Doug Furnas and Dan Kroffat

Doug Furnas

Birthdate: December 11th, 1961
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 243 lbs.
Debut: 1986
Background: Power Lifting
Ring Attire: Blue trunks

Dan Kroffat

Birthdate: September 11th, 1961
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 235 lbs.
Debut: 1983
Background: Trained in The Hart Dungeon
Ring Attire: Black trunks

Promotion History: All Japan (1989 to 1994)
Tournaments Won: None
Major Puroresu Titles Held: All Asia Tag Team Championship (Held 4 Times)

Biggest Matches:
- June 5th, 1989 vs. Footloose (title win)
- April 20th, 1991 vs. Dynamite Kid and Johnny Smith (title win)
- July 26th, 1991 vs. Billy Black and Joel Deaton (title win)
- May 25th, 1992 vs. Tsuyoshi Kikuchi and Kenta Kobashi (title defense)
- September 8th, 1993 vs. The Eagle and The Patriot (title win)

Career Highlights:

First teaming in 1989, Kroffat and Furnas would team together until 1997 in All Japan, WWF, and ECW. While in All Japan, Kroffat and Furnas were one of the premiere mid-card tag teams, never succeeding in winning the main tag title in All Japan but winning the All Asia Tag Team Championship on four different occasions. Getting wins over future greats such as Kawada and Kobashi, Kroffat and Furnas were a staple of the exciting mid-card that All Japan was known for. They had their most famous match on May 25th, 1992 when they would lose their titles to Kikuchi and Kobashi in front of a molten hot crowd. Kroffat and Furnas would leave Japan in 1994 to focus on wrestling in America and they would never return.

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