Eddie Guerrero

Birthdate: October 9th, 1967
Death: November 13th, 2005
Cause of Death: Heart Failure
Famous Matches and Storylines: Guerrero began wrestling in AAA around 1993, teaming with Art Barr and others to form Los Gringos Locos.  Guerrero and Barr were two of the most popular wrestlers in AAA, and were heavily pursued by many major promotions in the United States before Barr's unexpected death in 1994.  Still, Guerrero would make it to the States and wrestled in ECW.  In ECW, Guerrero had a classic feud with Dean Malenko that would get them both recognized by WCW.  WCW would bring them both in, and it was not long before Guerrero was wrestling against WCW greats such as Chris Benoit and Ric Flair.  After winning the WCW United States Championship on two occasions, Guerrero went back to the cruiserweight division and had a great series of matches with Jericho.  After winning the belt from Jericho, Guerrero would feud with Rey Mysterio Jr..  He and Mysterio had a number of great matches, including a classic at Halloween Havoc 1997.  In 1998, Guerrero feuded with his cousin Chavo Guerrero, with Eddie coming out on top on most occasions.  After forming a tag team with Mysterio and later forming the Latin World Order, in 2000 Guerrero would leave for WWF with his friends Benoit, Malenko, and Saturn.  Called The Radicalz, they took WWF by storm, but Guerrero would get injured during his first match and have to sit out for a few months.  When he returned he was paired with Chyna and began calling himself Latino Heat.  He stayed with Chyna until the Fall of 2000, when he would actually defeat her in order to retain his Intercontinental Championship.  Unfortunately, by mid-2001, his demons had caught up with him and he was released by the WWF.  After wrestling the independent circuit (including a stop in Ring of Honor), Guerrero returned in 2002 and eventually landed on Smackdown.  Once there, he would team with first Chavo and then Tajiri to win the WWE Tag Team Championship.  After he was done with tag team wrestling, in 2003 Eddie won the vacant United States Championship by defeating his old friend Benoit.  After losing the US Championship, in February of 2004 Eddie would win his first ever World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Brock Lesnar.  Eddie would hold on to the belt until that summer, when he would lose it to JBL.  After feuding with JBL, Eddie was unable to get the title back and in 2005 Guerrero would have a series of very personal matches against Rey Mysterio.  After trying time and time again all summer, Guerrero was unable to defeat Mysterio.  Finally, in a cage match in September of 2005, Eddie was able to defeat Mysterio and move on with his life.  He began teaming with Batista after that, claiming that he had changed and was a good person.  When he got a title shot against Batista, Eddie did not cheat when he had the chance to, proving that he was a changed man.  Unfortunately, Eddie Guerrero's untimely death took place before the storyline could be fully played out.
Major Titles Held: AAA/IWC World Tag Team Championship, ECW Television Championship, WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, WCW Cruiserweight Championship, WWF European Championship, WWF Intercontinental Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship, WWE United States Championship, and the WWE Heavyweight Championship
Other Notes: Eddie Guerrero had a lot of personal demons in his life during his WCW and early WWF stint, which had led to him being released in 2001.  After cleaning himself up, he was allowed to return in 2002 and from all accounts had stayed clean.  Guerrero is survived by his wife Vickie and his three daughters.

Featured Signature Moves (as Black Tiger):
- Black Tiger Bomb

Signature Moves (as Black Tiger):
- Snap Fallaway Slam
- Tornado DDT

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