Masanobu Fuchi

Birthdate:  January 14th, 1954
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Debut:  August 22nd, 1974 vs. Atsushi Onita
Background:  Trained in the All Japan Dojo
Promotion History: All Japan (1974 to present)
Alliances:  None
Ring Attire:  Black trunks
Card Position:  Opener/Lower Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: None
Current Title Held: None

Championship History:

All Japan World Junior Heavyweight Championship (Held Five Times):
- Defeated Kuniaki Kobayashi on 1/3/87 and lost to Joe Malenko on 1/20/89
- Defeated Mighty Inoue on 3/8/89 and lost to Shinichi Nakano on 4/16/89
- Defeated Joe Malenko on 7/1/89 and lost to Dan Kroffat on 5/21/93
- Defeated Dan Kroffat on 8/23/93 and lost to Dan Kroffat on 7/12/94
- Defeated Yoshinari Ogawa on 9/10/95 and lost to Tsuyoshi Kikuchi on 7/24/96

All Asia Tag Team Championship with Genichiro Tenryu:
- Defeated The Great Kosuke and Shiryu on 5/22/04 and lost to Nagai and Naruse on 11/3/04

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship:
- Disputed, awarded the title briefly in 1988

AWA Southern Tag Team Championship with Atsushi Onita (Held Two Times):
- Defeated Dundee and Dream Machine on 3/23/81 and lost to Dundee and Dream Machine on 4/6/81
- Defeated Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler in 1981 and lost to Ricky and Robert Gibson on 8/1/81

Biggest Matches:
- On January 3rd, 1987 vs. Kuniaki Kobayashi (title win)
- February 28th, 1993 vs. Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (title defense)
- September 10th, 1995 vs. Yoshinari Ogawa (title win)
- On January 14th, 2001 with Kawada vs. Taiyo Kea and Johnny Smith (title challenge)
- On May 22nd, 2004 with Tenryu vs. The Great Kosuke and Shiryu (title win)

- Fuchi with an Inside Cradle

Signature Moves:
- Backdrop Suplex
- Inside Cradle

2005 Recap:
Fuchi has been a wrestler in All Japan longer then any wrestler on the current roster.  Over 50, Fuchi tends to wrestle in comedy matches in the opener or in tag matches against younger wrestlers such as Suwama or Honda.  Not considered a title threat anymore, Fuchi does his part helping the young wrestlers and is well respected by the All Japan crowd.

2006 Recap:
A bit past his prime at this point, Fuchi was mostly used towards the beginning of cards to help the new talent. He wrestled a majority of his matches against the likes of Kikutaro, but he did have a feud against Minoru Suzuki as well. Suzuki got the better of it however, and even though as the year ended they continued not to like each other, Fuchi kept his distance from him in the ring.

2007 Recap:
In the twilight of his career, Fuchi continues helping train the young wrestlers while also working backstage. He did not take part of the Champion Carnival but he did participate in the Real World Tag League. In the Real World Tag League he teamed with Nishimura and they got seven points, getting victories over Nobutaka Araya and Toru Owashi as well as TARU and Zodiac.

2008 Recap:
For much of the year Fuchi continued opening cards, often against a combination of Araya and Kikutaro. He did not participate in the Jr. Tag League nor the Jr. Heavyweight League, but he did get the pinfall on both of the Sumo Hall events. Even though he is 54, he still usually gets the pinfall in the matches he is in, showing that he still has something left in the tank.

2009 Recap:
2009 was a sad year for Fuchi, as his good friend and battle buddy Araya retired in July and Fuchi was left with not much to do for the remainder of the year. Of course, in the twilight of his career Fuchi didn't challenge for any titles but he continued to mix it up in the ring against all comers, including taking on the Voodoo Murderers on a number of occasions. Fuchi did take part in the Jr. Heavyweight Tag League, teaming with El Samurai, but they came in third place and barely missed making the finals. Pesky with his inside cradle, he did pick up a number of pinfalls in the fall, including wins over Hate and Yamato to show that even at his old age if you underestimate him you might find yourself pinned for the three count.

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