W*ING "Desire For Blood" on 4/5/92
review by John Alexander

W*ING celebrates Mr. Pogo's 20 years in wrestling, while Kevin Sullivan brings some friends to spoil the party, and an appearance by Kamala. Oh, and a bonus match for free.

Pre-Show: For a company that's first run only lasted four years, W*ING has proven to be quite a name in Puroresu. Here we are at the illustrious Korakuen Hall, where W*ING celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Mr. Pogo's career. However, a certain face from Smoky Mountain Wrestling seeks Pogo's head...

The tape starts out with some fan interviews. They say who they like, and so on. Pretty simple stuff. Then, there is a small thing with Mr. Pogo. There's an interview with an injured Mitsuhiro Matsunaga about stuff, but since I don't speak Japanese, let's skip that. Victor Quinones with Mr. Pogo & Super Invader speak about a Fire Deathmatch, then Sullivan and friends talk about The Sheik, and how they are better then Pogo. And finally, Kanemura and Tokuda talk about stuff.

As usual, all the participants come out for in the introduction, as we finally go to the matches.

1. Masayoshi Motegi VS Hirofumi Miura

- Masayoshi Motegi: One of W*ING's more successful natives, Motegi appeared in numerous Jr. Heavyweight events in the 90's and early 00's, and later ran his own group Pro Wrestling Nightmare.
- Hirofumi Miura: A man who debuted for W*ING, then went to Mexico for the rest of his career then finished it up with Motegi's PWN.

We are joined in progress with Miura irish whipping Motegi into a corner, but is reversed, and Mirua is perched up on the turnbuckle, where Motegi then backdrops him down and goes for 2. Motegi picks him up and places him up top for a Superplex, but Mirua just barely kicks out. Motegi kicks Miura up and appeals to the crowd, and hits a nice looking German Suplex for 3. Your winner at 7:10 via German Suplex, Masayoshi Motegi.

Reviewer's Thoughts: Well, we only really saw the end, but it looked to be a decent Jr. Heavyweight match. Still, way too short to be enjoyable.

2. Mima Shimoda VS Tomoko Watanabe

- Mima Shimoda: A debutee of AJW, Shimoda has been active for many Joshi groups like AJW, NEO, A to Z, JWP, ARISON, and probably others, and still continues to this day.
- Tomoko Watanabe: A wrestler who actually worked for the WWF when they had a brief interest in serious women's wrestling , Watanabe started with AJW, and even appeared in the 1995 Survivor Series.

Again, we join in progress to Shimada and Watanabe kicking each other, as Shimada then irish whips Watanabe into the ropes for two front Dropkicks. Shimada body slams Watanabe and goes up for a Diving Body Press for 2. Picking Watanabe up by the hair, Shimada then gets her in a Headlock, but Watanabe backdrops out of it and gets a 2 count. Watanabe picks her up and goes for a NOSAWA-like La Magistral for 2 once again. Shimada dives in and catches Watanabe with a cradle for 3. Your winner at 1:05 via hooked-leg cradle, Mima Shimoda.

Reviewer's Thoughts: Again, too short to properly enjoy, but looked fine enough.

3. Tug Taylor VS Ryo Miyake

- Tug Taylor: A former pro power lifter from Iowa that made it to the Olympics, not sure which one, Taylor is a really big man, as his name would imply. Looks like a short Bruiser Brody with Jerry Blackwell's physique.
- Ryo Miyake: A obscure wrestler that I think is still wrestling in IWA Japan, Miyake is perhaps best known as Tarzan Goto's flunky, and that's about it. I don't even think anybody knows his finisher, actually.

Pre-Match: Taylor gets a promo where he says that he's ready for W*ING and that everyone will get to know him. Oh, and he likes blood and money. Good for him.

Once again, we are joined in progress to Taylor chopping away at Miyake as the Ref accosts Taylor for something about the ropes, I presume. After that is resolved, both men circle for the collar-and-elbow with Taylor using his size to push Miyake back into the ropes, but misses a punch and Miyake then dropkicks him twice with little effectiveness. However, while Taylor showboats, a third Dropkick to the back bowls him over the ropes with Miyake firing way for a small time, but Taylor cuts him down and stampedes him into the post. We then jump to both men inside, as Miyake is down, and is then irish whipped , but as Miyake tries to avoid Taylor's lariat, tries for a crossbody, but is caught and hit with a Shoulderbreaker. Taylor picks him up and punches him square in the head. Shrugging it off, Miyake tries for a body slam, but obviously can't, so Taylor does the same to him with relative ease. He then goes up on top and hits Miyake with a Diving Elbow Drop for the win. Your winner at 5:45 via Diving Elbow Drop, Tug Taylor.

Reviewer's Thoughts: Not too bad. Taylor didn't seem to be that great, but clipping it protected him, I think. Miyake was just dead weight for him to throw around.

4. The Mongolian Mauler VS Hiroshi Shimada

- The Mongolian Mauler: A journeyman who has made appearances for WCW, WWF & SMW, Mauler was a bright prospect in the early 90's, but never lived up to it, obviously. Has an Alfalfa hairdo and weird contacts.
- Hiroshi Shimada: Shimada was a bit-player for W*ING in the days, then moved to tiny, sleaze promotions, then popped up for a bit with WWS, disappeared again, then came back for the W*ING re-union.

Pre-Match: Kevin Sullivan is with the Mauler as he hypes him up and calls out Pogo again. Moving on.

Both men circle each other following into a collar-and-elbow where Mauler effortlessly pushes Shimada down. He then rises up, and continues to circle and back to the collar-and-elbow where the exact same thing happens. Shimada tries one more time, this time Mauler puts him in a Headlock, but Shimada whips him off, but Mauler knocks him down with a shoulder block. Mauler misses a charge and tires again, but is hip tossed by Shimada, who then lunges in with a Sleeper Hold, but Mauler quickly puts his foot on the rope. Mauler complains of a pulling of the pants, but the ref does not buy it. Shimada finally learns from his mistake, and goes for a single-leg tackle instead of a collar-and-elbow, but Mauler reaches for the ropes before Shimada can do anything. Mauler rises and rakes Shimada's eyes and clubs away on his back and choke him with his feet with help from the ropes, but is forced to stop at the count of 4. Mauler still stomps away at Shimada, knocking him to the outside, with Mauler in pursuit. He then tosses Shimada into a row of chairs and grabs a still-standing one and whacks Shimada with it. Mauler then picks him up and sends Shimada into the bleachers. Grabbing another chair, Mauler stabs Shimada with said weapon several times and goes back into the ring. Shimada, in pain, follows suit, but waits until the ref backs up Mauler. But he catches Shimada anyways, and punches him in the headlock position. Mauler picks up and whips Shimada into the ropes hoping for a back body drop, but Shimada hangs on and goes for a sunset flip, but Mauler just sits down on Shimada to escape. He then starts choking Shimada until he breaks at 4. He then does a excellent body slam against Shimada and goes for a standing big splash for 3. Your winner at 3:28 via Running Body Press, The Mongolian Mauler.

Reviewer's Thoughts: Again, more of a squash, but Mauler was actually a good brawler, and did show some potential. Shimada also got a couple of moves in, too.

5. Gypsy Joe VS The Tasmaniac

- Gypsy Joe: Joe was actually the first person to ever jump from a Cage in wrestling, but is known better for his asskicking from New Jack. Oh, and the WWF honored him once for his longevity, too.
- The Tasmaniac: This is the same Taz from ECW and WWF, before becoming the Human Suplex Machine, had kind of a savage/caveman kind of gimmick.

Pre-Match: Sullivan and Taz do a promo that's about the same as the one with Mauler. Joe has one where he says he's happy for Pogo and W*ING's success, and to support him in wrestling.

Both circle and go for the collar-and-elbow where Joe backs Taz into the corner and chest slaps him,. then in the face, and starts choking him before being pushed off. Joe then tosses Taz out and follows him and tosses Taz into a row of Chairs. Joe hits Taz with a chair several times and tosses him into the bleachers and slams Taz's head into the railing. We then jump to both in the ring with Taz picking up and chopping Joe in the head the chests slaps him, but Joe takes it and eggs Taz on. Taz keeps trying, but Joe does not fall, so he tosses Taz out as they fight over a Chair with Taz winning, but Joe takes it well, and the chair, too, and hits a willing Taz with it, but he tricks Joe and keeps slamming it into his head. But Joe starts hitting himself with the chair as Taz starts to back off and rolls back into the ring. We cut to Taz biting Joe's head and starts stomping away on him. Taz picks up Joe and hits a snap suplex on him for 2. But Taz holds onto Joe's arm, and goes for an Armbar, but he gives up on that, and picks Joe up for a series of Headbutts that fails to fluster Joe and puts Taz down. As Joe shows off his hard head, he scoops up Taz for a Headbutt of his own. Taz stumbles to the ropes, where Joe gives him some nasty chops, but Taz kicks Joe and hits a Belly-to-Belly but can't pin as Joe kangaroo kicks him in the face. Joe body slams Taz and goes up top for a Diving Knee Drop for the win. Your winner at 9:30 via Diving Knee Drop, Gypsy Joe.

Reviewer's Thoughts: It was still a bit of a squash, but with some more brawling in it. Joe wasn't moving like lightning, but wasn't bad at all, and Taz showed some of his future talents.

6. Kevin Sullivan VS Giant Kamala

-Kevin Sullivan: A man who made his name in Florida, Sullivan pioneered the satanic cult gimmick and was a participant in many bloody brawls over the decades.
-Giant Kamala: This seems to be the original, not the AJPW version, so most fans from the 80's/early 90's have most likely heard of the "Ugandan Giant" before.

Pre-Match: Victor Quinones is with Kamala, who cuts a really angry promo about how he's the best, and all those with the "Mr." name in wrestling aren't, as Kamala looks like he ate some pretty powerful Ugandan magic mushrooms. After that, Kevin Sullivan, a hog for the mic and accompanied by Mauler and Taz, who still seems focused on Mr. Pogo. Seems to me he should aim for ol' Kamala right now, but that's just me.

Sullivan dashes out in no hurry for official introductions as he and Kamala go right to it with Kesagiri chops for Kamala and chest slaps for Sullivan until Kamala tosses him out, but Sullivan catches Kamala as he exits and sends him into a row of chairs. Not satisfied with that, Sullivan brings Kamala up into the Bleachers and head-first into the hall's wall as some fan with bigger balls then I, touches Kamala. Sullivan grabs a fan's umbrella and starts slamming and jabbing it into a dazed Kamala with it, even choking him with the point. As Sullivan punches Kamala, he counters with a Headbutt and they go back to the primary offense at the start. Kamala slams Sullivan's head into the wall and headbutts him again, as both start chopping and slapping each other. We jump to both in the ring with Kamala attacking Sullivan in the corner, but Sullivan reverse a irish whip and actually succeeds with a Monkey Flip! Sullivan drops the elbow twice and gets a 2 count. As both rise, Sullivan even manages to body slam the 375-lbs Kamala, but not without paying the price in back pain. He goes for a pin, but only gets 2 again and kicks Kamala in the ribs. Again, we jump to both men outside the ring with both going into the dark stands and into the heart of the Hall. Kamala headbutts Sullivan to force him up as they go up a flight of stairs until Sullivan takes control with some body jabs.

As both get to the top, they trade chops and slaps again until Kamala slams Sullivan's head into a wall until they drag each other. to the balcony of Korakuen Hall where Kamala and Sullivan tries to toss each other. off, but neither can not succeed. As Kamala drags Sullivan away from the opening and into a wall, both men starts to drift back to the balcony, fighting all the way. Sullivan hits Kamala with a stool and tries to toss Kamala off once again as the Ref decides the match has gone completely out of control and calls for the bell as Sullivan fights off ring crew members. Still, both ignore the end, and fight on and drag each other. to the stairs and beyond in a really dark hallway. As it is hard to see, I can't see either man until Sullivan slams Kamala's head on a door multiple times and into the light of another hallway and the other part of the Balcony. Again, both try to toss each other. off. The ref tries to end the match again, but both are concerned with hitting each other. with another Umbrella and tossing each other. the balcony. Both descend down a flight of stairs, hitting each other. along the way, and down back to the 1st floor and into the interior of the Hall. Both climb back up the Bleachers as the bell continues to ring with Sullivan hitting Kamala with a Chair as the announcer.... announces that it is over. At officially 8:59, the referee has declared either a Double Countout or DQ, and is rendered a Draw.

Reviewer's Thoughts: Whoo, neither man is a world-class technician, but that was one crazy-ass brawl. I was disappointed that there was no proper finish, though.

7. Caribbean Barbed Wire Deathmatch: Mr. Pogo & Super Invader VS Yukihiro Kanemura & Mitsuteru Tokuda

- Mr. Pogo: A former Amateur who was teammates with Jumbo Tsuruta, a debutee of NJPW, and a man who wrestled many Territories, Pogo has had quite the career.
- Super Invader: Better known as Hercules Hernandez in the WWF and NJPW, the Invader name come from a small trip to WWC where he got picked up by Victor Quinones. Now sadly deceased.
- Yukihiro Kanemura: Kanemura first his name in W*ING then solidified it in FMW as a founder of the infamous Team No Respect. Nowadays co-runs Shin W*ING and XWF.
- Mitsuteru Tokuda: W*ING's first try of the Ace, Tokuda was a former Judo star that debuted in rival promotion FMW. An attitude problem and an injury led to Mitsuhiro Matsunaga getting the role and Tokuda to a career in Nowhereland Indies.

Pre-Match: As the ring crew puts on the barbed wire, Victor Quinones alongside Pogo and Invader says that they are the #1 Family in wrestling today, and will rule all of Asia. Kanemura and Tokuda also speak, but not much. Oh and, Masaru Toi speaks about something. As Pogo and Invader make an entrance by throwing chairs accompanied by Victor, Kanemura and Tokuda wait until the slide in, and Tokuda goes after Pogo and Kanemura with Invader.

Pogo tries to push Tokuda into the barbed wire and headbutts him down as Kanemura hits Invader with a kneel kick and follows up with a Missile dropkick. Pogo still tries to rake Tokuda's head on the barbed wire as Invader kicks out at 1. Kanemura bites Invader's head right next to Pogo and Tokuda. Kanemura tries to rip off Invader's mask, and Pogo whips Tokuda into the barbed wire. Pogo headbutts Tokuda as Kanemura rips into Invader's head and Pogo then does the same to Tokuda. Invader kicks his way out and clubs away at Kanemura and starts to rake his head into the barbed wire. Tokuda falls, but quickly rises and hits Pogo with a thrust kick followed by some middle kicks ending with a Enzuigiri. Kanemura breaks out of Invader's grip as Tokuda drop kicks Pogo into the barbed wire. He starts stabbing Pogo in the arm and head with a strand as Invader stomps on Kanemura's head. Invader clashes heads with Kanemura while Tokuda puts Pogo in a sleeper hold. Kanemura headbutts Invader in the crotch as he poses and pushes him into the barbed wire as Tokuda applies a body scissors to the Sleeper Hold. Kanemura drops the leg for 2 as Pogo escapes and drives Tokuda back into the barbed wire. Kanemura soccer kicks Invader in the chest multiple times but invader counters with a headbutt to the groin. Pogo then goes over to Kanemura and stomps away as Tokuda recovers and dropkicks Invader into the barbed wire. Invader recovered and pummels Tokuda. Pogo picks up and tosses Kanemura into the barbed wire while Tokuda locks on a Dragon Sleeper to Invader. With Kanemura in the barbed wire,e Pogo breaks up Tokuda's submission attempt while Invader stumbles over to Kanemura and rakes his head into the barbed wire. Victor slides Pogo a Chair, and he Gourdbusters Tokuda onto the chair while Invader stomps on Kanemura's head. Pogo grabs the chair and smashes Kanemura with it and throws it away. As Invader starts to kick Tokuda in the head, Victor gives Pogo another chair, but Kanemura recovers and hits Invader with a Lariat, crumbling in the effort. As all three get up, Invader punches Tokuda in the head and Pogo smashed Kanemura with a chair again. Kanemura kicks at Pogo and Tokuda ipponzeis Invader and applies a Cross Armbreaker.

However, Pogo powers out and whips Kanemura, who reverse it, into the barbed wire chest-first and dropkicks him in the back and tries for a pinfall, but only gets 2 as Invader wriggles free. Invader body slams Tokuda and does a head drop for 1. As Invader and Pogo for a combo, Tokuda counters with a Inside Cradle for 2, but Pogo succeeds with his Piledriver, but can't capitalize as Tokuda kicks him. Invader grabs Tokuda for a vertical suplex while Pogo gets a ref foreign object from Victor and jams it into Tokuda's head. It appears to be wirecutters as he starts to cut away a strand of barbed wire on the outside of the ropes. As Pogo continues to cut away, Kanemura puts on a Sharpshooter on Invader. With some help by Victor, Pogo succeeds in tearing away a strand of barbed wire and stabs Kanemura in the head with it, freeing Invader. But Pogo is wide open for an Enzuigiri by a recovered Tokuda. Kanemura starts to wrap the strand around his arm as Tokuda stabs Pogo in the arm with a errant piece of it while Kanemura lariats Invader in the stomach with it and wraps it barbs-first around Invader's torso. Tokuda has Pogo in an achilles tendon lock as Kanemura continues to wrap Invader with the barbed wire, even starting to headbutt him. As Kanemura keeps it up, Tokuda fails to transition into a half boston crab as Pogo grabs the ropes. Kanemura is punching Invader in the head while as Pogo retrieves a chair and hits Kanemura with it. He then piledrives Kanemura onto it. Pogo tries to hold Kanemura down while Invader ascend up, but Tokuda kicks Pogo square in the chest. Failing to revive Kanemura, Tokuda lays on top of Kanemura and takes Invader's barbed-wire assisted Diving Body Press. Technically a double-pin, Tokuda kicks out at 2. Pogo tries to encourage Invader back up and then kicks Kanemura in the head. Tokuda tries to stop him, but is clubbed down for his efforts. As Tokuda struggles, Invader hits a front powerslam on Kanemura for 2. Re-adjusting the barbed wire around his body as Pogo holds down Tokuda, Invader climbs back up and hits another Diving Body Press onto Kanemura for the win. Your winners at 10:05 via Barbed Wire-assisted Diving Body Press, Mr. Pogo & Super Invader.

Post-Match: Pogo kicks away a ring crew member, but an injured Matsunaga, at ringside gets a Mic and calls his attention. Victor tells him to go f*** himself but Miura (?) pushes him off. Pogo exists the ring and confronts Matsunaga. He grabs the mic and says some stuff and points at Matsunaga's injured leg then kicks him right in said leg and smashes Miura with the Mic. Pogo grabs a chair to try and Pillmanize him, as Toi runs out, but is blind sided by Victor and his red Singapore cane. But who else to show up but Kevin Sullivan as he grabs Pogo's chair away from him and starts attacking Pogo. He drags Pogo to the stands and grabs yet another Umbrella and starts attacking Pogo with it, but Pogo grabs it and fires back as they the go higher up and Pogo smashes Sullivan's head into the wall. After some more dragging, Pogo and Sullivan try to push each other down one of the customer entrance things in the stands. Giving up on that, Sullivan slams Pogo's head into another wall and then attacks Victor, but Pogo grabs Victor's cane while both are down and attacks Sullivan with it as he punches Victor, but he grabs it and returns fire with it with Toi armed with a chair as support. Well, until Sullivan attacks Toi with the cane, that is. As Pogo and Victor flee, Sullivan and The Mongolian Mauler try to catch them, but Invader tries to hinder them and gets a cane for his troubles. Pogo grabs a chair and goes to Sullivan, but is jabbed in the gut with the cane and laid out with a head shot. As Sullivan lays into Pogo with the cane with Mauler acting as a guard, Invader tries to blind side them with a chair, but is sneak attacked by Taz. Tokuda limps in with a chair to attack Pogo, as well.

Eventually Pogo revives and drags Sullivan to the inside of the Hall, but we cut to the ring on a K.O.'d Kanemura as staff check on him. Sullivan and co emerge and head to the announcer's table and grabs a Mic. He calls out Pogo and says he is taking over W*ING after taking over FMW (?). also The Sheik has a message of war. He and co leave as Kanemura is put into a stretcher. Matsunaga has a Mic and says some stuff, too. Finally, Kanemura and Tokuda in the back have their peace, too.

Reviewer's Thoughts: Nice, nice fight. Both sides put up one great effort as the plucky, young faces tries to fight back the tough top heels of Victor Quinones' Army. The post-match stuff was great, with some real good heat.

Officially, that is the end of the show, but this next match is a freebie. It is a sample of two of W*ING's specialties: Horror Movie monsters as wrestlers and Deathmatches. It took place on 8/8/92 and at the Funabashi Autorace Parking Lot. the rules seem to be pinfalls, submissions, a 10 Count on the mat and kicking your opponent into the Coffin.

8. Bonus, Undertaker Coffin Deathmatch: Jason the Terrible VS Super Leatherface

- Jason the Terrible: Behind Stampede's Karl Moffat, Raphael Rodriquez is the most known incarnation of Jason the Terrible, and the one almost always in Japan, except for Tracy Smothers for a small time.
- Super Leatherface: The original one, the former Corporal Kirchner in the WWF, he really made his name in Japan as a legitimately insane man and briefly died for a while.

Pre-Match: As the ring crew slide in a Coffin and both men make their intros, Leatherface with Victor Quionnes and a chainsaw, Jason with the Japanese flag, we get a promo with Victor Quinnoes and Super Leatherface where Victor says Leatherface is going to cut him up, as Leatherface gets a bit too worked up and needs to be calmed down via Singapore Cane. Jason, which I thought was supposed to be a mindless monster, where he says this is not his first Undertaker match (Lost one to Mr. Pogo), and that Leatherface has already scarred him in his short time here.

Both men circle and go for a staredown and Jason pushes Leatherface away. As Leatherface comes back, Jason tries to put Leatherface in the Coffin, but he backdrops Jason out. who quickly recovers. Then, both for for a collar-and-elbow where Leatherface gets Jason in a headlock and tries to get him into the Coffin, but Jason backdrops out. Leatherface body slams Jason down, who quickly rises up. After a small pause, Jason evades Leatherface's grab and body slams him who also recovers. We jump to Jason in the ropes with Leatherface punching him and takes off his hockey mask to reveal a black and white skull face paint. He continues to assault Jason, but Leatherface goes outside for two chairs and hits Jason square in the head with one. As Jason rises at 6, Leatherface just hits him with the chair again. Discarding both, he tries to drag Jason into the Coffin, but stops as the ref starts to count. At 8, Jason rises and is pelted with two Lariats by Leatherface and is knocked down again. As the ref starts to count, Leatherface goes outside for a chair. At 8, Jason once again picks himself up and walks right into a Chair-assisted DDT by Leatherface. At the count of 7, Jason gets up, but so is Leatherface who uses a leaping facecrusher onto the chair. The ref counts for 2, but Jason gets up and punches Leatherface in the head and headbutt him then hits a non-bridging northern lights suplex. We cut to Leatherface punching Jason in the head then piledriving him. As the ref counts 2, Jason rises once more and headbutts Leatherface in the stomach then kicks him in the same place a couple of times into a Enzuigiri. Both struggle to recover until Leatherface whips Jason into the ropes for a toe kick, but Jason bounces back with a Vader Attack, then again, and one more one knocks Leatherface right into the Coffin as he puts the lid on. Your winner at 11:12 via Vader Attack into the Coffin, Jason the Terrible.

Post-Match: Jason steals Leatherface's chainsaw, but Leatherface pops up out of the Coffin and smashes himself in the head with the lid a couple of times and then punching it. Both stare off again with Leatherface trying some Vader attacks to no effect, but Jason's takes him down and he DDT's him back down and hits him with a Leg Drop. As Leatherface pops up, Jason smashes him with his hockey mask a couple of times as Leatherface then rolls back out. At least he got his chainsaw back.

Reviewer's Thoughts: More of the spectacle then anything, but it wasn't bad.

Conclusion: Overall a solid outing by W*ING. The matches didn't offend, and the bonus match wasn't too bad either.

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