Yuko Miyamoto

Birthdate: May 25th, 1982
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Debut: August 2nd, 2003
Also: Mitchie (Yokohama Pro)
Formally: Yutaka Miyamoto (his real name)
Background: WMF
Alliances: None
Ring Attire: Red or white pants
Championship Titles Held: Big Japan Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship

- With the Death Match Championship
- Miyamoto go BOOM!
- A Frankensteiner off a Ladder
- Miyamoto hits a moonsault with a lighted lighttube
- A moonsault off the scaffold
- Miyamoto throws Numazawa off the scaffold
- Light Tube Knee Strike by Miyamoto
- Miyamoto with a Light Tube Moonsault
- A regular moonsault by Miyamoto

Featured Signature Moonsault Variations:
- Holding Light Tubes
- Off a Scaffold
- Off a Truck
- Through a Glass Panel
- With a Barbed Wire Guitar

Other Signature Moves:
- Diving Double Stomp
- Frankensteiner
- German Suplex Hold
- Handspring Overhead Kick
- Missile Dropkick
- Phoenix Senton
- Yankee Driver

Miyamoto debuted for WMF on August 2nd, 2003 before later joining Onryo's 666 promotion. After leaving 666, Miyamoto began freelancing and found himself in DDT, where he was part of a short lived Axe Bombers unit led by Takao Omori. From there he went to Big Japan, where Mammoth Sasaki took him under his wing and helped him adapt to the death match style. In 2007, Miyamoto slowly became one of the crowd favorites and could become one of the major wrestlers in the promotion if his current momentum continues.

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