Shadow Phoenix
also known as Flashmoon

Birthdate: Unknown
Debut: Unknown
Also: 119 Inoue Taiin and Murcielago
Ring Attire: All white with a white mask

- As Murcielago
- As 119 Inoue Taiin

Signature Moves:
- Omega
- Phoenix Splash
- Senton Atomico to the Floor
- Senton Bomb
- Springboard Plancha Suicida
- Springboard Tornado DDT
- Tope Con Hilo

Signature Moves (as Murcielago):
- Senton Bomb
- Tornillo to the Floor
- Twisting Senton Bomb

A Toryumon graduate, he originally worked as Murcielago, forming with Lambo Miura and GALLARDO a trio called "Los Carros Exoticos." When Toryumon X closed its doors back in 2004, he moved to Michinoku Pro, working as as 119 Inoue Taiin. In 2006 he left Michinoku Pro to join Osaka Pro and changed his gimmick again, becoming Flashmoon, who became quite a relevant wrestler in the promotion. In late 2007, Flashmoon became a freelancer and in 2008 he toured in Australia, using his original gimmick, Murcielago.

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