Road Warrior Hawk

Birthdate: September 12th, 1957
Death: October 19th, 2003
Cause of Death: Heart failure
Famous Matches and Storylines:  The Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal) were the most dominating tag team of the 80s and early 90s.  They were the first huge unbeatable tag team, and demanded respect.  Originally heels, the Road Warriors became popular with the fans for being such an incredible force.  The Road Warriors feuded with such teams as The Midnight Express, The Rock 'n Roll Express, The Steiners, and many single wrestlers such as Sting and Lex Luger.
Major Titles Held:  WWF Tag Team Titles, IWGP Tag Team Titles, AWA Tag Team Titles, and the NWA Tag Team Titles
Other Notes:  Hawk's heart failure is believed to have been associated with the amount of steroids he had taken in the 80s and into the mid 1990s.  The Road Warriors had recently been given a WWE tryout on RAW, but had not been offered a deal. 

Signature Moves:
- Powerbomb
- Slingshot Shoulder Block
- Top Rope Lariat

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