Hiroshi Hatanaka

Birthdate: January 15th, 1969
Debut: March 27th, 1990
Background: SWS and Tokyo Pro Wrestling
Puroresu Titles Held: None

- As Great Sensei

Signature Moves:
- Diving Body Press
- Powerbomb

Hatanaka started his international career by training in South Korea and later in Mexico and finally debuting in Puerto Rico. Hatanaka was invited by Kendo Nagasaki to join SWS and after the collapse of the promotion he moved to NOW and Tokyo Pro Wrestling. Hatanaka also restarted wrestling abroad, mainly in Puerto Rico, this time as a masked wrestler, the Great Sensei. In 1998 Hatanaka founded a promotion called “Asian Sports Promotion,” which is still active 10 years after its foundation.

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