Birthdate: September 28th, 1962
Debut: June 12th, 1983
Primary Promotion: CMLL
Reason for Wrestling in Japan: As part of CMLL
Championships Held in Japan:  Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship

Signature Moves:
- La Atlántida
- Gory Special
- Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker

Career Highlights in Japan:
One of the most respected wrestlers in Mexico, Atlantis had a string of positive runs in Michinoku Pro Wrestling. Most notably, on August 26th, 2003 he won the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship when wrestling in the 2003 Fukumen World League. Atlantis would also win the tournament, one of the most prestigious events in Michinoku Pro. Atlantis would drop the title the following year to Great Sasuke, but in 2007 Atlantis would make his return to Michinoku Pro as the defending victor of the Fukumen World League (which is held only every four years). Atlantis would defeat Super Delfin, El Samurai, and Yoshitsune before losing to Tiger Mask in the finals.

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