TAKA Michinoku

Birthdate:  October 26th, 1973
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Debut:  1991
Background:  Michinoku Pro (trained by Great Sasuke)
Promotion History: Michinoku Pro (1992 to 1997), WWE (1997 to 2002), All Japan (2003 to 2007), and K-DOJO (2002 to present)
Also: BLUE K and PIZA Michinoku (DDT)
Alliances:  Teams with Kaz
Ring Attire:  Black trunks
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: Strongest-K Tournament (2007)
Current Title Held: None

Championship Title History

All Japan Jr. Heavyweight Championship:
- Defeated Kaz Hayashi on 1/10/05 and lost to Shuji Kondo on 10/22/05

FMW Independent World Junior Heavyweight Championship (Held 2 Times):
- Defeated Koji Nakagawa on 5/5/96 and lost to El Satanico on 6/29/97
- Defeated El Satanico on 8/25/97 and Vacated on 12/18/97

Strongest-K Championship:
- Defeated Kaz Hayashi on 1/10/05 and lost to Handsome Joe on 1/6/06

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship with Dick Togo:
- Defeated Gedo and Jado on 5/2/07 and lost to Prince Devitt and Minoru on 1/27/08

Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship:
- Defeated The Great Sasuke on 2/19/05 and Vacated on 3/7/06

WWF Light Heavyweight Championship:
- Defeated Brian Christopher on 12/7/97 and lost to Christian on 10/18/98

Biggest Matches:
- May 5th, 1996 vs. Koji Nakagawa (title win)
- October 10th, 1997 vs. Great Sasuke
- March 29th, 1998 vs. Aguila (title defense)
- January 10th, 2005 vs. Kaz Hayashi (title win)
- May 5th, 2007 with Dick Togo vs. Gedo and Jado (title win)

- TAKA with a Super Kick
- As PIZA Michinoku
- The Just Facelock

Featured Signature Moves:
- Spaceman Quebrada

Signature Moves:
- Heavy Killer #1
- Just Facelock
- Just Facelock 2006
- Michinoku Driver
- Michinoku Driver II
- Super Kick

2005 Recap:
Wrestling from the Kaientai Dojo, TAKA Michinoku not only helped lead RO&D but held the All Japan Jr. Heavyweight Championship for most of 2005, defending it successfully 12 times.  Along the way, he defeated Great Sasuke, Katsuhiko Nakajima, Masaaki Mochizuki, and many others.  He almost set the record for most defenses, but was defeated by Kondo on October 22nd.  When Michinoku is not wrestling in Jr. Heavyweight matches, he teams with Jamal and Kea to fight All Japan regulars or the Voodoo Murderers.

2006 Recap:
TAKA Michinoku is the leader of the Kaientai Dojo, and also regularly wrestles in All Japan where he leads RO&D. In K-DOJO, Michinoku is part of GET SEKIGUN, where he is mentoring TAKU Michinoku. In All Japan, Michinoku made his return on May 21st, 2006 and continued wrestling with his RO&D partners. On September 17th, RO&D would lose to the Voodoo Murderers in a tag match, forcing the group to disband. Michinoku continued teaming with Kea, however they would come in 6th place in the Real World Tag League.

2007 Recap:
In 2007 TAKA Michinoku continued to split time between All Japan and his K-DOJO. In All Japan, he "left" for Mexico during the spring and in his place the Mexican Pepe Michinoku began wrestling as the leader of the Mexican Amigos along with Hayashi and NOSAWA. The Mexican Amigos would have a long feud with Suzuki and MAZADA, although the matches were generally light hearted. In New Japan, Michinoku surprised many when he teamed with Dick Togo in May to won the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. They defended the titles three times during the year and ended 2007 still champions. In December of 2007 the Mexican Amigos disbanded and TAKA Michinoku returned to All Japan.

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