Birthdate: July 31st, 1977
New Japan Debut: May 27th, 2006
Background: American Professional Wrestling and Lucha Libre
Alliances: None
Ring Attire:  Red mask and black pants
Card Position:  Lower Mid-Card
Puroresu Titles Held:  None

Signature Moves:
- Tornillo de Fuego
- Tornillo Suicida
- Flying Top Rope Headscissors

Puroresu History:
Fuego, also known as Durango Kid, won the right to wrestle in the New Japan 2006 Best of the Super Jr. Tournament. He only had one win, defeating Minoru in his first match, but he did find some victory in non-tournament matches. Even though he had a good showing he has not been back to New Japan since.

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