ZERO1/Super Fireworks "Naniwa Super Fireworks 2015"
A Review by Kevin Wilson

Date: January 23rd, 2015
Location: Osaka BODYMAKER COLOSSEUM #2 in Osaka, Japan
Announced Attendance: Unknown

I like things that go boom. I am promised that something will go boom on this event. Besides that there is a random Miss Mongrol match and the usual cast from ZERO1. Here is the full card:

- GUNSO, YO-HEY, and HAYATA vs. Ichiro Yaguchi, Hideki Hosaka, and Kenichi Fujii
- Kanjuro Matsuyama vs. Miss Mongol
- Masato Tanaka, Magnitude Kishiwada, and Ikuto Hidaka vs. Ryouji Sai, TARU, and "brother" YASSHI
- Kohei Sato and Hideki Suzuki vs. Shinjiro Otani and Daisuke Sekimoto
- Super Fireworks Championship: Atsushi Onita vs. Yoshihiro Takayama

Let's get started.

GUNSO, YO-HEY, and HAYATA vs. Ichiro Yaguchi, Hideki Hosaka, and Kenichi Fujii
Who are these people? Why was this shown in full? So many questions. YO-HEY and Hosaka start off and YO-HEY hits a dropkick. Fujii tags in Yaguchi and Yaguchi clubs YO-HEY in the ribs. Yaguchi slams YO-HEY and YO-HEY tags in GUNSO. GUNSO and Yaguchi trade chops before Yaguchi hits a shoulderblock. Single arm suplex by Yaguchi but GUNSO hits a shoulderblock. GUNSO tags in HAYATA while Fujii is also tagged in, and they trade chops. Enzigieri by HAYATA and he tags in YO-HEY. Dropkick by YO-HEY and he punches HAYATA in the corner. YO-HEY tags in GUNSO, snapmare by GUNSO and he applies a stretch hold to Fujii. HAYATA and Fujii trade elbows, scoop slam by HAYATA and he hits a moonsault off the second turnbuckle. Fujii avoids HAYATA in the corner and tags in Hosaka. Hosaka scoop slams HAYATA and GUNSO, and finally YO-HEY. Shoulderblock by Hosaka to HAYATA and that is enough for a nearfall. Handspring kick by HAYATA and he tags in GUNSO. GUNSO dropkicks Hosaka and hits a DDT. Enzigieri by Hosaka and he tags in Yaguchi. GUNSO hits a low blow on Yaguchi but Yaguchi hits a double lariat. YO-HEY elbows Yaguchi but Yaguchi hits a heel kick. Olympic Slam by Yaguchi and he gets a two count. Scoop slam by Yaguchi and he tags in Fujii. Elbow drops by Fujii to YO-HEY but YO-HEY kicks him in the head. Spear by Fujii and YO-HEY is triple teamed in the corner. Yaguchi tries to lariat YO-HEY but he hits Fujii by accident. Superkick by YO-HEY to Fujii, he goes up top and he nails the Bamboo Dragonfly for the three count. What hampered the match quality here is that these wrestlers aren't very good. A lot of moves weren't hit quite right and there was no real structure to speak of. That being said it wasn't horrible, it was just basic and void of excitement. Finishing move was pretty though. Score: 3.5

Kanjuro Matsuyama vs. Miss Mongol
MALE ON FEMALE VIOLENCE.  Oh the humanity.  Matsuyama grabs Mongol’s arm and walks the ropes before hitting an armdrag.  Mongol whips Matsuyama from behind and then out of the ring.  Matsuyama throws Mongol into the guardrail and Matsuyama is attacked by Combat Toyoda, Bad Nurse Rie Nakamura, and Kaori Nakayama at ringside.  Mongol slides Matsuyama back in, Matsuyama hits Mongol with a fan and then hits a backstabber.  Matsuyama charges Mongol but he hits the referee by accident.  Mongol slams Matsuyama to the mat, she goes up top and hits a diving body press for the three count.  Ok this wasn’t good but it was done to celebrate Mongrol’s real life engagement and was meant as a feel-good kind of thing.  So their heart was in the right place, it just wasn’t a very good match.  I’m a mark for legends coming back and doing stuff so it was nice to see Combat Toyoda and company get involved.   Match quality was sub-par but I enjoyed the overall message.  Score:  4.0

Masato Tanaka, Ikuto Hidaka, and Kishiwada vs. TARU, brother YASSHI, and Ryouji Sai
They brawl outside the ring to start the match, with YASSHI and Hidaka eventually getting in the ring.  YASSHI and Hidaka trade chops and Hidaka dropkicks YASSHI.  Tanaka is tagged in and he hits a jumping elbow to YASSHI.  Kishiwada is tagged in and he hits a body avalanche on YASSHI followed by a double arm suplex.  Hidaka kicks YASSHI but YASSHI grabs Hidaka low and tags in TARU.  TARU chokes Hidaka with some wrist tape, and Hidaka is worked over by all three wrestlers in various heel-based ways.  Which means lots of choking.  Sai hits a suplex on Hidaka but Hidaka avoids Sai’s charge.  Heel kick by Hidaka and he makes a hot tag to Kishiwada.  Lariat by Kishiwada and he dropkicks YASSHI.  TARU runs in too but Kishiwada lariats TARU and Sai.  Vertical suplex by Kishiwada to Sai, he goes up top and hits a moonsault for two.  Sai kicks Kishiwada in the chest and tags in YASSHI.  Kick by YASSHI but Kishiwada hits a Northern Lights Suplex for two.  Kishiwada tags in Tanaka and Tanaka hits slams on everyone.  Lariat by Tanaka in the corner and he hits a Michinoku Driver.  TARU hits Tanaka from the floor and Tanaka is triple teamed. Sai joins Tanaka up top and he hits a delayed superplex.  YASSHI goes up top but Tanaka avoids the diving headbutt.  TARU comes in but he hits Sai by accident and Hidaka hits a tornado DDT on TARU.  Reverse DDT by Hidaka and Kishiwada hits a diving body press.  Tanaka follows with his own diving body press but it gets a two count.  Sliiiiiiiding D by Tanaka, and he picks up the three count.  I actually really enjoyed this match. The Voodoo Murders heel very well, they aren’t technical wrestlers but they keep it interesting.  Once that phase was over, the faces all did a good job with the fast paced heavyweight action and once the switch took place there was no downtime whatsoever.  The world needs more Voodoo Murders brawls, I thought the match was really fun.  Score:  8.0

Kohei Sato and Hideki Suzuki vs. Shinjiro Otani and Daisuke Sekimoto
Sato and Sekimoto start off and they try to knock each other over.  Sato gets the better of it, back up and they trade chops.  Sato kicks Sekimoto in the back and tags in Suzuki.  Sekimoto tags in Otani and Otani chops Suzuki in the chest but Sato is tagged in and Otani is double teamed.  Otani and Sato trade chops to the chest, Suzuki comes in and he applies a crab hold to Otani.  Sekimoto kicks Suzuki to break it up, but Suzuki slaps on a leg hold to Otani.  Suzuki kicks Otani in the leg and tags in Sato.  Sato kicks Otani in the chest but Otani eventually catches one and hits a headbutt.  Otani tags in Sekimoto and Sekimoto lariats Sato in the corner.  Vertical suplex by Sekimoto and he applies a Scorpion Deathlock but Suzuki breaks it up.  Sekimoto knocks Suzuki off the apron and scoop slams Sato.  Sekimoto goes up top but Sato gets his knees up on the diving body press.  Sato tags in Suzuki, uppercuts by Suzuki and he hits an exploder suplex.  Atomic drop by Sekimoto and he tags in Otani.  Otani boots Sato off the apron and throws Suzuki in the corner to hit some facewashes.  Otani chops Suzuki in the corner and he hits a heel kick.  Big boot by Otani and Sekimoto hits a lariat.  Sekimoto and Otani hit a double strike on Suzuki, and Otani covers for two.  Otani picks up Suzuki and he hits a backdrop suplex for a two count.  Otani goes off the ropes but Suzuki hits an uppercut and a backdrop suplex.  Scoop slam by Suzuki and Sato hits a diving kneedrop.  Double vertical suplex to Otani, Suzuki picks him up but Otani hits a back bodydrop.  Otani lariats Sato and hits a heel kick onto Suzuki.  Otani goes up top and he hits a missile dropkick.  Sato comes in and hits a falcon arrow on Otani, but Sekimoto drops him with a suplex.  Suzuki elbows Otani, he goes off the ropes but Otani knees him in the stomach.  Otani and Suzuki trade strikes but Suzuki hits a tombstone piledriver.  Suzuki picks up Otani, he hits the double-arm suplex and he picks up the three count victory.  This was just too slow for me, it crawled along too much.  These guys are capable of having hard hitting and emotional matches, but I just wasn’t feeling this one at all.  It was missing something key, the bulk of it bored me to tears.  A disappointing match from four wrestlers that are capable of being fantastically fun to watch.  Score:  3.5

Atsushi Onita vs. Yoshihiro Takayama
This match is to crown the first ever Super Fireworks Championship.  Oh and this is a No Ropes Barbed Wire Current Blast, Double Blast Bat, and Double Hell Death Match.  Of course.  The do some arm work but Onita flips the script by spitting red liquid in his face and knocking Takayama into the barbed wire, causing a big explosion.  DDT by Onita but it gets a two count.  They take it outside the ring and Onita throws Takayama into the guardrail.  They battle around the ring before finally returning, and Onita hits a vertical suplex.  Onita throws Takayama into the barbed wire again and gets exploded in the process for a two count.  Onita grabs Takayama around the neck and they both inch into the barbed wire, creating another boom.  Onita hits a bulldog of sorts but Takayama kicks Onita into the barbed wire, cooking Onita.  Scoop slam by Takayama and he hits a leg drop for two.  Takayama goes for a kick but Onita catches his leg and as you probably guessed by now, they go into the barbed wire.  I am not sure how I am the only one concerned that Onita is killing his one gimmick.  Takayama gets a barbed wire current bat and hits Onita with it, causing a blast.  At least that is different.  Takayama gets it again and hits Onita with it a second time.  Mounted punches by Takayama and he pushes Onita into the barbed wire explosion.  Takayama hits a backdrop suplex, and he picks up the three count.  Takayama is your first champion!  I enjoy the spectacle of these matches but they just go overboard.  The explosions should be special, not just the standard, this match had more booms then most matches have suplexes and by the end it just wasn’t special anymore.  Besides that it was what it was, and I like the bat, I just wish it had more suspense.  Score:  5.0

Final Thoughts:

As for the main event, I am always torn when Onita has these matches these days as while I do enjoy the match style, they just go so far with it that by the end it doesn’t feel special anymore.  And barbed wire explosion death matches should be special.  As for the rest of the card, most was very skippable even though I did really enjoy the six man tag so that was a pleasant surprise.  If you want to see the spectacle of the barbed wire explosion match and a fun six man tag match, go for it, but I can’t give it a particularly strong recommendation.

Grade:  C-

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review completed on 2/18/15