Masayuki Naruse

Birthdate:  March 15th, 1973
Debut (RINGS):  May 29th, 1992
Background:  Karate and RINGS
Alliances:  Regular Army, Anti-Choshu
Ring Attire:  White and blue trunks
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Major Puroresu Titles Held:  IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship and the All-Asian Tag Team Championship (early 2005, with Nagai)

Signature Moves:
- Capture Suplex
- Crazy Cyclone
- Naruse Lock

2005 Recap:
Even though he looks more like a lightweight, Naruse prefers wrestling in the heavyweight division.  In 2005, Naruse was unable to get past the mid-card, and his only appearance on a Tokyo Dome Show saw him lose in under three minutes to Ron Waterman.  He also did not take part of the G1-Climax.  Most of the time since he broke up with Nagai, Naruse has been wrestling in tag matches with the Young Lions towards the bottom of the card.  In the end of 2005 he got a reputation for being rough and developing an attitude when he broke Yujiro's jaw in a match.

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