Championship History

Open the Brave Gate Championship
Open the Triangle Gate Championship (x2)
Open the Owarai Gate Championship

Major Tournaments Won

Real Name: Takayuki Mori
Birth: October 9th, 1976
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Background: T2P Graduate
Debut: May 13th, 2000
Retirement: December 2nd, 2010
Other Identities: KENtaro Mori and Takayuki Mori
Promotion History: T2P (2001 to 2003), Toryumon X (2004), and Dragon Gate (2004 to 2010)

Awards and Recognition


Notable Matches

November 7th, 2004 with Milano Collection AT and YOSHINO vs. Kondo, Sugawara, and YASSHI
December 26th, 2006 with BxB Hulk and Super Shisa vs. Doi, Gamma, and Yoshino
April 13, 2008 vs. Masato Yoshino
April 4th, 2009 vs. "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa

Other Pictures


Wrestling Moves Videos Reviewed Matches on Puroresu Central
Diving Cross
Elegant Magic
Elegant Magic from Hell
Elegant Spike
Elegant Suplex
Flower Bridge
Mori with the Elegant Magic and Elegant Magic from Hell
With the Elegant Spike to Horiguchi
Mori delivers the Elegant Suplex to Yoshino
Mori stretches his opponent with the Flower Bridge
February 23th, 2005 - Mori, Super Shisa, and YOSSINO vs. Dragon Kid, Horiguchi, and Magnum TOKYO

Anthony W. Mori debuted in Toryumon in 2000, during the T2P era, as a 5th term student. After some time spent wrestling with the name of “Kentaro Mori,” he formed with Henry III Sugawara and Philip J. Fukumasa the stable of the “Royal Brothers.” In the following years Mori changed alignment several times, finally joining Magnum Tokyo in Pos HEARTS. Mori retired on December 2nd, 2010 but stayed in Dragon Gate in a backstage role.