Chon Shiryu

Birthdate: November 21st, 1978
Debut: October 13th, 2004
Background: Unknown
Ring Attire:  Unknown
Major Puroresu Titles Held:  None

- As Super Chino

Signature Moves:
- 916
- Chinese Gory Special

A popular indy wrestler, Chon-Shiryu is affiliated with several promotions: he is the main character in the New Bejing Pro Wrestling DDT brand and occasionally wrestles also in DDT regular shows. Chon-Shiryu is also a MUSCLE member and he is supposedly the president of GUTS World. Moreover he wrestles in E-Style as Chon-Akitoshi, in Mr. Cacao promoted Fukumen shows as Super Chino, and finally he often wrestles in joshi promotions like NEO and ICE Ribbon.

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