress, and there was some interaction between the men and women. This included BKK "accidentally" touching Hyuga's chest area twice. Tortuga tries to give both women a wishbone hold. I am sure that I do not have to describe that in great detail. As a result of this, the women team up against Tortuga and give him a double DDT onto Policewoman's briefcase. BKK finishes off Tortuga with a variation of the Reality Check for the pin.

Black Buffalo, Daio QUALLT & Histeria vs. Gamma, Oriental & Tigers Mask

It is not often that Osaka Pro uses foreigners on their shows. However, in early 2005, they were able to use talent from Mexico's AAA promotion in Histeria and Oriental. This was also joined-in-progress. It did not look too good from what was shown. Two men who got a lengthy in-ring exchange, QUALLT and Oriental looked like they had problems in communication. Histeria gets the win for his team when he uses a moonsault off the top rope onto Gamma.

Up next was a verbal debate between Ebessan and Keiji Muto. Ebessan looks like Muto here. While talking about the current state of pro wrestling, lots of funny things were said by both men on the microphone. Both men pose for photos after the debate.

Kabuto Daio Beetle & Kintaro Kanemura vs. Big Boss MA-G-MA & YUTAKA

Kanemura and Ebessan have a history together. Kanemura will sometimes dress like Ebessan, and team with him in comedy matches. Kanemura is very over with the crowd. He gets some fans and Beetle to do the Team No Respect dance. Another joined-in-progress match with Kanemura and MA-G-MA trading chair swings on the floor. Beetle gets the victory for his team by using a Falcon's Arrow off the middle rope on YUTAKA. Another match that is difficult to rate because of the limited time aired.

Jushin Thunder Liger & Super Delfin vs. Ebessan & Kuishinbo Kamen

In my opinion, this was the perfect way to end this Ebessan booked show. It was a light-hearted main event that sent the fans home happy. With Liger involved in this match, everyone worked hard to make this match feel a little more special. There were plenty of things in the match that have been done before, but it felt fresh when someone of Liger's status was doing the comedy. It is hard to think of my favorite moment of the match. If I had to, then it would be Liger and Ebessan going from a wristlock to dancing. Here is my play-by-play:

Delfin has the Liger horns installed onto his mask. Liger comes out giving away a C.T.U. towel and armbands to some lucky fans. Ebessan and Kamen have an argument over who starts the match. There is some shoving going on as well. It looks Ebessan gets to start, and he is in there with Liger. There were some loud chants for Ebessan, Liger and even referee Matsui. When the crowd yelled for a name then that man would do a pose. Matsui was a bit more humble and hesitant in doing his pose.

Liger and Ebessan tie-up and Liger backs him onto the ropes. Liger gives a clean break. They do it again, and Liger was more tempted to throw a strike there. However, he gives Ebessan another clean break. Ebessan was thankful and shakes Liger's hand. Another tie-up and this time it is Ebessan who backs up Liger onto the ropes. Ebessan does not give Liger a clean break, and slaps him on the chest. Maybe as a way of apologizing, Ebessan shakes Liger's hand and gives him a hug. That was pretty nice of him to do after giving Liger a cheap shot. Liger puts Ebessan in a wrist lock. After almost submitting to that wrist lock, Ebessan tries to counter out it. As a result, they wind up doing some swing-dancing. The dancing ends when Ebessan dips Liger. Not bad dancing by both men. They shake hands, and point at each other. Liger has now been fully immersed in the Osaka Pro comedy match.

Kamen and Delfin are now tagged in. Kamen whips Delfin off the rope, and Delfin catches him with a lariat. Delfin runs off the ropes, and uses a spinning headscissors. Delfin whips Kamen into the corner, but Kamen reverses it. Kamen charges in the corner, and Delfin jumps over Kamen. Now, it is Kamen who is sent to the corner. He tries the same counter, but it does not work so well. However, he did wind up evading Delfin. While execution was no perfect, but it did accomplish its goal. Kamen is now doing some break dancing, and everyone does the hop on cue. After the hop, Liger is reacting like "Why did I just do that?"

Liger and Ebessan are tagged back in. Ebessan is hesitant to lock up with Liger. The reason was so Kamen could sneak up behind Liger, and slap him in the back of the head. Ebessan holds Liger for a Kamen strike. It looks like Kamen was going to do it, but instead walks back to his corner. This gives Liger enough time to escape, and attack Ebessan. Kamen reenters the ring, and holds Liger for an Ebessan strike. Ebessan goes for a slap, but Liger gets out of the way. Kamen tried to block the strike, but his aim was off. As a result, he got nailed while Ebessan hurt his hand on Kamen's head. They try it again, but exact same result. Now, Ebessan is the one holding Liger for a Kamen slap. Liger escapes, and blocks Kamen's slap. Liger goes for a slap, Kamen's block missed and he got nailed on the head for a third time. Liger slams Kamen onto a Delfin boot, and tags out.

Delfin picks Kamen up for a snap suplex. After getting a 2 count, he bodyslams Kamen down and gives an elbow drop. Delfin puts Kamen in a single-leg Boston crab. Ebessan tries to break it up by pulling Delfin away. However, the only thing he did there was apply more pressure to the hold. Delfin lets go, and tags in Liger. Liger whips Kamen off the ropes, and catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He puts Kamen in a camel clutch. Ebessan walks in the ring. He thought about breaking up the hold, but realized it was for the best to let Kamen stay in the hold. Liger lets go of the camel clutch, and tags in Delfin. Delfin whips Kamen off the ropes, and Kamen catches him with a jumping back elbow.

He tags in Ebessan. Ebessan is a house of fire. He knocks Delfin and Liger down with lariat. He gives them both bodyslams. So proud of his partner, Kamen enters the ring to try and hug him. However, Kamen receives a bodyslam as well. It looked like referee Matsui was the next target. However, it was Matsui whom gave Ebessan a bodyslam. Matsui could not believe what he just did. Delfin locks Kamen in a headscissors hold. Then, Ebessan locks Delfin in a headscissors hold. Liger grabs Kamen's legs and rolls everyone over into a Boston crab. Ebessan reaches the ropes, and the holds are broken. Everybody runs to the center of the ring and fall down. Matsui counts the pinfall, but everyone kicks out at 2. Delfin catches Kamen with the Osaka Stunner. He goes the second turnbuckle, and connects with a tornado DDT. Delfin goes for a shotei, but Kamen ducks. Kamen climbs the top turnbuckles and connects with a hurricanrana. Delfin rolls to the floor, and Kamen dives out with Asai Moonsault.

Ebessan and Liger are in the ring. They are trading chops. Liger whips Ebessan to the ropes. Ebessan handsprings off the ropes, and he nails Liger with an elbow. Kind of like how Tajiri does it. Ebessan picks Liger up in a fireman's carry and slams him down. Ebessan sets up Liger, and connects with the Shining Ebezard! He covers, but Liger is out at 2. Ebessan is taunting Liger by saying some words that got the crowd to laugh. He is also pushing him with his foot. Ebessan goes for a bulldog, but Liger pushes him off. Ebessan hit the mat hard. Liger is now the one doing the taunting. Ebessan is begging off, and tries to eye poke Liger. Liger blocks the eye poke. Liger whips Ebessan to the corner and charges in with a shotei. Liger succeeds with his bulldog attempt and covers. However, Kamen breaks it up at 2.

Delfin enters the ring. Kamen and Ebessan try some double-team moves on Delfin, but Kamen keeps messing up. When they were Irish whipping Delfin to the ropes, Kamen kept grabbing Ebessan instead of getting on Delfin's other side. Another was when Kamen went down on all fours so that Ebessan could jump off him to attack Delfin. However, Kamen's timing off because he got up too early and they ran into each other. Kamen kicks Delfin, and sets him up in a DDT position. He calls for the kills by doing a really slow throat slash gesture. It was so slow that Delfin was able to get out of the DDT position, calmly walk to his corner and tag in Liger. While still doing the really slow throat slash gesture, Liger and Delfin talk for strategy with them agreeing that Liger should use the shotei. With Kamen still in throat slash gesture position, Liger runs off the ropes and catches Kamen with a shotei. Ebessan tries to help out, but he gets a shotei as well. Liger picks up Kamen and drops him with a brainbuster. Liger covers, and Matsui makes the 3 count. Liger and Delfin are successful in this special tag team match.

The last few minutes of the show hype up the big Osaka Hurricane 2005 show on February 13. The most attention was the main event for the Osaka Pro Singles Title match between champion Big Boss MA-G-MA vs. Super Dolphin. Super Dolphin was once known as Goa and Super Demekin. He turned his back on Kishiwada Gurentai, and wanted to be a hero for the fans again.

Final Thoughts: Another fun episode of Osaka Pro Wrestling. It was hard to get a feel for most of the matches of the show because most of them were joined-in-progress. However, the feel good nature of Jushin Thunder Liger & Super Delfin vs. Kushinobu Kamen & Ebessan is worth checking out the entire episode. Plus, Ebessan's impersonation to Stan Hansen is priceless. I would give it a recommendation just because of the main event.

Final Score: 6.0 [Average]

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