Birthdate: December 12th, 1983
Debut: February 20th, 2003
Previously: SUPER-X
Ring Attire: Black pants

Signature Moves:
- Bullet Ride
- Ranhei
- Shooting Star Press

Madoka debuted in Puerto Rico in 2002 as “X # 3.” In 2003 he changed his ring name to Super X, encountering mild success and winning a couple of minor K-Dojo titles. In 2006 Madoka revealed his real identity and soon became one of the breakout stars of Japanese indies. The main achievement of Madoka's career thus far is the World Independent Junior Heavyweight title he captured in 2008, by defeating Kota Ibushi. Madoka announced he would be leaving K-Dojo, thus becoming a freelancer, starting in January 2009.

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