The world renowned Puroresu Central Tournament Pick'em has returned again! Up next is the All Japan Champion Carnival! Here are the Blocks:


Kendo Kashin
Kento Miyahara
Osamu Nishimura
Takao Omori


Go Shiozaki
Joe Doering
Jun Akiyama
Yutaka Yoshie



Tie-breakers are as follows:

First Tie-Breaker - How many total points will be overall tournament winner receive (out of a maximum possible points of 10)?
Second Tie-Breaker (if still tied) - What will the announced attendance be for the Final event (closest wins, going 'over' is acceptable)?

This is pretty straight forward - just send me an email to with the order you think the Blocks will end up. If All Japan does not specify who wins in a tie-breaker, then a point is awarded to both wrestlers for both places. For example if you have Omori in 3rd Place and he has the same number of points as 2nd Place but All Japan doesn't specify which wrestler was 2nd Place and which was 3rd Place, you get a point. For points, you get 1 Point for each place you have correct, 2 Points (total) for having First Place correct, and 4 Points if you pick the overall winner correct. The maximum points is 18.

As always, I have an example ballot for how to send it posted here, but as long as winners in each bracket are posted and you include the winner, you are fine. If a wrestler is replaced prior to the deadline, you may submit an updated ballot, but if you do not than the replacement wrestler will just also act as the replacement on your ballot. Ballots are due by 4/12/14 at 5 PM EST and must be sent to

Two prizes for this tournament (the winner gets first choice, second place gets what first place didn't pick):

Option #1 - Kingdom Pro Wrestling Magazine #5 (November 30th, 1992): This is an awesome magazine, with both black/white and color pictures. It covers all the major promotions and has Great Muta on the cover. I will post some scans of it tomorrow, but as far as memorabilia goes these old magazines are hard to find and is great for old school fans or collectors.

Option #2 - DVD Set of 1988 All Japan TV Complete Set (26 Disks): - This includes all the television matches from 1988 All Japan, the match-list is too long to post here but will be emailed to the winner so they know what is on what DVDs. 1988 All Japan was fantastic, and was dominated as such greats as Tsuruta, Hansen, Tenryu, and more.

If you have any questions before submitting your ballot, I can be reached at!