Curt Hennig

Birthdate: March 28th, 1958
Wrestling Debut: January 30th, 1980
Death: February 10th, 2003
Cause of Death: Acute cocaine intoxication
Famous Matches and Storylines:  After wrestling for years in the AWA with his father and even winning the AWA Heavyweight Championship, Hennig first found national success when he became Mr. Perfect in the WWF. As Mr. Perfect he would feud with Tito Santana and Lex Luger. After a back injury, Hennig would be inactive for several years in the mid-90s, but would return in 1997 to wrestle in WCW. After teasing that he would join the Four Horsemen, instead he joined the nWo where he would be a key lackey in the group. Towards the late 90s he formed a tag team with Windham called The Rednecks, and they would feud with Master P's No Limit Soldiers. After WCW went out of business Hennig returned to the WWF and also appeared in TNA prior to his death.
Major Titles Held:  AWA World Heavyweight Championship, WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, WCW World Tag Team Championship, and the WWF Intercontinental Championship
Other Notes

Signature Moves:
- Dropkick
- Perfect Plex
- Second Rope Elbow Drop

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