Championship History

PWS Bombshells Championship
WWC Women's Championship (3x)

Major Tournaments Won

Real Name: Nilka García Solís
Birth: November 14th, 1981
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Debut: 2003
Other Identities: Black Rose
Promotion History: Freelancer

Awards and Recognition


Notable Matches

June 24th, 2006 vs. Lady Demonique
April 21st, 2007 vs. Sweet Nancy
October 2nd, 2010 vs. Debbie Ross
September 29th, 2012 vs. Sienna DuVall
September 5th, 2015 with Envy vs. Shirai and Iwatani

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Wrestling Moves Videos Reviewed Matches on Puroresu Central
Rose Splash Stinkface   August 23rd, 2015 - Kris Wolf vs. La Rosa Negra
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Rose Splash