Birthdate: Unknown
Debut: May 11th, 2002
Background: Toryumon Graduate
Formally: Como Leopardo, MONSTER Kamen Black, and SUWAcito
Alliances: None
Ring Attire: White short tights and a mask

- As Como Leopardo

Signature Moves:
- All or Nothing
- Gutwrench Driver
- Hangetsu
- Ikkitousen
- John Woo
- Package Piledriver

Kagetora is one of the main wrestlers of both El Dorado and Michinoku Pro Wrestling. A 9th term Toryumon student, Kagetora debuted in 2002 as a mini version of SUWA, SUWAcito, in the stable Mini C-MAX. After the Ultimo Dragon/Dragon Gate schism, like may other Toryumon students Kagetora joined Michinoku Pro as “Como Leopardo,” but soon changed his ring name to KAGETORA. Despite never being able to win the Tohoku Junior title, Kagetora has always been considered a major threat, both as a heel during the early years and, starting from 2007, as a face. Kagetora joined the newborn El Dorado, and after Kondo, Sugawara and Owashi left the promotion, he seemed to hold the potential to become the new ace of the company until it closed in 2008.

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