Antonino Inoki

Batten Tamagawa

Koriki Choshu

Kunihiko Mitamega

Little Giant Baba

Love Sexy Rose

Love Sexy Young

WGWF, also known as Nishiguchi Pro Wrestling, is a comedy pro-wrestling organization trying to follow the success met by HUSTLE in the past few years. Almost all the wrestlers regularly used are comedians actors borrowed from TV shows and theater, but puroresu stars are occasionally used too (most notably Yoshihiro Takayama and Minoru Suzuki). Due to the combined presence of famous TV characters and major wrestling stars, WGWF is able to run its bigger shows at the Korakuen Hall. WGWF is well known for its miniature versions of famous puroresu stars of the past, which have recently started to appear also in several indy promotions.

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