Birthdate:  May 8th, 1969
Puroresu Debut:  August 21st, 2005
Background:  Sumo Wrestling
Previously: Monster Bono (Hustle)
Alliances: Teams with Hama in All Japan 
Ring Attire:  Orange Singlet
Card Position:  Upper Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: None
Current Title Held: Dragon Gate Open the Triangle Gate (with Mochizuki and Fujii)

Championship History:

All Japan All Asia Tag Team Championship with Ryota Hama:
- Defeated Minoru Suzuki & Nosawa Rongai on 9/23/09 and lost to Big Daddy Voodoo and TARU on 4/29/10

Dragon Gate Open the Triangle Gate with Masaaki Mochizuki and Don Fujii:
- Defeated Masato Yoshino, BxB Hulk, & PAC on 10/14/09

Z1 NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Championship with Shinjiro Otani:
- Defeated Ikuto Hidaka & Munenori Sawa on 1/27/10

- Akebono with an elbow drop
- Akebono in Hustle
- As Great Bono
- Avalanche-Style Japanese Drop by Akebono
- Akebono with a Double Clothesline

Featured Signature Moves:
- Avalanche-Style Japanese Drop
- Rikibono Splash 63
- Running Body Press

Signature Moves:
- 64
- Chokeslam
- Splash

2005 Recap:
After having very little success in MMA, Akebono joined All Japan in August of 2005 and stayed the rest of the year.  Suffering no singles losses in All Japan and only being pinned once, Akebono finally had some success post-sumo wrestling.  If Akebono stays with All Japan (DSE has been pushing for him to return to MMA), he is expected to be a strong title threat in the near future.

2006 Recap:
Akebono stopped wrestling in All Japan in 2006 and made a quick stop to NOAH. That didn't last long, however, and soon Akebono was in New Japan. After wrestling in a tag match against Lesnar, he got a shot at the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in March. In the fall he returned to New Japan and he teamed with Choshu in the G1 Tag League.

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