Championship History

WWWA World Heavyweight Championship
WWWA World Tag Team Championship
NEO Tag Team Championship (2x)
TNA Knockouts Championship (2x)
TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Major Tournaments Won

Queen of the Knockouts (2015)

Real Name: Kia Stevens
Birth: September 4th, 1977
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 270 lbs.
Background: School of Hard Knocks and AJW Dojo
Debut: October 20th, 2002
Other Identities: Awesome Kong and Kharma
Promotion History: AJW (2002 to 2004), GAEA (2004 to 2005), TNA (2007 to 2009), WWE (2010 to 2012), and TNA (2015 to present)

Awards and Recognition

Pro Wrestling Illustrated:
Highest Rank - #1 in the World (2008)
Woman of the Year (2008)

Notable Matches

May 5th, 2004 with Aja Kong vs. Kansai and Toyota
May 20th, 2006 vs. Allison Danger
July 17th, 2006 with Kimura vs. Mita and Inoue
January 7th, 2008 vs. Gail Kim
October 23rd, 2008 vs. Taylor Wilde

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Wrestling Moves Videos Reviewed Matches on Puroresu Central
Accordion Rack
Amazing Bomb
Amazing Press
Impact Buster
Spinning Backfist
Seated Senton
  August 26th, 2015 - Hamada and Takahashi vs. Amazing Kong and Satomura
Featured Signature Moves
Amazing Press

Impact Buster

Spinning Backfist