Sendai Girls “Do Not Forget The Day To ~Future~”
A Review by Kevin Wilson

Date:  March 11th, 2015
Location:  Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance:  400

I have reached deep into the bowels of obscurity to review a new promotion for 2015 – Sendai Girls!  Sendai Girls is run by Meiko Satomura, and since it has a pretty small roster they usually use freelancers and wrestlers from other promotions to fill out the cards.  There are no titles or anything like that, but sometimes they do create some fun match-ups.  Here is the full card:

- Meiko Tanaka vs. Michiko Miyagi
- Eiger and KAORU vs. Kyusei Sakura Hirota and Alex Lee
- Hikaru Shida and Sareee vs. Ray and Michiko Miyagi
- Kyoko Kimura vs. Meiko Satomura
- DASH Chisako and Sendai Sachiko vs. Kairi Hojo and Nanae Takahashi

Looks like we get a little Stardom in the main event, and for better or worse none of the matches are clipped.

Meiko Tanaka vs. Michiko Miyagi
They tie-up to start, Miyagi gets Tanaka to the mat and starts working on the arm.  Back up she keeps yanking on the arm but Miyagi hits a drop toehold and applies an armbar.  Tanaka gets out of it and she applies a side headlock.  Kick by Miyagi and she bounces Tanaka off the ropes.  She does it again and she kicks Tanaka in the chest.  Shoulderblock by Miyagi but Tanaka hits a dropkick.  Another dropkick by Tanaka and she hits a third.  Scoop slam by Tanaka and they trade forearms back on their feet.  Back elbow by Miyagi and she hits a face crusher for a two count.  Headbutts by Tanaka and she hits a shoulder tackle in the corner.  Missile dropkick by Tanaka and she hits a spear for a two count.  Inside cradle by Tanaka and they trade pin attempts.  Boston Crab by Miyagi but Tanaka quickly gets to the ropes.  Miyagi gets the hold re-applied, and this time Tanaka has to submit.  This was a really basic match and I think the ‘bounce the opponent’s chest off the ropes spot’ is really silly.  I didn’t see anything here from either that makes me think they will be super stars, but I guess we’ll see how they progress.  Not much to see here.  Score:  3.0

Eiger and KAORU vs. Kyusei Sakura Hirota and Alex Lee
KAORU and Lee start off and they trade trips and quick pin attempts.  They lock knuckles and then trade shoulderblock attempts with neither being successful.  They bounce off the ropes but are tripped from the floor by their respective opponents and pulled out to the floor.  They fight up into the crowd until Eiger and Hirota return to the ring.  Hirota headbutts Eiger, Eiger puts her arms over Hirota’s shoulders and then she does it to Lee, kind of a zombie thing that is hard to explain on many levels.  Everyone covers Eiger but it gets a two count.  KAORU and Lee return to the ring, Irish whip by KAORU and she kicks Lee in the head.  KAORU and Lee trade vertical suplexes but Lee kicks KAORU from behind while she talks to Eiger and hits a suplex for two.  Irish whip by Lee but KAORU dropkicks her in the knee.  Eiger brings in a piece of table, she hands it to KAORU and KAORU hits Lee with it.  Eiger comes in the ring but KAORU hits her by accident and Hirota kisses KAORU for a two count roll-up.  Hirota grabs KAORU’s arm and she walks the ropes but she falls down and crotches herself on the ropes.  Hirota drop toeholds KAORU into the ropes, she ties her up but Eiger comes into the ring.  Hirota ties Eiger in the ropes also and Hirota gives them both an oil check.  Hirota does a handstand in the corner and she hits a headscissors on KAORU.  Cover, but Eiger breaks it up.  KAORU picks up Hirota and hits a brainbuster, but Hirota gets a shoulder up.  This feels like the longest match ever.  Lee runs in to attack KAORU but Hirota hits Lee by accident.  Eiger comes in but Hirota gives her on Oil Check.  Hirota covers KAORU but Eiger rolls up Hirota from behind, getting the three count.  Thank God that match is over, it basically was 14 minutes of things I don’t find entertaining.  Never in a million years would I have watched that except for my reviews I try to watch everything I can. Just unfunny and not interesting rubbish and probably one of the worst matches I’ve seen that went longer than ten minutes.  Score:  1.0

Hikaru Shida and Sareee vs. Ray and Michiko Miyagi
Poor Miyagi already doing double duty.  Miyagi dropkicks Sareee to start the match and they trade elbows back and forth.  Elbows by Sareee but Miyagi hits a drop toehold before applying a camel clutch.  Ray runs in and dropkicks Sareee, cover by Miyagi but it gets two.  Sareee fights back and she tags in Shida.  Shida throws Miyagi in the corner and throws her down by the hair.  Hip attacks by Shida in the corner but Miyagi elbows her.  Shida applies a stretch hold and she tags in Sareee.  Snapmare by Sareee to Miyagi and she applies a bodyscissors.  Miyagi stomps on Sareee but Sareee applies a front necklock takedown.  Sareee throws Miyagi into the corner and she throws down Miyagi by her hair.  Sareee tags in Shida and Shida applies a crab hold.  Scoop slam by Shida but Miyagi comes back with her own scoop slam.  Miyagi goes off the ropes but Shida knees her in the stomach.  Dropkick by Miyagi and she finally tags in Ray.  Ray chops Shida into the corner, Irish whip, and Ray hits a space rolling elbow.  Sareee runs in to help, double Irish whip to Ray but Ray hits a double dropkick.  Ray goes for a suplex on Shida but Shida blocks it and applies a short armbar.  Shida is attacked by Miyagi and Ray in the corner, double Irish whip but Shida and Sareee dropkick their opponents.  Ray and Miyagi are thrown into the corner and attacked by both before Shida hits a suplex on Ray for a two count. 

Shida goes off the ropes but Ray avoids her kick and they trade elbows.  Headscissors by Shida and she delivers the hip attack.  Sareee runs in and she dropkicks Ray repeatedly, even when Ray is lying on the mat.  Scoop slam by Sareee, she goes up top but Miyagi runs in and throws her off.  Ray goes up to the top turnbuckle but she flips off and kicks Sareee.  Waistlock by Ray and she hits a suplex before tagging in Miyagi.  Irish whip by Miyagi and she elbows Ray in the corner.  Face crusher by Miyagi and she puts Sareee in a crab hold.  Shida breaks it up, Ray runs in and they hit a double vertical suplex on Sareee.  Miyagi slams Ray onto Sareee, then she slams Shida onto Sareee for a two count cover.  Miyagi goes off the ropes and she dropkicks Sareee.  Sareee kicks Miyagi and she hit a scoop slam.  Sareee goes up to the top turnbuckle and with Shida’s help she hits a somersault senton, but Ray breaks up the pin.  Waistlock by Sareee, reversed by Miyagi, and Shida runs in and accidentally knees Sareee in the face.  Ray runs in too as things break down, Shida holds Miyagi and Sareee hits a missile dropkick.  Sareee goes up to the top turnbuckle and she hits a diving body press on Miyagi but Miyagi barely gets a shoulder up.  Sareee picks up Miyagi, she hits a German suplex hold and she gets the three count.  This was a fun match although a bit chaotic.  Ray is enjoyable but unfortunately she did the least in the match, and Miyagi isn’t very good so naturally she did the most.  But it definitely had its bright parts and it was never boring, a solid mid-card tag match.  Score:  6.0

Kyoko Kimura vs. Meiko Satomura
They lock knuckles and Satomura pushes Kimura to the mat.  Kimura returns the favor and she starts working over Satomura’s leg.  Satomura gets the advantage and I am distracted because Kimura dressed all cute, I wouldn’t have recognized her at first if the match listing didn’t tell me who it was.  Kicks by Satomura but Kimura drops her in the ropes and kicks her in the head.  Slingshot doublestomp by Kimura and Satomura falls out of the ring.  Kimura punches Satomura on the floor and she hits a vertical suplex.  Kimura stands up on the railing and jumps down on Satomura with a doublestomp (I assume, it was off camera).  Kimura returns to the ring with Satomura slowly following, kicks by Kimura and she slams Satomura to the mat for a two count.  Knees by Kimura and she hits a standing doublestomp.  Satomura rolls out of the ring to re-group but eventually returns, knees by Kimura and she ties up Satomura in the ropes.  Irish whip by Kimura but Satomura hits a series of uppercuts.  DDT by Satomura and she hits the cartwheel knee drop.  Grounded front necklock by Satomura but Kimura gets out of it with a vertical suplex.  Kimura boots Satomura in the face repeatedly but Satomura kicks her in the leg.  Sleeper by Kimura, Satomura gets out of it but Kimura gets the front necklock applied.  Satomura gets into the ropes and they trade elbows. 

Irish whip by Kimura but Satomura nails a heel kick.  Backdrop suplex by Kimura and she hits a second one.  Kimura picks up Satomura and she hits a third backdrop suplex for a two count cover.  Satomura gets Kimura on her shoulders and she hits a death valley bomb for a two count.  Back up they trade strikes until they both fall to the mat.  They get back up and trade more strikes, big boot by Kimura but Satomura hits a spin kick.  Satomura gets Kimura up but Kimura gets away and applies an Octopus Hold.  Sleeper by Kimura but Satomura gets out of it and reverses the hold.  Death valley bomb by Satomura, but Kimura barely kicks out.  Satomura goes off the ropes but Kimura hits a big boot for a two count.  Chokebomb by Kimura, but again it gets two.  Kimura picks up Satomura and hits a series of slaps but Satomura slaps her back.  Kimura slaps Satomura to the mat and goes for a cover but the bell rings, signifying the match is a Draw.  This was a really good match although I am not a big fan of draws unless they are for storyline purposes (I mean it’s a show in front of 400 people, someone can win).  The time really flew by though and both of these women are really on point with their strikes.  It was entertaining but it never quite got to that next level for me.  Score:  7.0

DASH Chisako and Sendai Sachiko vs. Kairi Hojo and Nanae Takahashi
Chisako and Hojo start the match.  Hojo is adorable so I will try to not let that sway my opinion of this match (no promises).  Sachiko runs in immediately to help and Hojo is double teamed as Chisako finishes it with a dropkick.  Hojo fires back with a spear and with Takahashi they dropkick Chisako.  Takahashi comes in to help but they are fought back, and Chisako dropkicks Hojo.  Another dropkick by Chisako and she kicks Hojo in the back.  Chisako tags in Sachiko and Sachiko slams Hojo to the mat.  Takahashi runs in again and is more helpful this time as they both elbow Sachiko to the mat.  Elbow drop by Hojo but it gets a two count.  Hojo tags in Takahashi and she applies a reverse chinlock.  Takahashi works on Sachiko’s leg and she chops Sachiko in the corner.  Lariat by Takahashi and she tags in Hojo.  Elbow drop by Hojo, Takahashi comes in the ring and Sachiko is double teamed in the corner.  Hojo tags in Takahashi but Sachiko dropkicks Takahashi out of the corner and tags in Chisako.  Missile dropkick by Chisako, Hojo comes in but Chisako hits a double face crusher.  Chisako goes up top and hits a missile dropkick.  Chisako goes up again but Takahashi avoids the footstomp.  Single leg crab hold by Takahashi but Sachiko breaks it up.  Takahashi is put on the top turnbuckle and Chisako hits a Frankensteiner.  Takahashi slaps Chisako and she hits a dropkick.  Takahashi tags in Hojo and Hojo hits a jumping shoulderblock.  Hojo goes up top and she hits a diving elbow smash on Chisako for a two count.  Hojo and Chisako trade elbows and Chisako hits a dropkick.  Bulldog by Chisako and she covers Hojo for a two count.  Sachiko throws Chisako onto Hojo and they take turns on Hojo.  Chisako picks up Hojo and she hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count.  Vertical suplex by Chisako and she tags in Sachiko.  DDT by Sachiko and she hits a somersault senton for two.  Hojo hits a quick spear but Sachiko comes back with a superkick.  Bridging vertical suplex by Sachiko but it gets two. 

Sachiko positions Hojo and goes up top, but Takahashi hits her from the apron.  With Sachiko in the tree of woe Hojo hits a diving footstomp for a two count.  Hojo tags in Takahashi, and Takahashi hits a pair of lariats.  Chisako comes in the ring and Takahashi is double teamed in the corner, Sachiko goes up top but Takahashi recovers and joins her.  Superplex by Takahashi and Hojo  hits an elbow drop off the second turnbuckle.  Spin out powerbomb by Takahashi but Chisako breaks it up.  Takahashi goes up top but Chisako runs in and joins her.  Avalanche cutter by Chisako and Sachiko hits a German suplex hold for two.  Superkick by Sachiko and she hits two more.  Two more superkicks by Sachiko but it gets another two count.  Takahashi hits a jumping kick on Sachiko and she applies a crossface.  Sachiko eventually gets a foot on the ropes, Takahashi goes off the ropes but Sachiko hits a release German.  Sachiko goes up top and she hits a diving body press for a two count.  Sachiko goes up again but Takahashi grabs her from behind and hits a German suplex.  Sachiko avoids the double Sliding D attempt and Sachiko hits a tornado DDT.  Release German by Sachiko, then both Chisako and Sachiko hit diving body presses on Takahashi.  Cover, but Hojo breaks it up.  Sachiko and Takahashi trade elbows but Hojo runs in and hits a spear.  Hojo and Takahashi hit a Sliding D/sliding kick combination, diving body press by Takahashi but the cover is broken up.  Lariat by Takahashi to everyone, Takahashi hits the Nanarakka on Sachiko for the three count.   Another really good match, I do think these matches are hurt a bit by the one hard camera up in the bleachers.  It is hard to really get a feel of the impact of the moves when so far away, especially with Joshi where they tend to hit each other pretty hard.  Both teams worked together really well, it was rare for a minute to pass without some type of double team happening, and they kept up the pace for the entire match.  Very enjoyable, I just wish that it was pro-shot.  Score:  7.5

Final Thoughts:

A five match card shot with one hard camera is going to be hard to recommend on most days, it just has a lot going against it right off the bat.  The first two matches are very skippable but the last three all delivered on some level.  The main event in particular was very fun and as a singular match one that I would recommend whole-heartedly.  The show as a whole though I cannot, there just wasn’t enough to overcome the short card and the first two matches not contributing.

Grade:  D+

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event reviewed on 3/31/15