Kota Ibushi

Birthdate: May 21st, 1982
Debut: July 1st, 2004
Background: DDT Graduate
Also: Sammy Lee Jr. (Real Japan)
Ring Attire: White and blue trunks

- As Sammy Lee Jr.

Featured Signature Moves:
- Golden Showers
- Golden Star Press
- Phoenix Explosion
- Phoenix Plex
- Phoenix Splash off a Vending Machine

Other Signature Moves:
- Cartwheel Phoenix Splash
- Dash Middle
- Deadlift German Suplex
- Dropkick into a German Suplex (with Kagetora)
- Golden Star Bomb
- Moonsault to a Standing Moonsault
- Northern Lights Suplex
- Phoenix Splash
- Standing Corkscrew Moonsault
- Standing Shooting Star Press
- Tiger Suplex '85

A wrestler with a high level karate background, Ibushi debuted in DDT in 2004 and immediately gained popularity due to his spectacular high flying style. Several promotions other than DDT started to book him, so Ibushi soon became an El Dorado and BML semi-regular member. Ibushi took part in the Differ Cup 2005 as a DDT representative and, despite losing in the finals, he was the main surprise and the fans favorite of the NTV Cup 2007.

Ibushi often works shoot-style matches due to his martial arts background and has an important role in Satoru Sayama's RJPW with the gimmick of Sammy Lee Jr. (a reprise of the first gimmick used by Satoru Sayama himself). Ibushi popularity also reached to the US, where he toured with ROH in 2008.

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