WAVE "Happy New Year Wave"
A Review by Kevin Wilson


Date:  January 4th, 2015
Location:  Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance:  400 (Super No Vacancy Full House)

So far I have only found half of this show as aired, but I figured that half a show is better than no show at all, right?  We get the main matches here anyway, including a birthday match for Ohata and Aja Kong crushing people.  Here are the matches I will be reviewing:

-  Mika Iida and Tsukushi vs. Mio Shirai and Tsukasa Fujimoto
-  Dark Kyusei Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Hikaru Shida
Shu Shibutani Retirement Road: Aja Kong vs. Shu Shibutani
-  Meiko Satomura vs. Misaki Ohata

Onto the matches!

Mika Iida and Tsukushi vs. Mio Shirai and Tsukasa Fujimoto
Fujimoto and Tsukushi start off and they trade armdrags.  Both miss dropkicks and tags in Iida and Shirai.  Side Russian leg sweep by Iida and she delivers a dropkick.  Knee by Shirai, she twists up Iida in the ropes and rakes her face.  Big boot by Shirai to the back of the head, and we clip ahead to Iida being kicked by Shirai and Fujimoto.  Fujimoto knees Iida in the corner but Iida blocks the cutter attempt.  Elbow by Iida and she chokes Fujimoto in the corner.  Tsukushi comes in but Fujimoto dropkicks her.  Tsukushi and Fujimoto trade kicks, Tsukushi rolls up Fujimoto but it gets a two count.  Fujimoto kicks Tsukushi in the chest and tags in Shirai.  Shirai boots everyone and Tsukushi is hit with a double tiger feint kick.  Shirai gets a plastic sword but Tsukushi takes it and hits Shirai with it.  Tsukushi hits Shirai with a ball of some sort and they take turns running on Shirai.  Stretch hold by Tsukushi but Shirai swings her around the ring before spinning her to the mat.  Big boot by Shirai to Tsukushi but the cover only gets two.  Tsukushi comes back with a hard dropkick to the face and rolls up Shirai for two.  Tsukushi tags in Iida, uppercuts by Iida and she goes for an armbar, but Shirai kicks her in the face.  Iida dropkicks Shirai and applies a modified armbar, but Shirai gets to the ropes.  Shirai applies a necklock over the top rope but Tsukushi breaks it up.  Iida goes up top but Shirai joins her and hits a superplex.  Shirai tags in Fujimoto and Fujimoto hits a PK.  Ankle hold by Iida and she hits a reverse STO.  Rolling fisherman suplexes by Iida but she gets two.  Iida goes up top and hits a missile dropkick.  Shirai hits a missile dropkick as well, then Tsukushi does, and finally Fujimoto hits one on Tsukushi.  Fujimoto and Iida trade elbows, Fujimoto trips Iida and applies a cross arm submission.  Tsukushi comes in and hits Fujimoto with the Killswitch, then Iida dropkicks Fujimoto.  Shirai comes in to help but Fujimoto still only gets two once the tide turns back, backslide by Iida but that also gets two.  Venus Clutch by Fujimoto and she gets the three count.   I don’t think too much was clipped.  This was fun but pretty random, it never felt that they got into a groove.  Not much memorable about it even though there was nothing actively wrong with it.  Score:  5.5

Dark Kyusei Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Hikaru Shida
Fujimoto is Sakura Hirota, which means this match will likely suck.  Shida hits a hip attack as soon as the match starts and covers Hirota for two.  Hirota goes for a body scissors but Shida blocks it, she goes to kick Hirota but Hirota asks her not to.  Hirota gets back up and they talk for a bit.  Then Hirota talks for a while.  For some reason this was actually shown last on the TV show, as if it was the main event or something.  Ridiculous.  I know this is some type of weird comedy match, maybe if I spoke Japanese or knew what was going on I’d find it amusing?  Sadly neither of those things are true.  They get the referee in on the fun as both wrestlers put wristlocks on him.  Double Irish whip to the referee but he hits a double crossbody for a two count (yes, he counted his own cover).  Shida elbows Hirota and they trade shots, but Hirota blocks the hip attack with an Oil Check.  Hirota rolls up Shida but it gets two.  Hirota goes up top but Shida pushes her off the top turnbuckle.  Shida suplexes Hirota back into the ring and she covers her for a two.  Shida goes off the ropes but Hirota kisses her, which makes Shida woozy and she falls onto Hirota for a two count.  Running knee by Shida, and she picks up the three count.  So the referee spot made me chuckle so that means it wasn’t absolutely worthless, and I will concede the fact that not knowing what was going on impacted the match, but it still didn’t really entertain me personally.  Score:  2.5

Aja Kong vs. Shu Shibutani
This match is part of the Shu Shibutani Retirement Road.   Shibutani hits a missile dropkick before Kong can get her robe off and she hits Mongolian Chops, but they have no impact on Kong.  Kong chops Shibutani to the mat and then chops her into the corner.  Lariat by Kong and she drops Shibutani with a piledriver.  Scoop slam by Kong, she goes to the second turnbuckle but Shibutani knocks her off and Kong crashes to the floor.  Shibutani then goes up to the top turnbuckle and hits a plancha suicida down onto Kong.  Back in the ring Shibutani hits a slingshot DDT, she goes up top again and hits a missile dropkick.  Another DDT by Shibutani but the cover only gets two.  Shibutani elbows Kong and applies a submission hold, but Kong gets to the ropes.  Slap by Kong but Shibutani blocks the vertical suplex and applies a sleeper.  Shibutani goes to the second turnbuckle but Kong pushes her off to the floor.  Kong goes out after her and throws Shibutani into some chairs.  Kong hits Shibutani with a chair, they get back in the ring and Kong hits Shibutani with a metal box.  Backdrop suplex by Kong and she nails a brainbuster.  Scoop slam by Kong, she goes to the second turnbuckle but Shibutani avoids the elbow drop.  Crucifix pin by Shibutani but Kong lands in the ropes.  She goes for a sunset flip but Kong sits on her for a two count.  Scoop slam by Kong, she goes to the top turnbuckle and decimates Shibutani with diving elbow drop for a two count.  Kong picks up Shibutani and levels her with an Uraken, picking up the three count.  I love Kong and the way she destroys people.  It makes me giggle.  So I really enjoyed this match, Shibutani did good with her hope spots and Kong did good trying to rupture Shibutani’s spleen.  Good wholesome brutality.  Score:  7.5

Meiko Satomura vs. Misaki Ohata
This match is celebrating Misaki Ohata’s 26th Birthday.  Hopefully Satomura won’t hurt her too bad.  They start with arm work, and Ohata hits a dropkick.  Ohata throws Satomura down by her hair and gets Satomura’s back to apply a facelock.  Curb stomp by Ohata and she covers Satomura for two.  Satomura has had enough and elbows Ohata in the face, elbow drop by Ohata and her cover gets two.  Satomura applies a stretch hold, elbows by Satomura and she hits a jumping elbow in the corner.  Backdrop suplex by Satomura but Ohata hits a crossbody for two.  Running crossbody by Ohata in the corner, she goes up top and hits a diving crossbody for another two count.  Ohata picks up Satomura but Satomura kicks her in the leg.  Running elbow by Satomura and she kicks Ohata in the leg some more.  German suplex by Ohata and she hits a crossbody while Satomura is sitting on the mat.  Ohata picks up Satomura and hits a German suplex hold for two.  Ohata applies a bridging reverse chinlock, she goes up top but Satomura joins her and hits a superplex.  Uppercuts by Satomura, she goes off the ropes and nails the cartwheel kick to the back of the head.  High kick by Satomura, cover, but it gets a two count.  Satomura gets Ohata on her shoulders but Ohata gets away and goes for a cross armbreaker.  Spinning backfist by Ohata and she hits a brainbuster.  Ohata goes for a cradle but Satomura kicks her in the head and applies a sleeper.  Overhead kick by Satomura, she picks up Ohata and she nails the Death Valley Bomb for the three count.  This was really fun, when Ohata gets a chance in a singles match she generally delivers.  Satomura can be just brutal with her kicks (in a good way) while Ohata was feisty in not going down easy.  They didn’t drop bombs or go all epic with it, but it was an entertaining main event match to celebrate Ohata’s birthday.  Score:  7.0

Final Thoughts:

It is a shame that only four matches were shown, WAVE does have some decent wrestlers.  The last two matches were really fun, Kong has been a treat in the matches I have seen her in and Satomura is a seasoned vet as well that understands how to structure a match.  As a full card it is hard to recommend as of four matches shown only two are really worth seeing, but not a bad showing by WAVE.

Grade:  D+

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event reviewed on 3/17/15