Birthdate:  August 31st, 1975
Debut:  May 11th, 1997
Background:  Trained by Ultimo Dragon
Alliances:  None
Ring Attire:  Black pants
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Championship History: UWA World Trios Championship
Current Title Hold:  None

- SUWAmania!
- The FFF by SUWA

Signature Moves:
- Jet Pool
- John Woo
- Lariat

Big Match Finishers:
- Sweeter Bomb

2005 Recap:
One of the few true "heels" of NOAH, SUWA did not win any belts in 2005, but it was not due to lack of trying.  SUWA wrestled his main rival KENTA on September 18th for the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Championship, but was not able to win the belt.  SUWA was in the opening match of the Tokyo Dome Show though, and picked up the pinfall for his team.  The thorn in the side of a lot of the "babyfaces" in NOAH, SUWA hopes to use his evil tactics to have more success in 2006.

2006 Recap:
SUWA did not have any title shots in 2006, but he made up for it by being one of the most entertaining heels in NOAH. His most notable feud was against Momota, an old veteran that didn't see eye to eye with SUWA's ways. SUWA would win the feud however and overall he had a successful year. He has wrestled a good deal on SEM, showing the new wrestlers the meaning of working stiff and in general man-handled them for his own personal pleasure. Towards the end of the year he teamed with the Voodoo Murderers when they invaded NOAH.

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