Justin Credible

Birthdate: October 16th, 1973
Debut: October 16th, 1992
Background: Hart Dungeon
Ring Attire:  Jean shorts
Major Puroresu Titles Held:  None

- Suplex by Credible while in All Japan

Signature Moves:
- Northern Lights Suplex
- Samoan Drop/Super Kick Combination (with Jamal)
- That's Incredible!

Career Highlights in Japan:
Justin Credible wrestled in All Japan during 2003 while participating in the Real World Tag League. Teaming with Jamal, Credible reached the finals of the tournament before his team fell to Kaz Hayashi and Satoshi Kojima. During the tournament, Jamal picked up all the pinfall victories, but Credible did have a singles victory over Tomoaki Honma.

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