Genba Hirayanagi

Birthdate: February 9th, 1980
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Debut: October 18th, 2005
Background: Volleyball
Promotion History: NOAH (2005 to present)
Alliances: None
Ring Attire:  Red Trunks
Card Position:  Opener
Major Tournaments Won: None
Current Championship Held: None

Championship History


Biggest Matches:
- February 28th, 2006 vs. Yoshinori Ota

- Hirayanagi with a Missile Dropkick
- Dropkick by Hirayanagi

Signature Moves:
- Complete Shot
- Fisherman Suplex
- Hammerlock STO
- Jumping DDT

2005 Recap:
Hirayanagi (standing only 5'6") debuted in late 2005 and did not manage any wins before the end of the year, as to be expected for a rookie.

2006 Recap:
In February, Hirayanagi picked up his first victory (over Ota), but a month later he got a serious jaw injury against SUWA during a SEM event. Hirayanagi would miss a few months, but he did return by the end of 2006 and went back to wrestling on SEM and opening cards. Due to his missed time he is a bit behind his other dojo mates, but expect him to catch back up soon.

2007 Recap:
Hirayanagi continued to make progress in 2007 but had trouble catching up to his other dojo mates due to his lost time. In the Mauritius Cup, Hirayanagi defeated Ippei Ota but lost to Ishimori, Aoki, Taniguchi, and Ito. In the last event of the year he was pinned in the opener, showing that he still has a ways to go before climbing higher on the card.

2009 Recap:
Hirayanagi set himself apart from his other former dojo mates as he took on a more heel persona in 2009. While he did not challenge for any titles, he kept his name out there with antics that gave fans something to remember when they left the show. He did not get any points in the Jr. Heavyweight League and in the Jr. Tag League he also got no points as he teamed with Kikutaro. In 2010, Hirayanagi will look to add some in-ring success to match his new in-ring techniques.

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