Ric Flair

Birthdate: February 25th, 1949
Debut: 1972
Primary Promotion: WCW and the WWF
Reason for Wrestling in Japan: As a freelancer or part of a talent exchange
Championships Held in Japan: None

Signature Moves:
- Figure Four Leg Lock
- Knee Breaker
- Knee Drop
- Rapid Punches to the Head

Career Highlights in Japan:
Flair started his career in Japan wrestling for the All Japan Wrestling Promotion during the 1980s. In All Japan he would wrestle many greats including Jumbo Tsuruta and Great Kabuki. In the 1990s he made several appearances for New Japan, including losing (and winning back) the NWA Heavyweight Championship to Fujinami. Flair was too busy in WCW and/or the WWF to make too many appearances, but he did wrestle Antonio Inoki (lost) and Hiroshi Hase (won) in 1995. Flair took part in the 1995 G1 Climax, but was knocked out of the tournament by Keiji Mutoh.

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