Ikuto Hidaka

Birthdate: August 5th, 1972
Debut: January 21st, 1997
Background: Trained by Shoichi Funaki and Animal Hamaguchi
Alliances: Teams with Fujita
Ring Attire:  Multi-colored pants
Card Position:  Upper Mid-Card
Titles Held:  Z1-MAX International Lightweight Tag Team Championship

Signature Moves:
- Shawn Capture
- Iguchi Bomb
- Iwami Ginzan
- La Solarina
- Misty Flip

Trained at the Animal Hamaguchi Dojo, Hidaka debuted in BattlARTS in 1997. Following a rather unsuccessful expedition to the US, working in ECW, Hidaka returned to Japan and started working in Michinoku Pro. Hidaka joined ZERO-1 in 2002 and he is still part of the promotion. He and Minoru Fujita formed a very successful tag team, winning several titles and often defending them also outside of their home promotion. After the split of the tag team, Hidaka was able to achieve some important wins and also captured a few singles titles. Hidaka is currently one of the most representative ZERO-1 wrestlers and one of the most experienced and respected junior heavyweights in Japan.

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